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Candilena: Candy, you were not adopted by Audrey at once, right?

Candy: Actually. At first Legans have taken me.

Candilena: Why did they need you, when they have two their own offsprings?

Candy: But they were not going to adopt me. They decided to take me as companion for Elisa.

Candilena: (*looks at Elisa’s portrait*) You know, she doesn’t look like sad lonely girl at all.

Candy: (*laughing*) I doubt was she that kind sometime! In our first encounter she and her brother showed, what they can do! Next meetings were not better!

Candilena: But Candy, did not you have a right to return to Pony’s Home? Why did you prefer to suffer their tricks?

Candy: Because I was sure that my prince is beside somewhere. Moreover, then I met Stear, Archie and Anthony. And they defended me from the tricks of these two frequently.

Candilena: They have not too good relations with Audrey cousins, yes?

Candy: Yes, not too much. And Elisa liked Anthony…

Candilena: Ha-ha-ha!!! I imagine, how she pissed with boiling water, after learning about your adopting!

Candy: Candilena, such expressions not for tsarevna!

Candilena: I don’t care, that not for tsarevna, but her arrogance was brought down from her!

Candy: Even do not hope. For her even with Audrey name I’ll always be an orphan from the orphanage, girl from the stable, but never lady.

Candilena: You know, if being lady means being capricious haughty malicious bitch, which adores degrading everyone, I will prefer to be far away from such society.

Candy: Well, she does not go to the kitchen accurately!

Both laugh.