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Candilena: Is Neal Elisas twin?

Candy: Hes her older brother. But hes not more smart than she, and hes cruel the same.

Candilena: Did he support his sis in her intrigues against you?

Candy: Yes, but the thing, that came on his head later, its something out of understanding!

Candilena: Was it some very evil trick?

Candy: Just imagine, he announced he loves me and he even wanted to force me engaged with him.

Candilena: That thing after all that he had time to do??? Hes got very high opinion about himself.

Candy: Yes, he guessed he gave me the big honor, when he paid his attention onto me. But I see him in real light.

Candilena: And what do you see?

Candy: Hes the same rude, cruel coward.

Candilena: It mean, you cant have any relations, even friendship?

Candy: Nothing.