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Description and translation by Candice


Candy’s first ball.

The day of the ball has come. But Candy hadn’t got a suitable gown. Nevertheless, Candy thought, the ones, who invited her, knew she hasn’t got a dress. So, she decided to go in her daily clothes.

The car was driving Legan's family and Candy on a road by trees.

- How could she go to the ball in such dress? - well dressed Elisa said to the brother. - What an impudence.

- Let her, - Neal responded. - she simply would like to be original.

But Elisa was more interested what Anthony will tell about her gown. Though her brother chuckled she’s crazy absolutely for Anthony, Elisa wasn’t shy she liked Anthony very much.

- It mean, Elisa is in love with Anthony… - Candy thought, looking on a road. - I wonder, what’s he the kind of man…

- Candy! - Mrs. Legan interrupted her thoughts. – Grand Aunt Elroy from Audrey family appreciates the education and etiquette, therefore I ask you: during ball keep yourself somewhere away.

Candy agreed and continued to look.

- This road’s familiar… This road is to Rose gate. I met Prince there once, - the car drove into opened gates, which were closed earlier for Candy; the girl admired with beauty, hiding by them. – The castle… People live there… It’s not for me…

The car approached to the porch, where the two ones in Scottish suits have been waiting the guests. More correct, one special guest.

- Hi, tomboy! - Archie waved joyfully. Both of them rushed to meet invited friend and both burst out laughing after recognizing, that they had invited the same girl. They invited Legan’s couple to pass to Grand Aunt Elroy, and Elisa ran to search her beloved Anthony.

When two young gentlemen showed their education, kissing Candy’s hands, she pulled aside. But Stear and Archie treated her with respect, not paying attention her plain dress, and Candy reached her hands to them with her brilliant smile.

- When you smile, you look even nicer, - the third boy in the Scottish suit said, who was standing at column. Prince! Candy could not tear her sight from him. I was sure, I’ll be lucky to see him, she thought.

- Looks like you know each other, - Stear noticed.

- Anthony! Anthony, where’re you? - Elisaà has run up to the boy.

- So it’s Anthony!.. – Candy’s insides broke. – My Prince!.. So, Elisa loves him!.. It is impossible!.. – the sadness appeared in her green eyes.

- My name’s Anthony. Anthony Brown, - the boy introduced himself, without losing his smile.

- And me… I’m Candy White … - Candy uttered barely.

- The maid, - Elisa specified.

- It’s a lie, - Candy protested. - I had arrived to Legans to be Elisa’s companion.

- At first yes. But now you’re my maid, - Elisa concluded mockingly.

- If I knew, that you live in Legan’s house, I would send you the invitation card, - Anthony approached closer Candy.

- Too late! We already had invited her! - Archie announced joyfully.

- It is perfect! So, you are invited as everyone.

Elisa liked this conversation less and less.

- Anthony, - she has pulled his sleeve demandingly. – How do you know about Candy? Tell.

- I just had seen her near Rose gates, - Anthony explained.

- But no! We had met a long before that, on the Pony’s Hill!.. - Candy cried out mentally. The servant came out and interrupted their conversation, inviting them to the banquet.


- Dear relatives, welcome! - old lady was speaking solemnly, sitting on a carved chair. Candy guessed, it was Grand Aunt Elroy and she really was looking very severe. - This house was used rather seldom, nevertheless I decided to arrive there with my grandsons. I introduce you of my three dear grandsons … - Madam looked around, but without result. – Good God, where are my grandsons? Guttersnipes, - she muttered, chuckling, but second after she took her severe face again. - Our solution to arrive and live here was approved by old Uncle William himself …

- Candy! - Archie pulled the girl out from the crowd of the visitors. - Go here.

- Archie, what’s happened with your clothes? - Candy did not understand, why he changed his clothes.

- You see it was very uncomfortable.

- Don’t tell nonsense.

