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Candy and Candilena in the kitchen, going to cook pancakes.

Candy: Probably, if Mr. Albert were I, he would manage much better.

Candilena: Cooking is not your strong point, yes?

Candy: (*laughs*) Yes, I always preferred to run to climb on the Father-tree.

Candilena: Father-tree?

Candy: Yes, the huge tree, growing on the Pony’s Hill, in front of Pony Home.

Candilena: Pony Home – is it the name of orphanage?

Candy: Yes, I was left there. Miss Pony and Sister Maria told, it was in the one of maydays, and in anime – one of winter evenings.

Candilena: Looking at you, nobody can guess that you’re from orphanage. Did your adventures begin from there?

Candy: Yes. Since 6 years old in manga and since 11 years old in anime. So much had been happened with me, since I left Pony Home in the first time!

Candilena: You did leave Pony Home because someone wanted to adopt you?

Candy: No, it is not. I was not going to be adopted.

Candilena: But why then?

Candy: I hoped to find my Prince there, which I met on Pony Hill.

Candilena: So, you left Home for love? And did you find your Prince? Candy: I didn’t find him in the house, that I was taken in. but I met the boy, who was similar to him, and we have loved each other.

Candilena: There’re a lot of obstacles on the way of love…

Candy: O, there really were a lot of obstacles. I was a stable girl of whimsical daughter, and he was from rich and famous family. My hosts were their relatives.

Candilena: Owh! It was difficult for you! Candy: Yes, but when his uncle had adopted me, our friends and we were so happy.

Candilena: And you have become Lady Candice and began to meet with all people, that you want!

Candy: I learned that being lady is not so funny – there’re a lot of obligations…

Candilena: Anyway, Candy, it’s like in the tale: in spite of evil intrigues, Cinderella becomes princess and lives in the castle with prince, long and happy.

Candy: Very happy, but… not so long. My prince had died in the foxhunt…

Candilena: (*shocked*) O, no! Candy… I’m so sorry…

Candy: It’s all right.

Candilena: But how old were you?.. Just 12! And such experience…

Candy: (*sighing*) Nobody can help… Moreover, I was helped to heal that wound.

Candilena: Who? Did you meet your Prince?

Candy: He wasn’t be like my Prince, but…

Candilena: You have loved him, Candy?

Candy: Very much. And we were so good there, in England, but…

Candilena: Candy, just don’t tell he’s died too…

Candy: No, he’s alive. We just had to break up each with other, in spite of our love.

Candilena: (*sadly*) Another wound on your heart…But you’re able to get friends, who supports in hard hour.

Candy: (*smiling*) Right, my friends are always supported me!

Candilena: They were always by your side, right?

Candy: Yes.

Candilena: That was good you were living in America. You were the witness to 1st World War. Your close people could be got to the front.

Candy: It was so. When I was studying for nurse, one of my classmates had gone to Europe as military nurse. One of my friends volunteered and died. And another one lost his memory.

Candilena: (*stunned*) Candy… So many experiences – during 6 years! And you manage to be cheerful!

Candy: (*smiling*) I just don’t like to be sad for too long time. Moreover, - do you know what did my Prince on the Hill said me?

Candilena: What?

Candy: (*smiling widely*) That I look much prettier when I smile!

Candilena: (*confused a bit*) Right. You’re able to cheer everyone.

Candy: Then you shouldn’t sit with sad face. Come on, smile too and I’ll say, do my Prince’ words suit you.

Candilena: (*making little grimace*) I hate to smile for order. Why you’re commanding on my kitchen?

Candy laughs so infectiously that Candilena begins to laugh too. Both of them almost fall the dough each on other, and laugh more.