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Candy forever!

by Midevin


Chapter 1

“Happiness was so possibly…”

“I will go along that way, which I did choose once for myself” - after pronouncing these words, even without having a talk with Candy, Terri leaves Chicago with love in his heart for Candy, for his “angel with freckles”. For Candy, who even did not suspect, that Terri was very close. She was occupied by the matter, which she liked - to help patients. But she wanted her possibilities to be more. She wanted to help all, to who needs aid, and who could not pay large money for the treatment.

Weeks went. Many people in the city learned about the selfless nurse, who helps patients, in spite of the modest possibilities of aid station. The inhabitants of Chicago began to make donations into its benefit. Donations there was sufficiently much, because on the whole half of rich population had an origin from the lower layers of society, and therefore those requiring were understood. Thus, in year was built the new hospital “Saint Mary».

2 days after the end of the building on 8 August 191… “Saint Mary” was opened for patients. Candy even shone from the happiness:

“We did it, and now the people will have got the medicines and their own hospital! YYYOOOKHOU!!! Oy, no one heard me?! Phewu-u-u!!! Well, let us begin the work!”

“Candice… Candice White Andrie?..”

“Yes, I am. How I can help?”

“We also want to help in the hospital! We are nurses, and do want to help people!”

“It is honest?! You are accepted! Excess hands are always necessary. You can immediately take up work”

“Yes, mam!”

“Owh, I’m ‘miss’ yet. So, call me simply Candy!”

“Ok, Candy.”

Many nurses and even doctors, significant to the fate of people, came in the hospital. Even donations always and without delay entered hospital. But something was strange, - the very large sums of money from the unknown patron each month.

Hospital personnel were so it was attached to Candy that was unable to leave from the hospital. Everyone knew her like opened book. They knew that in the depth of her heart Candy suffers, something tears her, but no one could learn, what is that. But mister Albert sometimes gave hint to the serious circumstances.


However, not one Candy found “her way in the life”. Terri for these of one-and-a-half year became brightest star of Broadway, and even the entire country and became known in Europe. His photos again began frequently to appear in the newspapers and the periodicals.

Candy thoroughly gathered all articles about him. She could not forget Terri. Her heart was torn up from the pain, but she could not help. But also Terri could not forget ‘Tarzan with freckles’, who stolen his heart.

Everything could being continued like this: Terri stayed with Susannah Marlow, who 2 and one-half of year ago saved his life, but which he couldn’t give his love, because when he with her, Candy’s face appears in front of him... But the Susannah’s mother decided her daughter to marry Terrius. And Terrius was torn up between the theater, the love for Candy and the honor.

“Holy Lord, what can I do? Noble honor, which must be kept, or my heart, which is disrupted on the pieces?.. What to do?.. What can I do, Candy, what?”

This thought did not give the piece for Terri, and he suppressed it with alcohol. Meanwhile Susannah selected the dress for herself.

“Mum, I would like to look divinely beautiful!”

“Yes, you will be like angel, shining with your beauty.”

“Probably you are right, mum.”

Terri did not tell the whole truth Eleanor Baker, his mother. So, she considered that her son loves Susannah, although she was not sure solidly.

“Terri.. Terri, do you listen me?”

“Ah, yeah, mom, I do”

“What has happened? You are like submerged in yourself. What’s bothers you? Are you really marrying without love?”

“No, mom! Everything in the manner that must be”

“It’s not truth - you love that girl, Candy! And I would like you to be with her…”

“Owh, mom, it’s impossible. I… I… I cannot be with her. I can’t”

“My boy?.. What’s in your head?”- Eleanor Baker thought aloud.

“Mom, you can not help me in any way. Although I’m grateful to you for your worries.”

The day of wedding was already assigned. All newspapers printed this sensation.


“Look, Candy, mister Albert brought this newspaper! Look, what is written here!”

“Owh, that’s killing me! Candy, I will not survive!!! Aaaa!!!”

