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Candy: (*coming to kitchen*) Hello, Candilena!

Candilena: Hello, feel free. (*looking out on Candy*) You’re beautiful today.

Candy: It’s a new dress. Annie and Archie’s gift on my last Birthday.

Candilena: Your friend Annie has got a good taste.

Candy: Annie said Archie choose that dress.

Candilena: Does Archie know what can suit to you?

Candy: Yes. He wears the beautiful fashionable clothes himself.

Candilena: Does he interest the fashion?

Candy: As I remember, Archie’s always been dressed like… eerh… I forgot that Russian expression… like from little needle, probably.

Candilena: As if he came out from tailor? Hmmm, doesn’t beautiful clothes mean too much for him?..

Candy: But Candilena, Archie’s gentleman, he grew in Audrey family. You see – the rules…

Candilena: Is Archie Stear’s brother? (*Candy nods.*) Holy pancakes! One brother has got a fashionable stuff in his head, second one – the technique!

Candy: Not only! Stear wore elegant clothes too.

Candilena glances at Candy.

Candy: They’re my friends, and I was very glad to become their cousin.

Candilena: I know alrealy how you met with Stear – you both drove into the lake very elegantly. Archie wasn’t there. Otherwise you would listen his yelling (*giggles*).

Candy: (*giggles too*) I met Archie earlier – I helped him to get out from the boat.

Candilena: Gentlemen don’t learn swimming?

Candy: He just didn’t want to spoil his expensive clothes.

Candilena: (*puzzled*) Does he appreciate his clothes more than his own life?

Candy: Candilena, Archie is great and kind person, and I know that.

Candilena: Did you like him?

Candy: I love him like my friend and brother. Don’t forget – he’s my best friend’s fiance.

Candilena: (*innocently*) Yes, you told me so… (*remembering how Annie became Archie’s girlfriend*)

Candy: Archie’s really very good one. He helped Stear with his inventions. They and Anthony were so great friends. (*sighs*)

Candilena: Owh, yes, he lost his cousin and then brother… But noble knight has got his lady of his heart.

Candy: Indeed! Annie is true lady.

Candilena: Yes, of course. (*quietly*) But is it she?..

Candy: What?

Candilena gives Candy her best smile.