Archie invited Candy climb under the table and then he stole a couple of cakes. But munching a dessert, he got his face dirty with a cream, and Candy couldn’t hold herself from giggling.

Madam Elroy stopped her speech.

- Who’s here?

- It’s me… - Candy with guilty face came out from under the table.

- Candy!!! – Legan’s couple was shocked. Apologizing, they explained madam Elroy it is their maid. Though madam Elroy was surprised her grandsons had invited the maid, nevertheless she noticed Candy about her gown. Inside the crowd the spiteful whisper was heard about Legan’s manners.

But Candy had got someone to be defended - Stear and Anthony came to her side, and Archie came out from under the table. They returned Grand Aunt her good mood, and then she ordered to begin dinner.

- We, Legans, were so much humiliated because of her, - Neal muttered maliciously, tying the napkin.

- I won’t forgive her for that, - Elisa nodded. - Where did she disappear?


Meantime Candy was sitting on the balcony in three young gentlemen’s company.

- I am very grateful to you, that you for the sake of me have changed clothes, - spoke Candy.

- We’re regretting very much, - Stear apologized, - that we invited you without care about some details …

- Everything’s alright. It was so much nice of you - Candy approached the parapet and glanced at night landscape. – I’m like in fantastic castle…

The boys have exchanged glances.

- Shall we tell her? - Archie asked with conspirative tone. - Or shouldn’t we?

- What are you talking about?

- You know, there is a bad room in this house…

- With ghosts?

- Yes, - Stear confirmed. – The ghost appears there, it’s a spirit of our ancestor...

- … When the clock on the Southern tower strikes 10 times, in the room, where nobody should be, the man in a black silk suit and black mantle appears and walks … Nobody’s in corridors, nobody goes out anywhere, but there are someone’s tracks on the stairs, and the sound of someone’s empty pitches is heard… - Archie continued with frightening voice. Candy was scared and yelled, making the boys laughing.

- It’s a lie! You’re so cruel! – she exclaimed, pouting.

- Well forgive, forgive, - Anthony apologized with a smile.

- Candy, excuse us, don’t be frown, - Stear told, - The dances will begin soon.

- Stear, Anthony, - Archie addressed to his friends. - I need some talk with you in my room.

- We’ll be back soon, - Anthony promised Candy.

After making sure the boys abandoned their guest, Elisa and Neal looked on Candy, who was admiring night garden.

- If she will be dancing in such dress, everyone will be laughing at Legans, - Elisa said.

- Let's force her to go back home, - Neal offered.

- It will fail, as Stear and others with her, - the sister objected. - I have idea better.


- Look! - Archie straightened a dress, - I bought it especially for Candy!

- Then why you didn’t tell about that earlier? - it seems, Anthony was not so glad to surprise.

- I just wanted to surprise everyone during dances.


- Candy … - Elisa’s weak voice called the girl, - I’ve got a headache… Could you make a bed for me?..

- Middle room on the third floor, - Neal instructed her, supporting his sister. - I will see Elisa off there.

They did not tear an eye from Candy, who ran to search for the necessary room.

- … So, middle room on the third floor … - Candy ran through dark corridor and she saw people standing at line. - …Black silk clothes and black mantles… - she came closer carefully and sighed with relief. – It’s waxen figures! They like alive. And all of them were Audreys… Here, likely. This room.

Candy opened the door and came in. But she had no time to look round, as the door has slammed, and the spiteful laughter was heard.

- That’s for you for you have taken in your head to take an advantage of us! Sit here and think until dances will have finished!

- Elisa, open! - Candy with all her forces knocked in the door. – It’s unfairly, cruel!

- Bye! Have a nice talk with ghosts! - Neal wished her on farewell.


Stear, dancing, came in the room with a dress in his hands.

- Another one for Candy?.. - Anthony was surprised. Stear confirmed. – It seems, brothers have always got identical ideas. – he chuckled.