“What’s there?” - Candy took the newspaper – “Young actor marry!!!” But who this happy fellow?..”

“Further, read!!!”

“The wedding of Terrius G. Granchester and Susannah Marlow will take place 7th January of the following year. It will be carried out in Scotland on one of the villas Of Terrius G. Granchester… no… it cannot be, Terri…”

This information could not be gotten so simply. Candy could not believe her own eyes.

“Miss Candy, how’re you?..”

Candy simply approached her favorite tree and began to cry very quietly. Her heart could not bear it. Candy didn’t hear anyone, the pain of loss became increasingly more strongly, and Candy soon lost consciousness.

“Miss Candy!!! Someone!!! Help!”

“Don’t worry it’s just fainting”

“But what’s happened?”

“Mister Albert, Candy fainted, after we gave her your newspaper. What does it mean?”

“Yes, mister Albert”.

Poor mister Albert had no choice, and he has told briefly about the relations of Candy and Terri.

“It’s a horror!!! That Susannah… she’s…”

“Witch! How could she separate them, knowing that Terri loves miss Candy!?

Nurses did not cease to voice the insult in the address Susannah Marlow, which has been heard by Candy came into itself. But she even did not show that she came to. The question knocked in her head: “What I can do now?”

Next day the journalist arrived into the hospital of holy Mary, who wanted to write about the hospital and Candy. During conversation with him Candy learned randomly, that there is the nurses have been required in the one of the fronts. On the following day Candy decided to go there.

7 December in the morning newspaper Terri has learned, that Candy went to the front. This news has made him upset so much that he fell into the hard drinking, which was interrupted by the Candy’s letter from the front:

“Terri, I’m very glad for you and Susannah. I wish you happiness in the family life. I think, you do know already from the newspapers where am I, and what has happened…”

“Gosh mine… my angel with the freckles, what have you done, you…”

”…Even do not dare to think about death and hard drinking, did you understand?!?!?! Susannah loves you, and I want you to be happy, did you understand?!?!?!??…”

Further Terri could not distinguish anything, since text was washed away by water.

“You were crying, when you had been writing this letter, my angel… For you it is also painful as for me, and we cannot do anything … Damn!!! Nothing…”


Chapter 2

Crash to wedding happiness

Terrius had done everything that Candy wrote in the letter. Preparation for the wedding occurred with lightning speed rapidly. Susannah has got the possibility to go to the church on “her two ones”. Indeed, on her two ones, since the prosthesis had been made for her, and she learned to walk sufficiently rapidly. And here the day of wedding came.

“Well, mum, how am I looking like?”

“Excellent, like angel!”

“Owh, mum, you, exaggerate”.

“Well, let’s go, Terrius is tired to wait us in the church”.

“Yes, mum. O, I’m so happy!”

At that moment, when Susannah was going to the wedding, Candy tied up patients on the field of battle. Only one thing has been comforting – the war has ended already, and Candy survived without the any scratch.

“My Lord, I beg you, let Candy be alright! Let her return alive and healthy, I entreat you. I cannot live without her… O, they already began to play the wedding march”.

Susannah appeared in the doors, shining from the happiness. Terri tried to look happy, but in the depth of his soul he terribly feared for Candy and for that stupidity, that he makes. Susannah already approached altar and priest began the ceremony:

“My dears. We gathered here to testify the marriage of these children, blessed by Lord…”

“…Thus, Terrius Greum Granchester, do you agree to take Susannah Marlow as your wife and to be with her in the grief and joy to the end of your days?”

“N-n-n… yes…”

“Susannah Marlow, do you agree to take Terrius Greum Granchester as the legal husband and to be with him in the grief and joy to the end of your days?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“If someone of that being present knows the reasons, which impede their marriage, please, call them or to keep silence to the end of your days”.



“Terruz, you are filth, you bastard. How you could give Candy up, if you do love her”.

“Is it truth, son mine?!”


Someone’s silhouette appeared in the doors unexpectedly. When the person approached closer, rock suit and automaton in the hands are have been distinguished.

