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Other characters


Prince on the Hill

Prince in anime Prince in manga

Status: Prince

Nature: kind and noble, as expected from fair princes


For your information…

when he met Candy in first time, he was 18 years old and she was 6.


Girls chat about Prince…


Mr. Albert

Albert in anime Albert in manga

Status: wagabond (for the time being)

Nature: kind. Likes nature and animals


Hair color: in manga - blonde, but darker at first; in anime - constant blonde

Eyes color: blue


For your information…

his true status will be discovered in the end

in rating «The best guy for Candy» he takes the second place


Girls chat about mr.Albert…




Mr.Cartwright in anime Mr.Cartwright in manga

Status: prosperous farmer, might-have-been adoptive father of Candy, but adoptive father for Jimmy

Nature: kind



Granny Martha

Granny Martha

Status: grandmother of Patty O'Brien

Nature: energetic and indefatigable


For you information…

appearance in anime only





Full name: Charlie Sanders

Status: hooligan from port block, Terry's friend 

Nature: sour, but isn't bad as it seems


For you information…

appearance in anime only





Full name: Sandra Neeven

Status: daughter of Captain Neeven

Nature: harsh a little, but isn't mean


For you information…

appearance in anime only



Robert Hatawey

Robert Hatawey in anime Robert Hatawey in manga

Status: Director of Stratford troupe, famous actor

Nature: discreet



Susanna individual file


Caren Claice

Caren in anime Caren in manga

Status: Stratford troupe actress, Susanna's double in «Romeo and Juliet» play 

Nature: in anime very ambitious, aiming to beat Susanna in theatrical skill. In manga her nature doesn't show



Dr. Leonard

Dr.Leonard in anime Dr.Leonard in manga

Status: Director's deputy in St. Joann Hospital in Chicago 

Nature: severe




Dr.Martin in anime Dr.Martin in manga

Status: doctor of small clinic in Chicago outskirts 

Nature: good-natured, but drunk a little



Animals individual file



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