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Description and translation Candice


Too mischievous to be lady.

The kitchen of Legan’s mansion.

There has been a lot of work, as usual. Candy was there too. Mary, who was busy with potatoes, worried, Candy could get a troubles from madam, but Candy’d like so much to learn the bread cooking! The cook agreed: all sciences are useful.

Meantime bread has baked, and Candy admired its smell. She got praise and ran to share her joy with faithful friend. She didn’t notice the two from a balcony observe her.

- She ran to Clin! - Elisa noticed discontentedly.

- I have idea, - and Neal smirked spitefully.


- Perfect morning! - Neal said, entering drawing room, where his mother was reading the book. – Would we have an equipage walk?

- Mummy, let’s go together, - Elisa asked, embracing her mother. Madam gave her permission, and her husband told, that it is good idea.

- Why wouldn’t we invite Candy? - Elisa offered.

- Certainly, - the father agreed, - she’s here to be your companion.

- But she’s not at home…

- … She’s running in the garden, - Neal confirmed.

- She’s always having something in her mind, - madam rose with such face, as if her head has ached.


Meantime in the stable Candy offered Clin to test her cooking.

- Well how is it, tasty? - she asked raccoon, eating bread. And she started to dream again. - Someday I shall bake bread for Prince…

Suddenly she heard familiar voices. She asked Clin to hide. Madam with children opened stable doors wide.

- So here you are, Candy?! - Elisa was surprised loudly.

- What are you doing here? - Mrs. Legan began to lose her patience. Her son with malicious smirk noticed, that something’s happening here. He started to dig with pitchfork in the hay.

- Are you really alone? – Elisa asked with ugly smirk.

Neal lifted the thrown bread with pitchfork.

- What’s that? – he continued interrogation the girl, who was hardly selecting the words for justifying.

- Candy, did you steal and eat bread??? - madam was indignant. Candy started to deny with tears.

- Then who did eat it? - Elisa took an interest.

- Someone very hungry from Pony’s Home, - Neal assumed. Candy held herself with last efforts.

Annoyed Mrs. Legan announced Candy that she will not go with them to the walk. Then she ordered girl to go to the room on a loft. Candy could not hold her tears anymore, but nobody could see it: the equipage was leaving.


Candy thought in the room, looking to the window, is she counted as member of Legan’s family? Clin came to her, and the girl took him on her arms.

- If you would try, you could become a member of our family! - Mrs. Legan’s words came to Candy’s mind. - If I would try… Will I be able to look more elegant, wearing one of those dresses, which Mrs. Legan wears?.. I shall make all my efforts to become a member of their family! - Candy decided and saw the approaching equipage.

Mr. Legan asked how was walk and where’s Candy. His wife’s pleased face changed at once.


- What??? - Mr. Legan was surprised. – Did Candy eat bread?

- Yes, it is. And I do not think, that child from Pony’s Home could be good companion for Elisa.

- I am sure, our children need a friend like she, - Mr. Legan smoked a tube, while his wife measured a room by her own steps.

- I do not take a responsibility for such child.

- All right, I shall talk with her.


- Mrs. Legan walks that way, - Candy spoke, walking on to the room flirtatiously. When Dorothy came to her room, she addressed to her like a real lady. Surprised Dorothy informed, Mr. Legan wants to talk with Candy.

- Candy, - Mr. Legan was patting the table by a finger, - I should leave for my business for some time, and I hope, that during my absence you will got a good relationships with Elisa and others. - Candy sighed with relief, as she wasn’t be scolded. - But I want to ask something. I heard, you stole and ate something in the stable, - Candy stammered, thinking how to tell better about it, - Tell to me, how has it happened.

- Could not you go with me in the stable?..


- … I beg you, allow me to hold Clin here, please! - Candy implored, pressing Clin to herself. - Clin, ask permission to Mr. Legan.

The raccoon ran up to the gentleman and touched him with his tail. Mr. Legan only doubted about Clin’s relationship with horses, but seeing, as horses are glad to such neighborhood, he burst out laughing and gave his permission. Candy’s eyes sparkled.

- So, I can hold him here?! Clin, - she embraced the friend, - you can stay here. Thank you, Mr. Legan.


- What??? Clin is in the stable?! - madam rose so sudden, that her book fell. – How long is he there?

- Since that moment, as you ordered to get him away, - her son informed.

- Candy just pretended, that she took him away from here, but she kept hiding him secretly, - Elisa added.

