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Eleanor Baker and Richard Grandchester.

Candilena: Terry’s got a beautiful mother..

Candy: Yes. She’s a famous Broadway actress.

Candilena: Broadway actress? Did you watch her performances?

Candy: No, but I’d like to do. Boys was telling about her with such agitation and admiration.

Candilena: (*looking at Eleanor’s photos*) She looks very young.

Candy: Right. I wouldn’t think she’s got a mature son who plays on the scene himself. Probably, she became an actress when she was very young girl.

Candilena: If she’s famous, her name must be in encyclopedia. (*beginning to glance in the books*)

Candy: And Terry’s name either! (*to herself*) And maybe not… The was had been really but people… (*to Candilena*) Did you find something?

Candilena: Candy, look at THIS..

Candy: Who’s that woman?

Candilena: She was an actress and she began to performance in 1859, when she was 12. She had been playing in Shakespeare’s plays.

Candy: Do you mean, Eleanor Baker would look in your world?

Candilena: Her name is Ellen Alice Terry.

Candy: Wow! Had she got a son?

Candilena: Indeed. When she was 25. Her son’s name was Henry Edward Gordon Craig.

Candy: Was he an actor either?

Candilena: He was English director and made performances in London, Berlin, New York…

Candy: New York…

Candilena: He even made a “Hamlet” play in Moscow and Stanislavsky himself played there.

Candy: Stanislavsky … (*wincing her forehead*) Aah, I know! Stanislavsky’s system! (*makes pose, says with low voice*) I don’t believe!

Candilena laughs and applauds. Candy makes a bow.

Candilena: Very probably some bond’s being between those two actresses. I see why Terry’s so talent.

Candy: (*recalling*) Terry… he reminds her very much… Eyes and mouth…

Candilena: He’s cute indeed, but his father’s shapes are very noticeable.

Candy: Duke Grandchester?

Candilena: Yes. (*looking into the files*) Richard D. Grandchester.

Candy: Which shapes?

Candilena: The look. Can you see the Duke’s look?

Candy: (*looking with attention*) You’re right. His eyes are so much sad.

Candilena: Someone, who lost the close person, has got those eyes.

Candy: Yes… Maybe he wasn’t able to forget Eleanor Baker… Don’t you think that?

Candilena: Certainly. Even if they’re not together.

Candy: Do you know why he didn’t marry Terry’s mother?

Candilena: I can guess. In that time the bond between an actress and a title person wasn’t unordinary thing but marriage…

Candy: They couldn’t marry in spite of their feelings.

Candilena: It would be misalliance and Mr. Grandchester could loose his privileges.

Candy: (*sighing*) And then he broke up with her… Didn’t he want to loose his status?.. Or did he frighten the difficulties?

Candilena: Anyway he made his choice, and now he’s paying with inner loneliness.

Candy: As I know, he’s got a family: wife and children…

Candilena: How much you know about his family, Candy?

Candy: Not so much. Terry had been telling about them but just a little bit.

Candilena: Is it so?… If someone doesn’t want to speak about something, it mean, something’s wrong there…

Candy: I think too, that Terry and Duke’s family hadn’t got a good relationship.

Candilena: Probably, madam Grandchester didn’t like the live reminding about her husband’s romance with other woman. And probably she felt her husband hides yet his feelings towards Eleanor.

Candy: Who knows? However, Terry is a part of the family and he needed care.

Candilena: I suspect, she saw in Terry only threat to her and her children’s status.

Candy: How is it?

Candilena: Terry is an older son, right? He heirs the Duke title and the bigger part of fortune. Do you see what’s matter here?

Candy: But Duke is alive! How can…

Candilena: It’s able to find the time to think about your own children. Maybe they’re only ones that she loves. But what about other people – I doubt too much.

Candy: You mean, she doesn’t love her own husband?

Candilena: Is it real love towards husband, if the woman doesn’t care about his son?..