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Uncle William.

Candilena: Candy, doesn’t you regret about your adopting by Audrey?

Candy: Candilena, how can you ask that? Regretting about that would mean terrible ingratitude towards Mr. William!

Candilena: I understand you are grateful him, but did he deserve your love?

Candy: Of course! He did so much for me.

Candilena: Well, he adopted you, I see. And what else?

Candy: He always cared about me. Although he wasn’t by my side, I always felt his care.

Candilena: So, had you time to thank your old uncle?

Candy: HA-HA-HAA!!! He’s not old at all!

Candilena: Why do you know? Did you see him after all???

Candy: When I wanted to see him, I always been saying he’s busy. But in fact… (*mysterious smile*) he was very close to me.

Candilena: Candy, you’re talking weird.

Candy: Simply when I met him in the end of story…

Candilena: IN THE END???

Candy: Yup, it turned that we had been meeting many times!

Candilena: (*frowns, sweatdrops*) Could you stop walking around?..

Candy: (*with mischievous shining eyes*) During our first meeting he looked like that (*gestures*), then like that (*gestures again*), and then like that and like that… (*continues to image someone*)

Candilena: (*looks, tries to understand Candy’s gestures, then bursts out laugh*) INDEED!!! VERY EXCELLENT UNCLE!!!

Candy joins.