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Candilena: Owh! Mixer has broken! How will I mix the dough for pancakes?

Candy brings some aggregate.

Candilena: Whence did you take this rubbish, Candy?

Candy: From Stear’s laboratory. It’s his invention. Looks like this thing is for kitchen.

Candilena: (*mutters*) Looks like for slop-container? (*louder*) Is he some genius, who wished to improve the labor of housewives? Candy: He’s also from the Audrey family. It’s Archie’s elder brother. But he… how it’s in Russian?.. Ah, do not feed him with bread - let him invent anything, right.

Candilena: And… how many things he has invented?..

Candy: Suckers for the walking on the ceiling, flying ship, cap with the propeller, underwater bed…

Candilena: NANI??? [Blurted out Japanese word from surprise] WHICH BED???

Candy: Underwater one. But after aunt Elroy sat on it accidentally, we could not test it.

Candilena: (*wiping sweat*) I see… But did the other inventions work?

Candy: Honestly speaking, not so long. But he never disturbed and then started with new project.

Candilena: He is optimistic person. But did he interest only technology?

Candy: Not only. On the May ball he met my friend Patty, and they immediately liked each other.

Candilena: Then he’s lucky.

Candy: Not quite… (*sighs*)

Candilena: What are you talking about?

Candy: When the 1st World War has started, Stear began to talk sometimes, that he cannot enjoy with life, while the blood spills somewhere, and…

Candilena: Just don’t say he went on the war…

Candy: He did. Even Patty could not retain him…

Candilena: He… Did he return?

Candy: No… His inventions - all what remained?

Candilena: (*pensively*) And one of them converted my kitchen into the pigsty successfully…

Candy: Owh, indeed! I will search anything another!

Candilena: Better not. I will use the old good remedy.

Candy: Which one?

Candilena: Bucket of water and rag!