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Description and translation Candice


The boy from Rose garden.

The birds greeted the beginning of morning, singing around Legan’s mansion. Sunrays made Candy woken up. She wanted to make her daily duties in Pony’s Home, but then she recollected she lives in new family now.

- I recollected! - Candy opened a window wide. – I’m at Legan’s house, - she glanced at sleepy raccoon. - Clin, wake up. Owh, you’re such sleepy head.

Candy has looked on the medallion and recalled about Prince and his words. When will they meet once again?..

- I need to be patient, - she decided and jumped out bed vigorously, stepping on Clin’s tail.


In the kitchen since early morning a work has been making and yesterday's incident was discussed. The maids were pleased the way that Neal and Elisa had got an answer. So they greeted Candy warmly. Candy asked to help with something.

- Can I help you somehow? - Candy asked, putting on an apron.

- You arrived there to converse with Ms. Elisa; you should not worry.

- But I would like to do something!. I feel better, when I work, - Candy objected with a smile.


Singing Candy wiped a handrail diligently.

- You prefer to work, than to talk with me, - Elisa noticed spitefully, observing Candy. Candy greeted her with smile. Elisa only turned her nose away arrogantly.

- Would not you like to do something? - Candy asked friendly.

- Name me «young lady»! – Elisa became angry.

- Yes, young lady, - imperturbable Candy bowed politely. - It is so difficult to be uncute. You will feel better too, if you will do something.

Elisa found the business to do - together with brother she got free the cat to pass with dirty paws on the stairs, which Candy swept diligently.

- Look, what have you done, terrible cat! - Candy failed to pat îãðåòü her by broom. As the cat wasn’t better than her owners, she soiled the whole ground with pleasure, while Candy was running after her. Clin came running to help Candy. During the running for bitch-cat they made a rout. Neal and Elisa called the mum.


- Candy, - madam reproached the girl of. – That has happened, because you make too many efforts.

- Too many efforts? – Candy did not understand.

- You are here to talk with Elisa.

When Clin distinguished the cat, hiding behind Mrs. Legan’s long skirt, he became angry and again sped after her. And both of them became a reason of quite inelegant falling of madam.

- Candy!!! - Mrs. Legan yelled. – Get him away from my house immediately!!!


With heavy heart Candy carried her pet to the wood. She tried to stamp her foot, to shout him to go away, but vain. The raccoon ran after her. Candy even tied him to a tree to make him to gnaw a rope and run to Pony’s Home. However, seeing Clin’s sadness, she understood she couldn’t leave him there that way.

She hid him on the stable. And returning in the house, she sprayed water onto her eyes.

- Have you really got Clin away? – Elisa and Neal inquired.

- Yes, - Candy answered with sad face and wet eyes.

When she returned to her room and closed the door, Candy noticed with pleasure, she could be quite good actress. Dorothy had a look to her room to give a letter. From Pony’s Home! Candy ran to read the letter in the wood glade, where nobody could find her. She called Clin to go together. The raccoon, running out from the stable, was noticed by Legan’s siblings.

- She disobeyed the order! – Neal exclaimed.

- Let’s go to tell the mum, - Elisa became angry.

- Wait, - Neal stopped her. - The longer she will hide this secret, the worse for her.


Candy sat down on the ground cheerfully and started to read. Sister Ìàðèÿ worried: «I think constantly, how’re you there? I want to hope, that everything’s good for you to be happy…»

«Don’t you forget to pray before sleeping? - Ms. Pony asked, - And it would be good, if you’d drink not too much water, otherwise you will got a stomachache…»

There was a letter even from John.

«Hi, Candy! Since you have left Pony’s Home, I piss to bed again…» Candy smiled: the John didn’t change. «You always can come back to Pony’s Home. All of us shall be very glad…»

Candy immersed her mind into memories of times, when she molded snowmen together with Annie, when they were rolling down from the hills… Sweet memories…

… Which did a spiteful iniquitous couple interrupt.

- What’s interesting in that letter from Pony’s Home? - Neal has pulled out the letters from Candy’s hands.

Candy ran after him and dropped the medallion, which Elisa has noticed.

- What’s that? - she lifted the medallion.

- Where did you steal it? – Neal asked crudely.

- Orphans cannot own such things, - his sis confirmed. - Candy, do you want we have told mum about Clin?

- With this letter I forgot about Clin absolutely, - Candy thought in despair.

- If you do not want us to tell mum, tell us, where did you get it! – now the medallion was in Neal’s hands.

- I can’t! - Candy cried. – You can tell about, whom you want to!

They were having fun with Candy’s treasure, risking to drop it into the lake. Candy pulled the medallion out from Neal’s hands and escaped in tears. Even if Legans will banish her …

- … Who wants to stay in this house?.. - Candy ran, and tears were rolling down on her cheeks.

Candy did not know herself, where has she come. And what matter - she has been crying, not able to stop…


- Please, do not cry, little freckled girl… - someone's voice pronounced. - Please, do not cry, little girl…

Candy lifted her head. Blond-haired boy was sitting on the column and smiled softly.

- Prince???.. Is this boy that Prince, which I adore?.. - Candy thought and wiped tears. Just her hands were dirty.

The boy burst out laughing, looking on her soiled little face. He laughed so cheerfully… Looking on her hands and seeing a reason of his laughter, Candy has burst out laughing herself.

- I thought so: you look much pretty, when you do not cry, but laugh, - the boy smiled. Candy stunned: that’s words of her Prince! Moreover, the boy disappeared as suddenly, l as Prince did. Candy approached the gate. She saw an emblem on the latch. - Same sign, as on the medallion! Nothing to surprise, she reasoned, it just proves, this boy is her adorable Prince! She touched the door.

- It is closed… - she muttered disappointedly. - I can imagine, what a beautiful house behind these gates … - she smiled pensively. - I shall not cry anymore!

She was found by faithful Clin, which brought her the letter. They went to Legan’s mansion together …


- She’s absent for long time, - Elisa interested.

- Probably, she has returned to Pony’s Home, - Neal assumed. But Candy passed by them.

- Hey, let you cry! - Nile did not give up to tease once more.

- When will you return to Pony’s Home? – Elisa asked spitefully.

- I am not going to leave, whatever happened. You can be angry as much as you want, - Candy jumped away, singing. That thing made Legan’s couple upset, and they promised to force this intolerable girl to get out from there.

Mrs. Legan made Candy a note to don’t walk without being busy. Candy understood, Neal and Elisa have not told yet about Clin. It means, they hide something, Candy concluded. But she decided to be ready to resist - she met Prince today.


Candy’s heart overflowed with happiness - she saw Prince.

- Owh, if I could see him once again… - Candy sighed pensively.


The end of the 6th series.