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Candilena: If you studied in the same Academy with Terrius G. Grandchester you met each other only there, right?

Candy: No, we met each other earlier – on the ship, in the New Year’s night.

Candilena: Meeting on the ship in New Year’s night? It’s so romantic…

Candy: Romantic? He teased me with my freckles, is it romantic?

Candilena: (*not to hiding laugh*) O my! O my! O my! To do such sin! How thunder didn’t strike him at once!

Candy: (*recalling*) When I saw him, it seemed to me that he looks like Anthony…

Candilena: (*looks at Candy questioningly, then remembers about party *) Candy… didn’t you drink too much in that night?..

Candy: Just a bit! (*recalling again*) He seemed so strange to me. He refused that he was sad. And in Academy he was aside…

Candilena: But it was he who defended you from Neal, right? And he helped Elisa too… don’t know why…

Candy: It’s truth. In St. Paul School Terry pulled her out from the pit, and in Scotland he saved her when she sank.

Candilena: (*frowning*) She thanked him in her own way …

Candy: Do you mean the trap, which she made for us?

Candilena: Hum, did she propose Terry will leave the school for you?

Candy: He went away but not only for me. He wanted to find his way in the life.

Candilena: Maybe. But I think if he stayed in the school, he would count himself unworthy for you.

Candy: (*blushes*) And I think he decided if he won’t be using his father’s money, he’ll be able to respect himself.

Candilena: And he liked when his beloved girl became nurse.

Candy blushes more.

Candilena: Just don’t pretend that you didn’t know about his love to you all this time.

Candy: (*turned aside*) I knew, but… Now it’s in the past…

Candilena: In the past?

Candy: He’s by Susanna’s side now. Now she’s his girlfriend…

Candilena: But you were only one, he opened his soul whom.

Candy: He did right when he stayed with her… She saved his life, you know.

Candilena: Candy, people like Terry have got very deep feelings. And new love doesn’t appear by order. When you broke he loved you still.

Candy: I know.

Candilena: Knowing that, you did find the strengths to leave him???

Candy: I had to do it. She needs him more…

Candilena: Candy… Terry is not thing that can be used by someone in necessary case. He’s a human and he’s got a feelings.

Candy: I didn’t mean that. Susanna is beautiful and generous person. I’m sure he’ll love her someday. Susanna’s beautiful and noble. I’m sure; someday he’ll begin to love her.

Candilena: Someday… But what has been happening before that moment? What a hell their being would be?

Candy: Mm?

Candilena: Terry can give up and begin drinking again easily.

Candy: Yes… It had happened this way… At first that article in the news-paper, that he left his troupe, and then… when I saw him unexpectedly in the street theater… It was so terrible…

Candilena: It wasn’t terrible, but predictable. He felt himself locked inside a cage.

Candy: But this way he tried escaping problems. It’s not the right way.

Candilena: So, you accept, he had problems with Susanna. And her love didn’t make him happy, but aroused the worst feelings. He couldn’t bear being by her side so much, that he preferred escaping.

Candy: But he managed and came back to Broadway! And to Susanna also…

Candilena: Do you really think he did it for her sake?

Candy: Well… yes…

Candilena: For the one, which he love, he’ll be fighting… Every his victory will be for her… He even will stay near unbeloved woman…

Candy: Stop it. There’s no feelings could be between us anymore.

Candilena: …The fire of love tests by the wind of time… The small love fades, but the great one – burns even more…