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Description and translation Candice


The walk and the ball invitation.

Elisa, turning around in front of mirror, put the hat on, at last.

- Candy! Candy!

- Yes, madam? - the girl has responded.

- Follow me. I am going to the city to buy a new dress.

- To the city for dress! - Candy was glad that trip.

- Elisa, fast! Don’t be slowly! - Neal called, as the car started working already.


- You look very pleased, - Candy noticed Elisa with kindness.

- Certainly, I am going to buy something new! - Elisa was arrogant, as always.

- What?

- It’s not your business! - there was her answer, and Neal only chuckled.

In the city arrogant couple entrusted Candy only to carry their numerous purchases. It is no wonder, that Candy almost dropped it, fortunately the driver had time to help. But it seemed to siblings, it wasn’t enough. Elisa sent Candy for books. After hearing a sound of driving away car, Candy ran out, but… Certainly, they left already. However, Candy didn’t become sad, moreover, there’s another meeting with somebody had place to be.

- Hi! – the young man, who was repairing his car, called her. - Thank for help to Archie!

- Was it you in the car yesterday? - Candy guessed.

Candy told she was left alone. The young man invited her to his car, and they drove, jumping on seats from jolting. The driver informed Candy joyfully he made this car by himself. He even had driven in it into the lake. Candy didn’t want into the lake; the sweat was poured from her. She was promised she will be driven on the shortest way, so she can arrive earlier Elisa.

- Do you know Elisa?

- Is my relative!

- So you’re a member of Audrey family?

- Right. I’m Archie’s brother. My name is Alistair.

Candy introduced herself too. She’d like to ask Stear about Prince, but she did not know his name.

Meantime the car lost a wheel, rudder; as far as Candy was frightened, as Stear was imperturbable. Even when they sank into the lake.

- I should change a wheel after all, - smiling Stear concluded, being in water to a neck.


Two wet friends dried their clothes in a wood.

- You’re not desponding man, - Candy noticed, squeezing out her dress.

- Does it look like I’m upset and worry? – Stear hung up the boots.

- It’s not necessary to worry – I’ll go by foot.

- Well, here I nothing can do, - the unlucky driver sighed.

Candy assured him to not to worry. Stear knew a short way «but hard a bit for girl» - on trees. Candy showed him her best, flitting from one branch to other. Stear wasn’t able that way. But they have got out on a road safely.

- Candy! – Stear shouted on farewell, - Now I know, why Archie named you «tomboy»!

- Archie!.. - Candy recollected the elegant boy. And then she found she forgot to ask Stear about Prince. But her new friend was away already.

Near gates Clin met Candy. Elisa glanced in the window.

- Neal! - she has rushed into brother’s room. - Neal, respond!

- What’s happened, Elisa? - Neal tore himself from the book.

Elisa offered him to go to the balcony to look. Yes, Candy appeared not by midnight, as they proposed. Candy, knowing, who looks at her from the balcony, was telling Clin how did she swim in the lake.

- She’s laughing!

- She’s simple impertinent with us! - Elisa confirmed brother’s words.

Passing kitchen, Candy heard the servants’ conversation: the head of Audrey family, Grand Aunt Elroy will live beside, it seems, she’s very irritable.

- That is why Elisa bought a new dress, - Candy thought. – The great party… - again she was carried away in her dreams, where she’s dancing with Prince. But what would Elisa tell for that? Certainly: «It’s not your matter, Candy!» Candy knew that excellent.


While Elisa was admiring with her new-bought dress, Candy changed her clothes for dry. Dorothy, who came to her room, understood her friend suffered again because of harmful couple. But Candy was not upset at all.

- I’ve got a Prince, - she informed Dorothy, - and two knights.

For Dorothy it seemed like fairy tale. But she remembered what she did come for - to tell Elisa calls Candy. Likely she has some other trick.

- Candy, - the maid said, - Do not despond, please.

- Thank you, do not worry for me, - Candy smiled.


- Come here, - Elisa invited Candy to enter, using ordering tone. - Look, is that dress beautiful?

- Magnificent … - Candy reached with her hand to dress, but would Elisa allow her?

- Do not touch it! Otherwise it will be bad to smell! - Elisa hung up the dress on the hanger and went to her mum, who was trying on hat.

What did Candy do, staying alone with such gown, which she never has got? Certainly, she imagined herself in it, dancing with Prince…

- What are you doing?! – Elisa took her gown away. - Pony’s daughter never can wear dress, - Candy was silent. – Get out from there!

- …I was so beautiful in this dress!.. - in her own room Candy could allow herself to cry.


The servant brought two envelopes from Audrey’s mansion. Mr. Legan opened it and was surprised: it was the invitations to party for Ms. Candy White from Alistair and Archibald Cornwell. Madam and children were surprised much more. For clearing up of a problem Candy was called.

After coming to Legan’s couple and their angry children, Candy confirmed her casual acquaintance with Stear and Archie. Elisa couldn’t hold herself and accused Candy in lie. But Candy is invited on the ball - how she was glad! Despite of Elisa’s protest she should go, as she’s invited. But she hasn’t got a gown… Mr. Legan offered to his daughter to borrow one of her dress for Candy. Elisa refused sharply. But then for some reason she changed her solution. She chose a dress for Candy and left a room.

- Why did you begin so kind suddenly? - Neal asked, suspecting. The sister chuckled: this dress was sewed 3 years ago. That is why Candy was putting it on hardly, hearing spiteful commentary from them: if Candy fatter Elisa, she cannot go to the ball. The dress, eventually, has torn on Candy, and the owner immediately began to squeal on Candy, who spoiled her favorite gown.


- … They better did not invite me!.. - Candy burst out crying in her room. The sun was ready to set, illuminating the small crying gir...

- What’s happened? - Dorothy embraced Candy and made her sitting on the bed. - Is Candy such crying-head? - Candy attempted to explain her through sobbing… - A dress means nothing itself, it cannot go to ball itself. It’s you have invited. Wipe your tears, - Dorothy lit a lamp. – You’re very good girl, therefore they invited you, - she took the dress off from a rope, - In this dress you look very nice. Gather your courage and go to ball in this dress. And now smile. You look very nice, when you smile.

- Your smile makes you the prettiest girl… - Candy remembered Prince’s words. She smiled.

- Your knights, likely, wait for you a lot, - Dorothy smiled.

- Dorothy! I shall go to the ball in this dress! - Candy hugged friend. - I shall not cry anymore.

- You’re good fellow, Candy.


They saw the flying star - star of good luck. Candy was so happy now, that she was ready to dance.


The end of the 8th series.