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Candilena: And where did you meet Patty?

Candy: In the St. Paul College. She is quiet and modest like Annie, and clever.

Candilena: (*smiling*) And chubby a little?

Candy: She’s very sweet! And when she and Stear have liked each other, I was so glad!

Candilena: Because both of them wear glasses! (*laughs*)

Candy: Yes, it’s happened so! (*laughs, then gets sad*) If they could be together…

Candilena: She had to bear the beloved one’s death too…

Candy: Yes… Poor Patty… You know, in manga she even attempted to kill herself because of that.

Candilena: (*worrying*) It was luck that you were beside her…

Candy: Don’t worry; I’m sure she’s got strength to bear it.

Candilena: (*smiling*) Why not – who can be sad if you’re here!

Candy: (*smiling too*) I just always glad to see her again!