“Who are you?”

“I’m that reason, which they cannot be together for”.

“Who’re you, the hell?!”

“I’m - Midevin!”

“Terri, who is this Midevin?!”

“Susannah Marlow?”


“Asta la vista, baby!!!”

And Midevin shot Susannah on the God altar brutally, without missing her mother also.


Instant after Midevin disappeared mysteriously, and new hit has appeared for the newsmen.


Chapter 3

Difficult, but happiness.

Terri was also hurted in this bloodshed. Nobody blamed him. But no one could understand, who that Midevin, and why he did it. Terri rested at the hospital, where Candy arrived from the war.

“Owh, it seems, everyone has been driven.”

“Miss Candy… Look, here is morning newspaper…”

“What is wrong? Why you have the pale faces?”

“Just read!”

“Death in front of altar. On the ceremony of Terrius G. Granchester and Susannah Marlow’s marriage the groom, bride and her mother were shot cruelly…’ God mine, what’s that?! …Susannah and her mother died at once. Terrius is delivered to the hospital in the hard state… No, it cannot be… Terri, where is he?!.. I must to find him!..”

“Where are you, he’s here!?”


Candy could not calm her feelings down - fear for Terri and indignation because of death of Susannah and her mother. All these thoughts got mixed in her head. She could not believe in the occurred fact. In this state she searched for Terri’s chamber. And he even in delirium did not stop to think about Candy.

“Candy… just survive… do not die, Candy… my angel… do not leave me alone…”

So, Candy has found his chamber and it asked to be his nurse. Day after the day Candy did not move away from Terri, being deprived of sleep. She could not believe yet in the fact that occurred with him during the wedding.

“Candy, take a rest. You don’t sleep well for a week already”.

“No, mister Albert, I must help him!”

One more week after Terri arrived into itself.

“Candy, my angel… I do dream…”

Candy was sleeping in the armchair near the bed, weakened from care of her beloved.

“It can’t be… It is not dream… you did care about me… you are alright and unharmed!..”

But Candy woke up and stopped Terri from attempt to arise.

“Terri! No, do not arise, you can’t do it yet”.

“Candy, it is you…”

Terri’s tear fell on Candy’s hand

“Terri… what…”

“No, Candy, I will not let you go anymore. Never and do not for the world”.

“Terri, my boy.”

Terri was ready to sit the whole eternity, being embraced from Candy. But who will try to refuse her reasons.

“Terri, you are still weak. So, be getting power, and I will be always by you!”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise. By the way, Terri, your mother went several times, and today she also must arrive?”


“Susannah and her mother were did already buried…”

“It’s the past already. Candy, understand, I could not marry her. I only followed to your council. No, to order. Now there is no Susannah, and I don’t obliged her… Khem- Khem…”

“Terri, no necessary so be excited. I just… just…”

“No, you are not guilty. Nobody’s guilty there.”


Walks on the territory of hospital, a good care, and the month after Terri could jump. They tried to be together more and more, and newsmen already forgot that “bloody wedding”. So Terri and Candy were out of danger from them. Month later they went to Scotland and recalled old good times there. Including their first kiss.

“Candy, you do remember this lake?”

“Yes, I do. And what?”

“Let us have a dance?”

“Why not?”

“Do anything to you does resemble??

“Yes, ‘May festival’. You do remember, I changed clothes into Romeo and Juliet? And Eliza have seen?”

“I remember?”

“And how I arrived to the zoo to bring Kheuly? We had been walking there so nice.”

“I remember, Tarzan with freckles.”


“Well, excuse. Angel with freckles.”

“Terri, what a guy you are?”

“I’m just only that guy, which does love you, but among everything you did not mention that…”


Terri kissed Candy again as once long ago. Candy did not push him away and did not move her fist to his face. She only began to cry from the happiness as Terri. And now it is possible to say that everything will be all right.

The End


© Midevin 2001.


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