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Mary Jane Nurse School

School is situated in town (the name didn't define exactly) at the hospital. Students attend lectures and do practical works at the same time.


Miss Mary Jane

Miss Mary Jane in anime Miss Mary Jane in manga

Status: head master of nurse school, Candy's mentor

Nature: firm. Exacting, but equitable, and her mordancy covers kindness






Flanny in anime Flanny in manga

Full name: Flanny Hamilton

Name variants: Flammy, Flary

Status: the best pupil of nurse school, military nurse

Nature: strict, reclusive


For your information

in some fanfics she gets a chance to get a friendship with Candy


Elina Mance, Natalie Vince, Judy Nuts

Girls in anime Girls in manga

Status: pupils of nurse school

Nature: inconfident, suppressed with Flanny's autority



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