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Prince on the Hill.

Candilena: And then THAT EVENT did occur, right?

Candy: (*dreamily*) Yes… I met with Prince… He wore Scottish suit, and I even thought he was an alien. I was very sad, because I lost friend, and he played on the bagpipe to comfort me.

Candilena: Was he successful?

Candy: Certainly! I said him that the sound of bagpipe was similar to snail crawling. He even began to laugh!

Candilena: And you?

Candy: Well so do I. And he said that I look better, when I smile.

Candilena: (*smiling*) It is truth. But why you are assuring that it was not dream?

Candy: When he unexpectedly disappeared, I thought so. But then I found the locket. Here it is (*shows*).

Candilena: And you have been keeping it all this time, hoping it will bring you to the Prince?

Candy: Yes, I hoped to meet my Prince In The Hill again. And I did.

Candilena: And who was he?

Candy whispers Candilena. Candilena imagines this person in the Scottish suit and giggles.

Candy: What is the matter? Cannot he be Prince?

Candilena: No no no (*giggling*)! I do not doubt, he is THAT PRINCE himself!

Candy: What’s made you laugh then?

Candilena: THAT MAN in Scottish suit!