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Candilena: Albert… His appearance had been changing 3 times in anime and 4 times in manga.

Candy: Right, but he’s always been kind strong and wise defender of animals, like in our first meeting.

Candilena: When he pulled you out from waterfall?

Candy: Yes, and when I recovered consciousness, I was so scared, - it was darkness and he was so shaggy, with beard, in dark glasses…

Candilena: (*laughing*) You counted that you’ll be saved by someone prettier?

Candy: Not at all! I understood he’s good person and we became friends. He always supported me and said necessary words, when I felt bad.

Candilena: Wasn’t surprise for you, when you saw him in London?

Candy: I was surprised, but after all Mr. Albert used to travel easy. And his job in Zoo wasn’t surprise too.

Candilena: But he managed to become friends with Terry – that’s surprise!

Candy: Indeed, and he even helped to quit drinking.

Candilena: Nice, that Albert during that time got rid of his terrible beard. Although he wore the same clothes.

Candy: Khi-khi… Probably he was the same even in Africa…

Candilena: Maybe. But he returned to America without glasses already, right?

Candy: Right. He survived after explosion in the train… But he lost his memory.

Candilena: I think, with long hair, without glasses and beard he’s been looking better. Everyone can see he’s young and has blue eyes.

Candy: I agree. In manga he cut his hair…

Candilena: There are a lot of blue-eyed blondes around you, Candy…

Candy: I can explain that.

Candilena: Then why?

Candy whispers something on her ear.

Candilena: (*mutters*) He’s so different person… Of course, it’s difficult to find his right files…