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Madam Elroy aka Grand Aunt Elroy.

Candy enters to the kitchen and finds Candilena with some papers.

Candy: Candilena, what are you doing there?

Candilena: I’m learning Audrey’s genealogical tree. Although it’s difficult a bit…

Candy: And where are the difficulties?

Candilena: Madam Elroy Audrey. Aunt or grandmother…

Candy: Mr. Albert told me madam Elroy is his father’s sister. So, she’s aunt for him. Since Stear, Archie and Anthony are his nephews, for them she’s… err… I don’t know that word in Russian correctly, sorry… Well.. Great Grand Aunt!

Candilena: “Great Grand Madam” is more suits for her. She doesn’t look like kind auntie. Her look can make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Candy: You’re right. She’s very severe and has good mood very rarely.

Candilena: I wonder, why she’s not pleased? High status, excellent grandchildren or grandnephews. (*looks at Candy*) Maybe, getting another grandniece?

Candy: (*sighs*) She count, Mr. William did stupid thing when he adopted me.

Candilena: By other words, she guesses, you don’t deserve to be Audrey?

Candy: She submit Mr. William’s decision, but…

Candilena: I see. But during all that time you both must to get used each to other. Moreover, her grandchildren, who’re grandnephews, had accepted you very well.

Candy: You know, Elisa and Neal had time to say her many bad things about me. Plus that forged theft in Legan’s house… It’s not surprise, that she’s sure I’m Audrey’s disgrace.

Candilena: Does she believe Legan’s siblings more than Stear, Archie and Anthony? Who’s closer to her, after all?

Candy: Elisa and Neal are always nice and polite with her. But she loves Stear and Archie and Anthony… She didn’t forgive me his death…

Candilena: Does she think Anthony died because of you?.. Probably, she’s not able to reason mind. She should be got away… to have a rest…

Candy: She had been having Audrey’s business, when Mr. Albert was too young. She couldn’t have a rest.

Candilena: She was so busy to forget about close people?

Candy: No, no! She did it for her family!

Candilena: For family’s sake become a hard machine without heart?.. Do you think someone’ll appreciate it?

Candy: But holding all business in one hands… It’s difficult, don’t you think?

Candilena: Getting that power, she can count on the honor and respect, but the love… Love is for aunt…

Candy: But she is…

Candilena: She is MADAM. She is MADAM to the bones. However, she’s not aunt.