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Miss Pony and Sister Maria.

Candilena: Miss Pony - the woman, who established the Pony’s orphanage, and sister Maria helps her, yes?

Candy: Yes, they work together in the Pony’s Home and care about children.

Candilena: Only two educators for the entire Home???

Candy: Yes, and they manage to look after everything, moreover even secondary economy exists in the Pony’s Home.

Candilena: It is difficult for them, surely…

Candy: I think so, but I never saw that they would get tired from us. They are always so kind and careful.

Candilena: And they do punish no one?

Candy: They do scold, of course, if anyone has romped…

Candilena: I even know, who is more frequent…

Candy: (*giggles*) When I deserved that. But they love us as real moms.

Candilena: But you love them, right?

Candy: Can it be other way? They do so much for us!

Candilena: That is why you speak about them with such love.

Candy: Certainly!

Candilena: It is their merit, that Pony’s Home became a real home for you.

Candy: Yes (*thoughtfully*) I will visit them soon. Do you want to go with me?

Candilena: If you invite, then I’ll with pleasure!.. But will we climb on the Father-tree?

Candy: Of course!

Both laugh.