- Stear, in my opinion, this dress is big a little for Candy, - Archie teased the brother, who glanced on his gift with doubt. - Leave this problem to me. I instantly can define any size.

- Archie, I would not like you also bragged in front of Candy, - Stear was hurt a bit.

- Cease, - Anthony stopped them, - brothers shouldn’t quarrel. We shall take all best of Stear’s dress and we shall affix it on Archie’s dress.

- In such case Candy will wear my dress too, - Stear agreed.

- Good, - Archie nodded. - I shall prepare dress.

- But as the dress is not ready yet, I will amuse her with something, - Anthony left the room, and the brothers have looked each at other with bewilderment.

Anthony asked Elisa, who was sitting on the balcony in her brother’s company, where did Candy disappear, but Ms. Legan only interested will Anthony dance with her. Anthony escaped somehow from her claims, making Ms. Legan displeased one more time. She was sure he wouldn’t find Candy.


Candy in the meantime was in the room still, which frightened her more and more.

- Get me out!!! – she shouted, scared.

- Probably, I heard a cry … - Anthony muttered, coming on the third floor. He glanced down. - The dances have begun already… Where did she disappear to?..

- Help!!! Somebody!!! - the girl kept to shout, closed in the dark room.


To Anthony, who began searching Candy in dance hall, Elisa has run up and pulled him to dance. Meantime Stear told Archie to be faster with a dress, for the dances will finish soon. And on the third floor…

…The window has open wide, and Candy saw the clock. It’s right Southern tower! The clock began to strike 10 times… Man in the black silk suit and black mantle walks in the room!..

Nobody of dancing people heard Candy’s cries. She gathered her last forces and got out in the corridor. But there she saw someone’s coming close to her. A ghost!!! Candy fell without forces, but the man, who has run up to her, was no other but Anthony. He comforted the girl, telling her they made up their story, and then he picked up Candy on his arms. Stear and Archie waited for her with a ready dress.


The guests were amazed.

- Candy?! - Elisa exclaimed only that.

- Where is she from?.. - Neal could understand a little, seeing Candy, who was coming downstairs and holding Anthony’s arm.

- It is wonderful… - Candy said. - If it is a dream, I do not want it ended.

- Candy, - Anthony took her hand. – It’s not a dream.

- Yes, - Candy looked into his eyes, - You’re right, Anthony, - in the next instant they were spinning in a wonderful waltz.

- …Anthony, - Candy asked, - I want to ask you something… Do you know Pony’s Hill?..

- … Pony’s Hill? No, I do not know…

- How is it?.. - but Archie already took the initiative and began to whirl puzzled Candy. - It is interesting, why he told he does not know Pony’s Hill?.. Well, no matter, anyway he’s my Prince.

Candy continued to dance with Archie, but she wasn’t so dexterous, because he screamed from a pain soon.

- You did not step onto Anthony’s foot, - he reproached Candy.

- Don’t be so envious, brother, - Stear was Candy’s next partner.

Meantime the guests were whispering about admissibility the maid on the ball. For Mrs. Legan it was not nice to hear.

- It seems, we treated with Candy not quite correctly … - she told to the husband.

- Though they speak that way, but actually all of them are charmed by Candy’s kindness and magnanimity. All of us need such kinds. Even Grand Aunt Elroy’s looking at her with approval.

- Anyway, I shall not allow keeping it that way… - Mrs. Legan looked at Candy, who was dancing with Anthony.

- Archie makes pa so diligently, Stear glances through his glasses mischievously, - Candy thought, - But when I dance with Anthony, I feel the breath of my favorite Pony’s Hill at once. The breeze blows, not like in that first time. And now I’m on this perfect party. I even can forgive Neal and Elisa for all their intrigues. Ms. Pony and sister Maria were right: it is always possible to find the way with making all your efforts. And now I am happy!..


In Candy’s life it was her very first ball.


The end of the 9th series.