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Candilena: Candy, I see, there were some animals in your history!

Candy: Yes, and now I’ll introduce them…



Candilena: Wow, white raccoon!

Candy: It's Clin, my faithful friend.

Candilena: I didn’t see him in manga…

Candy: He’s from anime. He lived in Pony’s Home, when I was small. He was a witness to many events of my life.

Candilena: Was he with you constantly?

Candy: Yes, he was by my side even in St. Paul Academy. But when I went to study for nurse, I left him in Pony’s Home.

Candilena: Maybe he’s able to speak human language?

Candy: (*laughs*) Noo-oo! There’s no magic! But he’s really clever!

Candilena: Because he can understand everything?

Candy: Yes! (*takes the raccoon on her arms; animal agrees with her words by his peep*)

Candilena: (*smiling*)Yes, indeed…


Candilena: (*at the oven*) Now we’ll have a chat with Candy. Mmmm, eating little pancakes with meat. And maybe anyone will join us. Regarding such tasty aroma.

Terrible noise and Candy’s scream: “MINA, WAIT !!!” is hearing from somewhere.

Candilena: (*puzzled, but continues her cooking*) What’s happening there? (*turns to put the last pancake on the dish*) GOOD GOD, WHAT’S THAT???

Huge shaggy creation sits on the table in front of empty dish, sees the pancakes in Candilena’s hands…

Candilena: HEEEEEEEEELP!!!

Candy: (*rushing to the kitchen*) Mina, wait! Candilena! Are you alright?

Candilena: (*barely raising*) That monster is called Mina? (*glancing at shaggy creation, who’s devouring her pancake*)

Candy: Yes, it’s Mina and she lives in Pony’s Home.

Candilena: I see… As long as Clin lives?

Candy: No, she appeared later. She lost her master and I found he place in Pony’s Home.

Candilena: Was she abandoned?

Candy: No, Mr. McGregor died and he hadn’t got a family. But Mina has got it now, right, Mina? (*hugging the dog*)

Candilena: (*muttering*) And my pancakes in the stomach also.

Mina throws herself on Candilena and licks her face.

Candy: (*laughing*) She likes you.

Candilena: (*also smiling*) I'm glad a lot.


Candilena: Has a skunk been living in Pony’s Home?

Candy: No, it’s a faithful friend of Mr. Albert, Puppy. Do you want to meet her?

Candilena: Skunk on the kitchen… Are you sure, Candy?

Candy: Puppy’s very sweet. Puppy, come here! (*Skunk jumps on her arms*)

Candilena: She hasn’t got any foul aroma!

Candy: I told you, you shouldn’t’t worry. Puppy doesn’t bring any troubles.

Candilena: That’s good. And what does she like?

Candy: Frying nuts. Have you some?

Candilena: I had got somewhere. Here you are.

Puppy touches Candilena’s hand, takes the food carefully and squeaks.

Candy: (*smiles*) She says you “thanks”.

Candilena: (*winkins*) Are you sure, that was “thanks” and not a “spasibo” or “arigato” or something else?

Candy: Well, I don’t know!

Girls laugh and Poppy too.