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Candilena: Candy, is it truth that Annie is from Pony’s Home too?

Candy: Certainly! In anime we even were left there in the same day, evening more accurate. We had been growing as real sisters!

Candilena: Then why Annie broke your connection after she became Annie Brighton?

Candy: (*small pause*) You see, she could have the troubles, if someone would learn about her past…

Candilena: Rather, her new-appeared mom, who announced, that she is daughter of their dead relatives. And as obedient daughter, Annie obeyed her order.

Candy: You can’t imagine, how much she wanted to have her own mom and dad! She just could not behave in other way!

Candilena: (*sigh*) You never were angry with her?

Candy: Of course, no! She’s never been forgotten me! In Legan’s mansion she left to me her ribbon.

Candilena: Nevertheless, she behaved as stranger in the St. Paul College, when you were Candice White Audrey already - daughter of one of the richest and most influential people in America.

Candy: She had to keep silent about her past still. And there was another reason also…

Candilena: The love for your cousin.

Candy: Yes, she fell in love with Archie… But then we became the best friends again!

Candilena: When she stopped to be shamed, that she’s from Pony’s Home, right?

Candy: Yes, Archie loves her as she is.

Candilena: Are you sure that he loves her, but not you?

Candy: Certainly, sure! Annie is a so sweet girl! They are excellent pair!

Candilena: (*quietly*) In anime they are alright, but in manga?.. Did he forget you?

Candy: (*frowning*) She loves him, and I never could be with him!

Candilena: (*smiling*) I know - indeed you - the best friends!

Candy: (*smiling*) PRECISELY THUS!