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Duke Grandchester's mansion

Terry in anime Terry in manga

Full name: Terrius Greum Grandchester

Name variants: Terruce, Terence

Status: older son of Duke Grandchester, pupil of St. Paul Academy, actor of Stratford troupe

Nature: hot-tempered, but generous


Date of birth: January 28,1897

Height: 173 sm

Weight: 53 kg

Shoes size: 25,5 sm

Blood type

Favorite color: black

Hair color: brown

Eyes color: greenish-blue


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Girls chat about Terry



Eleanor Baker

Eleanor Baker in anime Eleanor Baker in manga

Status: loving mother of Terrius Grandchester, famous actress of Broadway

Nature: loving, kind


Richard D. Grandchester

Duke in anime Duke in manga

Status: father of Terrius Grandchester, Duke, charger of St. Paul Academy

Nature: hard, reserved


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Terry's parents are never been married


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Madam Grandchester

Duchess in anime Duchess in manga

Status: , ,

Nature: hard


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she doesnt count Terrius as legal son of Grandchester family and doesnt want to see him around


Other children

d. children in anime d. children in manga

Status: Terrius Grandchesters stepsiblings, Richard Grandchester's children

Nature: unknown, possibly after their mothers influence theyre against his old brother



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