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Candilena: Candy? What’s wrong? Your face even changed after you saw that photo!

Candy: No, no, everything’s well. Don’t worry.

Candilena: Looks like you met this girl in not so nice circumstances.

Candy: Well… maybe. Susanna, she’s…

Candilena: (*looking in the files*) … Former actress of Stratford troupe. (*looking at Candy*) Terry worked there…

Candy: (*sighing and nodding*) Yes? She was his partner in “King Lear” and she was appointed to be in “Romeo and Juliet”… In person she’s more beautiful than on the pictures…

Candilena: Did Terry introduce you each to other?

Candy: No, we met each other in Chicago, in the hotel, after play’s ending.

Candilena: I can guess why you went there.

Candy: (*blushing*) Yes… To talk with Terry. But Susanna said, he’s tired and he can’t go out…

Candilena: (*frowning*) Didn’t she get too much???

Candy: Now it’s no matter. She’s with Terry now.

Candilena: WHAT??? Did he fall in love with her???

Candy: She has loved him.

Candilena: Is that a reason she became his girlfriend? You ARE here.

Candy: There was another reason. She… you see, she… There was an accident the theater… She saved his life…

Candilena: It’s generous from her, but is it…

Candy: (*barely clearly*) She lost her leg…

Candilena: Did she become invalid?

Candy: Yes… Do you understand what did it mean?..

Candilena: She’ll need many strengths to live.

Candy: Yes. And Terry is only one who can give her those strengths, see?

Candilena: Are you sure Terry’ll be able alone to help her to get away such strong heartache? You’re a nurse and you do understand it better than her friends.

Candy: I know nothing about her friends… but I’m sure if she’ll be with Terry, she’ll be happy certainly.

Candilena: Why are you sure so much?

Candy: Because I know about her feelings. She risked her own life for man, which she loved…

Candilena: I know that already…

Candy: And she was ready to die there, in the hospital roof. Just for his happiness with me.

Candilena: Did she try to make a suicide?

Candy: Yes. When I came to the hospital from the theater… to talk with her…

Candilena: Did you interrupt your watching for talking with her?

Candy: Yes. After all those gossips, I couldn’t enjoy with play anymore. You know, when I saw the wheel-chair in her ward…

Candilena: I see. You began to worry much more.

Candy: …And that note, where she wrote that she dies for Terry’s happiness… Poor girl, she was in such despair!..

Candilena: She wanted to die… Was she in her ward still?

Candy: No, I found her on the roof edge.

Candilena: (*puzzled*) But… But it’s more difficult for her to walk now… How could she go there unnoticed?

Candy: Probably, her despair gave her the power.

Candilena: If she got power, she’s able to manage with situation… Is suicide a way to make beloved person happy?

Candy: She knew Terry loved me. But she loved him too! She didn’t want to live without him.

Candilena: And you all did decide Terry has to sacrifice something important to give Susanna compensation for her loss, didn’t you?


Candilena: Had he to loose his love and freedom because Susanna can try to make suicide again?

Candy: She can…

Candilena: And what about Terry? Are his feelings not so important?

Candy: But she needs him more than I…

Candilena: If someone’s ill, he needs a medicine… But it doesn’t mean he loves it…