- Why didn’t you tell me? - perturbed madam went out on the balcony and saw Candy plays with a raccoon cheerfully. – What a girl!..


Candy diligently studied to walk like lady; therefore she set up the book on her own head. At first she was walking in her room, then to the stairs… On the stairs she failed… But she simply smiled running Dorothy.


- «Ms. Pony, Sister Maria and my friends, now I’m trying to become a member of Legan’s family…» - Sister Ěŕđč˙ read the letter from Candy. John noticed, it is not Candy’s style. However Ms. Pony explained Candy tries very much to get used to their life.

John suspected Candy’s more and more getting far away from them. Ms. Pony smiled and told all of them will grow someday. Sister Maria expressed the hope Candy will enter this world as true little lady.


Surprised Mrs. Legan supervised for Candy, who was walking on tiptoe. But some ones only chuckled: certainly, their cat Silvia walks more elegant. The cat passed skillfully as she could. And Candy skillfully stepped on her tail, s a result of which Neal felt cat’s claws his disgust face. Elisa was skilful only to call the mum. Candy, not losing her calmness, apologized.

- Candy! - madam stood beside with children already. - What a clumsy you are! However you tried to walk elegantly, you’ll never be looking like true lady.

The brother and sister were looking out from Mrs. Legan’s back and the cat was waving with a tail…


- Mrs. Legan,.. - Candy thought sadly, sitting by fountain, - I just tried to be like you, though I do not know you absolutely … - she glanced on the medallion of Prince and that thing encouraged her. - Certainly, I should learn a lot of things.


So, Candy began to study. Mary taught her how to take dishes from a table correctly, Dorothy - how to wash the dishes. The cook praised her for her diligence. Elisa… She appeared in the kitchen so unexpectedly, that Candy dropped something. The sound of broken crockery was heard. Elisa didn’t refuse to run to her mum with crying and to complain on Candy, who broke her favorite cup.

Candy danced with the servants and maids cheerfully. Mrs. Legan and her daughter gazed, how they’re having fun. Madam noticed discontentedly Candy behaves, as if nothing has taken place. Well, it means, something will change for her…

Though Candy made decision to behave like lady, she didn’t hold herself and climbed on the tree. Last time, she promised to herself. Prince, likely, would be surprised very much after seeing me here, she told Clin. But she heard also Elisa, who was informing her brother about news - Candy will be maid now. As she will be their personal maid, they anticipated already, how they will with treat her.

- I shall be maid, though I tried so much to become a member of the family … Is it really truth?.. - Candy thought.

…She was going and thinking, how’s Annie doing now and what a happy life she’s got…

Candy didn’t notice she approached the Rose gates, where she had met the cute boy.

The gate was closed again. Will Prince not appear any more?.. Candy decided to pass further a bit. She went and enjoyed with birds’ singing, until she reached the stone gates with the same sign. Mr. Stewart told her once; those lands near Legans belong to Mr. Audrey. She one more time remembered her Prince.

Candy ran in the wood and saw the waterfall, which was hiding one more gates behind. Candy was surprised – who has built so many entrances and exits around of the possession? But how does those gates open?.. Candy noticed some chain…

- Do not touch it! - someone yelled. Scared Candy moved the chain; the gates opened wide, and the rushed wave took out the boat with the man.

- Who’re you?.. Have I doze probably?..

- Oh,..Excuse me… - Candy muttered.

- Throw a rope to me faster! The boat’s carrying away! Faster!

- But where’s a rope?.. - Candy was puzzled.

- Look somewhere! I’m carrying by current!

The rope was under Candy’s feet. The girl threw lasso dexterously, and the young man caught a loop.

Candy took an interest, is not he able to swim.

- Just look at my silk shirt, - the boy told. – It’s very expensive, and I would not like to wet it.

Candy thought it is rather silly.

- And you’re good fellow, Ms. Kitten, you did it perfectly! - Candy lifted her head proudly. – I like you! - he kissed her hand, but Candy has not got used to such politeness and blushed, responding she’s Candy White and she lives in Legan’s mansion.

The sound of car attracted their attention.

- It is time, - the young man told. – See you, Kitten. I’m Archibald. – after sending an air kiss to her, he ran away.

- He winked me, kissed my hand and sent an air kiss… - blushed Candy thought. - Probably, he knows Prince… - After taking Clin on her arms, she went to the tumbled down tree, smiling this idea.


At first, Candy felt suppressed and unfortunate, but now she is full of hopes and returned her spirit again.


The end of 7th series.