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Candilena: Candy, who is this young cowboy?

Candy: It’s Tom. He also lived in Pony’s Home earlier. We fought very often.

Candilena: Was he bad guy?

Candy: No, no! On the contrary, he’s like brother to me. In the anime it was he who noticed us with Annie in snow.

Candilena: Good! And what’s happened with him?

Candy: He was adopted by Mr. Steve, farmer. And Tom grew as real cowboy.

Candilena: Does it mean, after its adoption you both were not encountered anymore?

Candy: We did! In the anime Tom had time to fight and to make friends with Anthony, and… khi-khi-khi… to acquire fiancee.

Candilena: Fiancee??? Another history of great love??? Describe, Candy!

Candy: Hee, there is no love story! He’s feeling well without.

Candilena: (*disappointedly*) Boo. Well, there is a lot of amorous adventures. We can be without his one!

Candy giggles