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St. Paul Academy


The Academy (college) settles down in outskirts of London. It is known outside England. College rules are very strict; pupils are authorized to leave territory even not every day off. Only rich aristocrats' children can study here. The big attention is given good manners and religious education. The head of school and the teachers carry monastic ranks.


Sister Grey

Sister Grey in anime Sister Grey in manga

Status: St. Paul Academy's Superior

Nature: severe. She oversees for school discipline religiously. Doesn't like celebrations.


For your information

College sponsor's children (Duke Grandchester for example) have indulgences



Sister Margaret

Sister Margaret in anime Sister Margaret in manga

Status: nun, Sister Grey's assistant

Nature: nice. As far as possible, she tries to improve students' matters.





Patty in anime Patty in manga

Full name: Patricia O'Brien

Status: St.Paul Academy Student, Alister Cornwell fiansee

Nature: tender.


Date of birth: June 19, 1898

Height: 156 sm

Weight: 42 kg

Blood type: 0

Hair color: brown

Eye color: hazel


Gigls chat about Patty



Louise in anime Louise in manga

Full name: doesn't mention

Status: St.Paul Academy Student, Elisa Legan's friend/accomplice

Nature: arrogant. She hates poverty, wants to become a lady without fail.



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