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Description and translation Candice


- You look better, when you’re not crying, but laughing …

Who was that young man, which Candy had met in a wood unexpectedly? For herself Candy decided, it was a Prince, and she named him that way constantly.


New family.

Candy thanked Ms. Pony and sister Maria for all their care for her. Sister worried the solution Candy was too hasty. But Candy assured her friends live happily in their new families. She asked to not to say children that she’s leaving. Ms. Pony took off her cross and gave it Candy on her neck.

- Accept our best wishes, Candy, - gave Ms. of the Pony her last manuals. - Be kind and grateful. Behave, as we taught you. I hope, I hope you will like a new home.

As a gift, according to tradition, Candy got a pajama.

- Candy, you always have been strong. Whatever happened, don’t cry, - Ms. Pony said in farewell.

Candy visited sleeping children. She decided to leave early, while nobody woke up. Though Ms. Pony and sister Maria did not sleep, they understood, it will be very heavy for Candy to say goodbye them. It was not easier for them either. Candy, the girl, which they knew since the first days of her life. Candy, which made them worrying so many times. Good-bye, Candy, sister Maria said her mentally.

Someone came to mistresses’ room, searching Candy - John, who DID NOT piss to his bed today, and therefore he required the promised award from Candy. Other children woke up either and began to ask, where is Candy. Sister Maria couldn’t find words to explain, but children felt, Candy has abandoned Pony’s Home. They could only to look after her way …


Clin followed Candy and even if she was running away from him, the raccoon did not want to stay behind and refused to return to Pony’s Home. Candy decided to take him with herself. It was so far away from Lakewood, and Candy failed to catch the car. However, she was caught by lasso. Tom learned the cowboy lessons successfully, as he reached with his lasso place that Candy could not.

After hearing Candy was taken to rich family, Tom confessed he would prefer to see her as daughter of any farmer. It started very difficult to communicate with Annie, when she has become Ms. Brighton. Mr. Steve, hearing Legan’s name, hoped mentally, nothing bad will happen with Candy there.

- Candy, - he told to the girl in farewell, - in this world there are rules and laws, which you do not know yet about. But you are brisk and brave like a boy, so you can be proud with it. Sometimes it can be very difficult for you, but don’t loose your spirit.

Candy noticed Mr. Steve tells her the same words, as Ms. Pony. Tom presented his lasso to her, and she kept her way herself.

Candy was running and stopped near the mansion. It seemed such huge and beautiful to her! Yes, in such house Prince can live surely. But someone another waited her there. With a bucket of water and not friendly eyes: the girl with carefully curled ringlets and the boy.

- Well, now you’ll pay for your foolish jokes! - Candy used lasso and caught the aggressor, who lost his boldness at once. Frightened girl called mum, who appeared quickly to help the son.

Some later in the drawing room there was more official introduction Candy to Mrs. Legan, to her daughter Elisa and son Neal. Candy looked around and asked about young man playing the bagpipe, older Neal a bit.

- Do not call me «Neal»! - he got mad. And when Candy calmed Clin to not to fright Elisa, that one was indignant too, how she was called.

- Candy, you should call Neal and Elisa using “Mr.” and “Ms.”, - Mrs. Legan specified.

- I should name my brother and sister «Mr.» and «Ms.»??? - Candy asked again.

Elisa was surprised. Neal burst out laughing, but laughter was not kind. Mrs. Legan explained Candy: maybe after special tutoring Candy will be accepted in Legan’s family. But Candy, should not count herself someone’s sister. Then madam went away for her business and her children did not linger over in the room. What did she think - to become their sister! Candy bent to Clin.

- I was taken in Legan’s family, but I have not allowed becoming a sister to their children. Does I mean, I’m not adopted?.. Prince is not here either … - Candy was upset. But she just pretended.

The young maid came to accompany Candy to her room. Dorothy agreed to be Candy’s friend. They were coming upstairs, where the spiteful couple waited them, holding the cat - to throw into Candy’s face. The cat jumped into Dorothy. The maid fell down from stairs. Candy rushed to help and Neal with Elisa roared from their joke. Neal pulled out Candy’s pajama and attempted to wipe his boots. Candy wasn’t going to tolerate his treatment and pushed him on the ground. She didn’t allow Elisa to escape too. It was ended up, when Mr. Stewart has run.


Candy was finding her feet in the not so clear but her own room in the loft, when she was called to Mrs. Legan. Candy did not feel her quilt - both Neal and Elisa deserved a punishment.

- You have to bring your apologizes to Neal and Elisa! - Mrs. Legan told. Otherwise Candy should leave this house. But Candy herself didn’t want to live in the same house with rude sneaks. Mr. Legan interrupted their controversy. He calmed Candy and explained, that he took her here to show his children the difficulties of life. Candy noticed to him he is cleverer, than she thought. But Mr. Legan didn’t wanted to listen about today's incident and he left the room. There were not any doubts, whose side Mrs. Legan came on: of course, the cat jumped into Dorothy, and children don’t do with that at all. Verdict is clear: Candy has to bring her apologizes to Neal and Elisa.

- No! - Candy defended herself.

- If you will not apologize, Dorothy can be faired.

- But Dorothy is not guilty at all! - Candy was covered with cold sweat: she would not like innocent girl suffered.

- Candy, you do not want Dorothy to be faired? – Elisa interested venomously.

- You decide, Candy, - Neal echoed her.

- If I shall refuse, they will banish Dorothy… - Candy’s heart was beating, and she swallowed her pride. - Forgive me.

Nobody heard apologies, certainly.

- Candy before to apologize, it is necessary to knee, - Ýëèçà observed with gloating Candy is kneeing. - And now you should tell «Forgive me, I am guilty», that all of us could hear.

- Forgive me … I am guilty … - it was so disgusting inside Candy’s soul.

- Louder! - Neal required.

- Forgive me!.. I am guilty …

- Once again! - Nile with readiness has extended Candy’s torment, while Dorothy kept her sobs hardly.

- Forgive me!!!..

The green eyes looked at this world … World, where was a place of the breach of justice …


- Tom and Annie become adopted children, and I am sure they live happily … - spoke Candy herself, remaining alone in her room. - Ms. Pony, I do not cry … - Candy remembered her words, as well as Mr. Steve’s words: whatever happened, don’t cry …

But Candy began to cry, not pretending this time. Her fond people now far, and they cannot see her tears … And can’t console her… But the kind arms were found, which embraced her shoulders softly. Dorothy’s arms, who came to thank Candy for her act for the sake of her. There was not a track of insult on the maid’s face. She explained Candy, in the most sad minutes she recollects her little brothers and sisters, who stayed in the country. But Candy has got a little brothers and sisters too - in Pony’s Home. