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Swan Lake


The lake. Swans swim there. Thereís another swan with crown on the head.

Three riders gallop. There are a couple of squirrels. One squirrel looks at swans. Another squirrel washes himself.

Squirrel-Girl: O, heís beautiful!

Squirrel-guy: Did you say something, Margarita? What did you say?

Squirrel Margarita: That swan with crown on the head. Isnít he beautiful?

Squirrel-guy: Just wait. (*runs onto log*)

Squirrel Margarita: What are you doing? (*Squirrel-guy bites the top of the mushroom, making the crown*)

Squirrel-guy: Maybe itís too big a bitÖ (*runs towards Margarita*) Well!..

Squirrel Margarita: Whatís that?

Squirrel-guy: And now, Princess Margarita, close your eyes.

Squirrel Margarita: AaaÖ And now can I open?

Squirrel-guy puts the ďcrownĒ on her head. Hmm? Too big for little head ^__^

Squirrel Margarita: Whatís happened? Hans? (*Squirrel Hans runs away*) Whatís that? I donít like you at all! (*sees something*) Owh, itís, probably, Prince Zigfrid from the castle. (*runs*) And I donít like you, Hans.

Squirrel Hans: Margarita, wait!

They run. Squirrel Margarita scares Hans.

Squirrel Margarita: Now I paid you!

The beautiful young man rides. Squirrel Margarita looks at him.

Squirrel Margarita: Heís so brave and worthy. Heís not like you at all, Hans.

Squirrel Hans: Enough to compare me with Prince Zigfrid. Tell me, when will you be my fiancée?

Squirrel Margarita: Donít tell nonsense! I will never marry you! Never will marry you. (*falls. Hans catches her.*) Thanks, Hans. (*catches him*) Youíre impossible totally.

Thereíre three riders. Prince looks at swans.

Prince Zigfrid: (*to himself*) I feel as if beautiful lady looks at me.

Voices: Prince! Prince! (*His two sputniks approach him*) Whatís happened?

Prince Zigfrid: Look there!

1st guy: Wow! The swan with crown on the head!

2nd guy: Amazing bird.

All guys turn and see the eagle owl.

1st guy: Yes, the swan is amazing.

2nd guy is ready to let his arrow.

Prince Zigfrid: What are you doing?

2nd guy: With one arrow I will kill that swan with crown for you.

Prince Zigfrid: Donít dare!

2nd guy turns into stone.

Prince Zigfrid: Adolph! Adolph turned into stone???

1st guy: Prince, that forest is magical. And that swan with crown rules here.

Prince Zigfrid: Do you guess?

1st guy: Letís go. Itís dangerous to stay here.


The castle. Prince looks in the window.

Prince Zigfrid: Everythingís weird.

1st guy: Thereís nothing weird here. That swan with crown is magician in fact. If weíll think, nobodyís been on the other side of the lake. Nobody.

Prince Zigfrid: I canít believe the noble swan makes magic. It canít be.

1st guy: It is so, Prince. And when Adolph tried to kill the swan, he turned into stone. You shouldnít approach the lake.

The maidís voice: Prince Zigfrid, Queen arrived with visit.

The Queen enters.

Prince Zigfrid: Mother!

Queen: Zigfrid! Tomorrow is a day of your adultness. (*Prince says ďYesĒ*) So, as your father died, tomorrow you automatically become a king. And tomorrow you will have to choose fiancée for yourself.

Prince Zigfrid: Choose a fiancée?

Queen: Yes. By kingís side a queen must be without fail.

Prince Zigfrid: ButÖ

Queen: Donít worry. I sent already invitations to six most beautiful princesses from neighbor kingdoms.And I will give you right to choose the one, who will become a queen.

Prince Zigfrid: But mumÖ Can we wait a bit?

Queen: O, no. Approaching adultness, you must marry. Or have you someone in your mind? Respond.

Prince Zigfrid: No. Nobody.

Queen: Then do what I tell you (*goes out*).

Prince Zigfrid: Well.

1st guy: Congratulations, itís wonderful.

Prince Zigfrid: Beno! Itís not a joke. Only because I will become a king, I donít have to marry one, which I donít love. I canít be congratulated. (*Beno gets sad*) However, if thatís motherís wish, I must obey.

Beno: Well, you canít help there. You were born as prince. Itís your destiny.

Prince Zigfrid: I know it myself. (*approaches window*) What to do?.. (*recalls the swan*) Beno!

Beno: Whatís matter?

Prince Zigfrid: I must see that wonderful swan with crown again.

Beno: What are you saying???

Prince Zigfrid: That swan charmed me.

Beno: Itís terrible.

Prince Zigfrid: If heís able to make magic, if he, as you say, a magician, I want to see him and ask to deliver Adolph from those horrible charms.

Beno: Donít do that, prince. If something will happen with youÖ

Prince Zigfrid: No, no. Beno, I donít believe such beautiful swan is able to make an evil magic. And donít try to stop me!


Squirrel Hans: (*staying in front of Adolphís statue*) Holy-moly! He wasnít here earlier.

Margaritaís voice: Hans, Hans!

Squirrel Hans: Did you call me, Margarita?

Squirrel Margarita: Look, that swan behaves so weird.

Prince and Beno approach Adolphís statue.

Prince Zigfrid: Adolph, Iíll help you.

Squirrel Margarita: Thatís Prince Zigfrid.

Prince Zigfrid: Thatís that lake, where we saw the swan. Come on! (*both ride*)

Squirrel Margarita: Why did they ride there? It must be learnt. Faster, Hans!

Squirrel Hans: Why? I donít understand.

Prince follows swan.

Prince Zigfrid: Here we are.

Beno: Maybe we stop until itíll be late?

Prince Zigfrid: Come on!

Prince Zigfrid and Beno go up to mountain.

Beno: Even horses donít want to go there.

Squirrel Margarita: (*looking at Prince Zigfrid*) Heís so brave and strong.

Squirrel Hans: I donít understand what does he think about.

Beno: (*trying to rule the horse*) Donít be obstinate, we need to overtake the prince. Go forward! Prince, wait!

Squirrel Hans: Margarita!

Squirrel Margarita: What, Hans?

Squirrel Hans: Where are you going?

Squirrel Margarita: Youíre so stupid. Why are you asking?

Squirrel Hans: (*getting upset*) Thereís no necessary to call me stupid, right?

Prince continues to ride. The swan swims. Squirrels follow prince.

Squirrel Hans: Margarita itís dangerous. Letís go back.

Squirrel Margarita: Itís impossible. (*jumps*) Owh, Iíll fall now! Thatís my endÖ (*falls*) Itís an endÖ Good-bye, my sweet princeÖ

Squirrel Hans: (*upset*) How stupidly she behaves. And even doesnít guess about my sufferings.

Prince Zigfrid: (*rides*) Come on, come on! (*approaching the cave*) How far did that swan go? (*rides out from other side*) Terrible place!

The swan swims. Prince Zigfrid rides.

Thereís dark castle.

Prince Zigfrid: Whatís that? Whatís that?

The swan turns into young girl. Prince watches. The girl goes upstairs. Squirrels hide themselves.

Squirrel Margarita: (*shivering*) Itís a magical wood. Letís go back.

Squirrel Hans: Donít be afraid. Thereís nothing will happen with us.

Squirrel Margarita: Remember Ė prince with us.

Prince Zigfrid approaches the girl. She turns back.

Girl: Prince Zigfrid!

Prince Zigfrid: Why do you know my name and whoíre you? And why did you turn into a swan?

Girl: My name is Odetta.

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta. Odetta, are you a human or real swan?

Odetta: Iím a human. But evil magician Rothbart turned me into swan.

Prince Zigfrid: The evil magician?

Odetta: Yes. I become a human only in the night.

Prince Zigfrid: So, the one who turned Adolph into stoneÖ

Odetta: Yes, Rothbart did it.

Prince Zigfrid: Rothbart?

Odetta: Didnít you see the weird eagle owl in the forest near lake?

Prince Zigfrid: Yes, I saw eagle owl.

Odetta: Itís Rothbart magician. Itís an evil spirit of the eagle owl.

Prince Zigfrid: Evil spirit of the eagle owl?

Odetta: Faster, go back, Prince Zigfrid. Maybe Rothbart observes us.

Prince Zigfrid: So, is it his castle?

Squirrel Hans: Itís an evil magicianís castle.

Squirrel Margarita: I hope, misfortune doesnít threat to prince.

Prince Zigfrid: Iíll fight against that Rothbart!

Odetta: Prince Zigfrid, wait!

Prince Zigfrid: Donít hold me on! I must set free Adolph from charms.

Odetta: No. Ordinary man canít conquer Rothbart.

Prince Zigfrid: Why do you know itís impossible to conquer him?

Odetta: We tried to fight against him. But he ruined my country.

Prince Zigfrid: Your country? Did he ruin your country?

Odetta: I was a princess in other country. Three years ago Rothbart arrived there and he asked my hand [marriage]. My father and me Ė both we refused him. And then he destroy our land, he kidnapped me and drove here.

Prince Zigfrid: But why does he turn you into a swan? Why?

Odetta: To prevent me to meet any other man.

Prince Zigfrid: But why?

Odetta: If the one will appear, who will love me with whole heart and soul, Rothbart will loose his evil power. Thatís why he turns me into a swan in the day Ė for nobody could love me.

Prince Zigfrid: Is it truth?

Odetta: When he drove me here, he turned me into swan Ė to demonstrate his evil power.

Prince Zigfrid: If itís truth, my love will conquer Rothbart!

Odetta: Donít tell that! Otherwise RothbartÖ

Prince Zigfrid: No. When I saw you in the first time as beautiful swan, I felt my heart began to beat faster. And you looked at me with the same beautiful eyes. (*Odetta lowered her head*) Odetta! Odetta! Tomorrow there will be great ball in my castle, where I will be choosing a fiancée for myself. Please come, and I will choose you as my fiancée. Promise me you will come.

Odetta: No, no. You wonít be able to do it. (*runs away*)

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta! Come in the castle. Weíll swear in everlasting love and weíll been frightened nothing. I promise!

Odetta: Even if Iíd dare, Rothbart wonít let me go. Good bye, Prince Zigfrid!

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta, wait!

Odetta: Go away faster. Rothbart is horrible person.

Prince Zigfrid: Tell, will you come tomorrow? I swear, Iíll be waiting you. I wonít marry anyone but you. I beg you, come tomorrow!

Odetta: Go away! If you wonít have gone I wonít be able to promise to come to the ball.

Prince Zigfrid: Well, I will go. But promise me.

Odetta: Yes.

Prince Zigfrid: Iíll be waiting!

Odetta goes upstairs. Prince Zigfrid lools. Odetta enters her room and looks to the window, smiling.

Inside another dark room, where thereís Odettaís portrait, the magician sleeps.

Feminine voice: Father! Father! (*owl turns into young blue haired girl*) The fatherís sleeping yet. Wake up, father, it got dark already.

The magician opens his eyes.

Girl: You look very tired. Had something happened?

Rothbart: It because I turned the man into stone, when he tried to kill Odetta. And itís so hard to make magic in the day. Ok, I wake up.

Girl: Faher, youíre crazy for Odetta.

Rothbart: Yes, yes, yes. The night is my kingdom and my world. And tonight I will ask my Odetta for her hand. And she, possibly, will agree. My precious Odetta (*kisses Odettaís portrait*).

Girl: Father, I donít think youíll be lucky.

Rothbart: Why?

Girl: Because your precious small Odetta met with young man today.

Rothbart: Why didnít you say immediately?

Girl: Because you slept with so sweet day-dream.

Rothbart: Itís not your business. Tell faster whatís a man!

Girl: Are you worrying?

Rothbart: Of course!

Girl: Iím sorry, but I should confess that Prince Zigfrid is beautiful and brave.

Rothbart: Prince Zigfrid?

Girl: Yes, heir prince.

Rothbart: Is it truth?

Girl: Yes. And he invited her tomorrow evening in his castle, where heíll call her as his fiancée.

Rothbart: (*getting mad*) Just wait, Prince Zigfrid! I wonít allow that!

Girl: Father, be careful.

Rothbart: (*running out*) Whereís he? Where? Zigfrid, whereíre you? Whereíre you hiding? I will find you anyway.

Girl: (*laughs*) You wonít find him here.

Rothbart: Isnít he here?

Girl: He came home for a long time ago.

Rothbart: And Odetta? (*looks at Odettaís room*)

Girl: Iím sure sheís sitting and dreaming about her beloved Zigfrid. Now, when such brave young and handsome prince appeared, itíll be harder for you.

Rothbart: Shut up!

Girl: How did you scare me.

Rothbart: If matter turns that way, I wonít spare Odetta. (*ran*) I will call to help all lizards, all toads and spiders; all serpents and bats, for that Zigfrid wouldnít dare to approach my small Odetta.

Rothbart turns into eagle owl and flies away. He comes to Odettaís room.

Rothbart: Odetta, my small Odetta! (*enters*) Odetta, howíre you feeling now, Odetta, in that wonderful evening? Whom did you meet today? Young Prince Zigfrid from the palace?

Odetta: How did you learn?

Rothbart: Do you think I didnít know about such event? I just pretended that I know nothing and I gave you the opportunity to talk with him. Ok, letís forge about him. Odetta, itís time for you to accept my humid proposition of hand and heart [marriage]. Three long years I was very patient but tonight I wait an answer from you, which will make me happy.

Odetta goes aside. Rothbart gets mad but he holds himself.

Rothbart: Dear Odetta, promise to marry me and Iíll give you everything that you wish. I swear youíll be living in greater luxury than any from queensÖ So, what? Why didnít you respond? Or itís disgusting for you to talk with me? Until you accept my proposition you will be turning into swan. Or you donít care?

Odetta: I donít strive for luxury. And I donít need anything butÖ

Rothbart: But what?

Odetta: I want to be with one that I love.

Rothbart: That you do love? (*Odetta nods*) Donít tell that. Itís not truth. Not a truth. Donít tell the one that you love is Prince Zigfrid. Odetta, Iím the one who loves you and wants to be by your side. Explain, why canít you love me?

Odetta: Try to make it by magic. Everythingís under your power. Youíre the greatest magician in the world.

Rothbart: Shut up! Even whole power of my magic canít influence on the humanís heart! If it would be possible, did I wait your love for three years? (*knees*) Odetta, donít you feel sorry for me? How long will you be tormenting me? Or do you imagine you fell in love with that Zigfrid?

Odetta: Yes.

Rothbart: Such stupidity! To fall in love with boy that you barely know whom.

Odetta: Youíre not right. I loved Zigfrid for all those long three years.

Rothbart: Three years?

Odetta: Yes. Prince Zigfrid rode on the side of lake often.

Rothbart: So, thatís why you donít love me at all?! (*Odetta turns*) Donít make me mad, Odetta. If I would like I turned you into ugly toad. Of into worm. Or even into tiny bug. (*turns a canary into caterpillar*) But I didnít do that. Igave you the beautiful swanís appearance. Do you understand why? Because I love you very very much. Thatís proof.

Odetta: No. If you loved me really you wouldnít me suffer. If you love me really, go away and leave me in peace. Go out immediately from my room. Do you hear? Go away!

Rothbart: How do you dare to tell that, Odetta! So, youíre going to come to prince on the ball? Do you think Iíll let you go? Are you sure? Think a hard.

Odetta: (*to bird*) Excuse me.

Rothbart locks her.

Rothbart: Odetta like small bird in the cage. Tomorrow evening Prince Zigfrid will have to choose another fiancée and swear her in everlasting love.

Odetta: Zigfrid (*cries*).

Rothbart walks in the hall.

Rothbart: I shouldnít humiliate myself for that small Odetta. I did it for nothing. For nothing, for nothing, for nothing.

Rothbart ruins the column. His daughter appears.

Girl: I understand perfectly whoís a reason of your terrible mood.

Rothbart: Where is any fun here?

Girl: She refused you again, father.

Rothbart: Shut up!

Girl: Throw it out from your head. Odetta will never be your wife.

Rothbart: Enough!

Girl: You hate her now, right?

Rothbart: I hate her now. She broke my heart.

Girl: Then why didnít you kill her? Just kill her. Whenever you waited her, she wonít agree to be your wife. Better get rid of her. Donít you count itís a correct way?

Rothbart: No, I canít. I couldnít kill my beautiful small Odetta.

Girl: Youíre so weak. Well, if you canít do it I will do it instead of you.

Rothbart: No, no, Odillia, donít do that. I love her too much. So muchÖ

Odillia laughs.


The princeís castle. Prince Zigfrid walks in the hall.

Prince Zigfrid: Iím sure sheíll come.

Beno: But my prince. If Rothbart magician wonít let her go..?

Prince Zigfrid: Donít ay that. I made decision. I will choose only her as my fiancée. Only her.

Beno: But what if she wonít appear?

Prince Zigfrid: I believe she will come. I believe. Believe.


The wood.

Squirrel Hans: Margarita! Did you wake up?

Squirrel Margarita: Whatís matter, Hans?

Squirrel Hans: You knowÖ You knowÖ I thought about Prince Zigfrid and Odetta all timeÖ And then about Margarita again.And so, one by one, and meÖ

Squirrel Margarita: Are you trying to toady me? But Iím thinking about tomorrow ball all the time either. And how they will be dancing togetherÖ And how itís beautifulÖ (*dances*)

Squirrel Hans: Dear MargaritaÖ

Squirrel Margarita: How wonderfully they will be dancing togetherÖ Hans, what are you doing?

Squirrel Hans: What am I doing? You see, wellÖ

Squirrel Margarita: How stupid you are, Hans. (*Hans sighs*) Good night, Hans.

Squirrel Hans: If she understood my feelingsÖ (*begins to dance and falls*) Good night, Margarita.


The morning. The lake. The wood.

Squirrel Hans: Margarita! Good morning, Margarita! Margarita likes to sleep. (*looks into the hole*) Where did she go? To the lake?

Hans runs, calling her. Squirrel Margarita jumps out and makes him hush. They observe the swan with children. (The Dance of little swans).

Squirrel Margarita: Theyíre strange today, arenít they? (*both hear swansí cries*) It seems, somethingís happened.

Squirrel Hans: All swans are worrying so much.

Squirrel Margarita: But why?

Squirrel Hans: Probably, somethingís happened.

Squirrel Margarita: Letís go and see.

They run

Squirrel Hans: Thereís no Odetta among them.

Squirrel Margarita: Iím sure theyíre worrying because of that.

Squirrel Hans: Probably, sheís ill.

Squirrel Margarita: During all those 3 years she didnít miss even for a day.

Squirrel Hans: It means sheÖ

Squirrel Margarita: ÖRothbart locked her.

Squirrel Hans: And she wonít be able to go to the palace on the ball?

Squirrel Margarita: Right. And Prince Zigfrid will have to choose another fiancée.

Squirrel Hans: What will we do, Margarita?

Squirrel Margarita: But what can we do? (*thinks*) Ok! I will go to the palace and will tell everything to Prince Zigfrid.

Squirrel Hans: Will you tell Prince Zigfrid?

Squirrel Margarita: We need his help to save Odetta. We wonít be able to do it ourselves.

Squirrel Hans: Right.

Squirrel Margarita: And you, Hans, go to villainís castle and learn what did he do with Odetta.

Squirrel Hans: What? To go to Rothbartís castle alone? Alone?

Squirrel Margarita: Well, if you donít want to do it, then forget about our wedding. I donít wish to marry coward.

Squirrel Hans: Ok, Margarita, donít be mad. I go, I go.

Squirrel Margarita: Thank you very much.

Squirrel Hans: Well, what can I say? What?


Rothbartís castle. Odetta is in her room.

Odetta: I wonít be able to send him a little message about my love.

Rothbart walks in he hall.

Rothbart: I guessed, I should only to kill the Prince.

Odillia: To kill the Prince?

Rothbart: When Prince will disappear, Odetta will love me.

Odillia: Father, itís failure thing.Even if you will kill the Prince, Odetta will be remembering him for eternity. And he will always be in her heart.

Rothbart: Iím afraid, youíre right. So, how will I solve this problem?

Odillia: Thereís only solution and itís unmistakable.

Rothbart: Do you think, solution exists?

Odillia: Yes.

Rothbart: Which one, tell me faster? Tell me.

Odillia: Make Prince to love another woman.

Rothbart: But what will we do if Prince wonít look at another woman, but Odetta?

Odillia turns into Odetta.

Odillia: What are you doing, father? Iím your daughter Odillia!

Rothbart: You resembled Odetta for a second, and I mistook you both.

Odillia: Well, what will you say? Iím sure Zigfrid will fall in love with me.

Rothbart: Only my daughter could create such brilliant plan. Iím sure if you will dress and go to the ball, that Zigfrid will fall in love with you at once.

Odillia: By the way, father, I donít mind to marry him. Donít you mind?

Rothbart: Of course, not. Then I will have no reason to worry because of Zigfrid, and he will be yours.

Odillia: And Odetta will be your fiancée.

Rothbart: Iím imagining that already.

Odillia: Father, weíll be busy tonight. Stop being fool and go to sleep.

Rothbart: Yes, good sleeping is what I need. I wish goodnight to everyone!


The Princeís castle. Squirrel Margarita comes there with the carriage.

Guardians: Whatís that?

2nd guardian: What?

1st guardian: Itís weird, it seemed to me I saw a squirrel or was it dream?..

Squirrel Margarita ran to Prince Zigfrid.

Prince Zigfrid: A squirrel? So brave one Ė she came here. Did you loose? Weird little squirrelÖ

Squirrel Margarita: (*to herself*) He doesnít understand a word on my squirrel language. What should I do?

Prince Zigfrid: If you could give my message to Odetta, where I beg her to keep her promise and come to ball. And now run to the wood. Ok?


Rothbartís castle.

Squirrel Hans: Margaritaís late. She ordered me to learn about Odetta. If the bridge is up, how will I be able to? A, I will put the chain downÖ No, I canítÖ It doesnít move. And if that wayÖ

The bridge falls and makes a thunder. Rothbart wakes up.

Rothbart: Whatís that a noise?

Squirrel Hans: It was so frightfullyÖ That bridgeÖ (*hides*)

Rothbart: (*looks at the wheel*) Someone gnawed there. Probably that fool rat.

Squirrel Hans: He thinks itís a rat.

Rothbart: (*lifting the bridge up*) The sun will set down soon and the ball will begin. Well, I will go myself to the ball and look, whoíll be chosen by Prince Zigfrid as his wife. I will have so much fun.

Squirrel Hans: That result after all my effortsÖ


Evening. Rothbart and Odillia flies out from their castle.

Rothbart: And you wait here, little Odetta.Now Iím going to ball and tomorrow we will arrange our own wedding. Itís not too long to wait.

Margaritaís voice: Hans! Hans!

Squirrel Hans: Margarita, you? (*runs to her*) Odettaís there, inside. But how can we open that door, that immense door?

Squirrel Margarita: Donít stay without being busy. The ball will begin soon. Hans, what are you doing? Hang yourself on the other side. (*makes the lock fall*) Hans? Is everything alright?

Odetta: The doorís opened.

Squirrels make the door open wide.


Princeís castle.

Ball manager: The next one Ė princess Catherine.

Princess Catherine: Happy Birthday, Prince Zigfrid.

Ball manager: The next one Ė princess Rosanna.

Princess Rosanna:Prince Zigfrid, Happy Birthday from all my soul.

Prince Zigfrid: (*to himself*) Hurry, Odetta.


Odetta runs.


Prince Zigfrid: OdettaÖ

Princess: What an offence! My name is Francine.

Queen: And now, Zigfrid, choose among princesses the one that you like and invite to dance.

Prince Zigfrid: Mother, I must confess, I canít choose anyone.

Queen: Zigfrid!

Prince Zigfrid: Iím sorry, butI announce the ballís closed. Accept my sincere excuses, for all princesses had to make so long way. Everyoneís free. (*sees someone in black dress*) Odetta!


Odetta runs, following squirrels.


Prince Zigfrid: (*to Odillia*) I knew you will come, Odetta.

Odillia: Iím Odillia.

Prince Zigfrid: What did you say? Odillia?

Odillia: Yes, Iím Odillia, not Odetta.

Prince Zigfrid: But the last eveningÖ

Odillia: I remember I named myself Odillia. But you, probably, didnít hear well.

Prince Zigfrid: Maybe. But what are the names mean? Odillia, thanks that you came.

Queen: Whoís that girl in black?

Ball manager: I donít know, but sheís beautiful.

Queen: It seems Zigfrid likes her. Iím so glad.

Ball manager: Music!

Odetta runs. Prince Zigfrid dances with Odillia. Odetta approaches the palace.

Guardians: Stop! Donít move!

Squirrels neutralize them. Rothbart eagle owl sees Odetta and flies to her.

Rothbart: How did you dare to escape from your prison? Now I will show you something. (*Prince and Odillia dance*) Look good.

Prince Zigfrid: Today is day of my adultness. I introduce for you princess Odillia, who will be my wife soon. Mother!

Everyoneís applauding. Odetta whispers ďO, noĒ. Squirrels are sad.

Squirrel Hans: Itís impossible!

Queen: If Zigfrid loves sincerely the one he chose, I donít mind.

Prince Zigfrid: Naturally, I love her sincerely and I swear to love princess Odillia for the rest of my life.

Odetta faints. Rothbart catches her and laughs. Prince Zigfrid notices him.

Prince Zigfrid: What are you doing here?

Rothbart: Zigfrid, you swore in everlasting love to my daughter.

Prince Zigfrid: To your daughter? O, no, so youíre Rothbart?

Rothbart: Right. And now princess Odettaís mine.

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta? (*to Odillia*) Whoíre you then?

Odillia: (*turning in herself*) I said, my nameís Odillia. Itís too late for regrets. You gave already the solemn faith to marry me and to love me for all your life.

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta! (*Odetta turns away*) Forgive me!

Rothbart: However you cried bitterly Odettaís mine now. O, you woke up, Odetta!

Odetta: Good bye, Prince Zigfrid!

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta. Wait me!

Rothbart: (*turning in eagle owl*) Itís time to go, Odetta!

Odillia: (*turning in owl*) Now you are mine.

Rothbart: Excellent, daughter!

Odetta swan flies with tears. Prince Zigfrid runs with sword.

Queen: Zigfrid, wait.

Prince Zigfrid: Mother!

Queen: Are you assuming a danger? You will be fighting with magician.

Prince Zigfrid: Mum, forgive me. In spite of dangers, I must save Odetta.

Queen: But now you have become a king. And now you canít behave s you wish.

Prince Zigfrid: Mum, forgive me.

Queen: Zigfrid.

Prince Zigfrid put the crown down and rides out from the palace.


Odetta cries in her room.

Rothbart: You can shed your tears but now you must forget about Zigfrid. Odetta, Iíll be patient and Iíll be waiting the day when you will love me and marry me.

Some sounds outside.

Odetta: ZigfridÖ

Rothbart: That sucker? I lost my patience! (*runs out*)

Prince Zigfrid runs upstairs.

Prince Zigfrid: Go out, Rothbart!

Rothbart: How funny. Have you decided to fight with me truly?

Prince Zigfrid: I came to free Odetta.

Rothbart: You, probably, donít understand who am I. Iím a powerful magician Rothbart! (*makes a magic*)

Odetta: Zigfrid, stop!

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta!

Odetta: Run away from there, zigfrid! If you will be fighting with him, he will kill you!

Odillia: Donít worry. My father wonít kill Zigfrid. He just will get him out. Right, father?

Rothbart: Right, as he swore you in his everlasting love. Moreover, why should I kill him he will become a loving husband for you.

Odillia: Father, look, Odettaís running away.

Rothbart: What? My precious Odetta!

Prince Zigfrid runs upstairs. Squirrels do the same.

Squirrel Hans: ItísPrince!

Rothbart: (*searches Odetta*) Whereís she? Whereís Odetta?

Odetta approaches Prince Zigfrid.

Rothbart: Odetta, do you know what will happen if you will come against me?

Odetta: Faster run away from there.

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta, you should run. I came to destroy Rothbart.

Rothbart: Zigfrid, donít seduce a destiny, otherwise I can get mad and kill you, even if you gave a faith to Odillia. (*makesmagic*)

Odetta: Zigfrid, be careful! (*Prince Zigfrid waves with his sword*)

Rothbart: How funny. (*turns thelittle grass into a sword*) Come on, fight!

Squirrels observe.

Squirrel Margarita: Hans, help Prince. If you want to marry me, help him.

Squirrel Hans: Ok.

Squirrel Margarita: Do your best.

Rothbart pushes the sword our from Princeís hands.

Rothbart: Zigfrid, until you stay on your legs, come back to the castle. (*Squirrel Hans tries to take Princeís sword out from Rothbartís foot. Rothbart notices him*) Disgust little squirrel! Get our from there! (*turns Squirrel Hans into the toad and throws him away *)

Squirrel Margarita: (*runs to Squirrel Hans*) O my dear Hans!

Odillia: (*observes upstairs*) Theyíre fighting yet.

Rothbart: Listen, however you tried, itís hopeless. Youíre such active son-in-law. (*thows stones between Prince Zigfrid and Odetta*) Well, and what will you sy now? If you will give me a word to marry my daughter Odillia I will have mercy upon you!

Prince Zigfrid: No, I will never marry her!

Odillia: How do you dare to insult me? Father, donít be slowly! Kill him! Kill Zigfrid!

Rothbart: Ok Iíll finish with him. Here you are!

Princeís legs tangle with plants.

Rothbart: Look, Odetta.

Odetta: Stop! I beg you, donít kill Zigfrid!

Rothbart: Do you want me to have mercy upon him?

Odetta: Please, leave him alive.

Odillia: Donít listen her, father.

Rothbart: Odetta, then promise to marry me. Odetta? So, if you want me to leave him aliveÖ (*Prince Zigfrid sweatdrops*) Ö then give me your heart. You will give a faith to love me for eternity.

Prince Zigfrid: Donít do that, Odetta! And forget about me! Donít give your heart to Rothbart! Donít!

Rothbart: So, what will you tell, Odetta? Or should I finish him?

Odetta: Wait!

Prince Zigfrid: Donít do that, Odetta!

Rothbart: Or you swear me in everlasting love or I kill Zigfrid. So what? What do you choose?

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta! My life is not precious for me!

Rothbart: So, OdettaÖ

Odetta: I will love Rothbart with all myÖ

Prince Zigfrid takes Rothbartís sword and pushes it into his chest.

Flash. Rothbart and Odillia disappear. The castleís destroying itself.

Adolphbecomes a man again. Swans are flying. Squirrels are dancing.

Squirrel Margarita: Hans came back! At last!

The bird sits on the sword, staying in flowers.

Odetta: Prince Zigfrid?

Prince Zigfrid: Odetta!

Odetta: Zigfrid!

They hug each other.

Squirrel Margarita: The power of their faithful and sincere love broke magician Rothbartís charms. Hans, will you love me as faithfully and ever as Prince Zigfrid loves his Odetta? (*kisses him*)

Squirrel Hans: Yes.

Prince Zigfrid and Odetta stay on the hill, hugging each other. Swans make rounds over them.


The end.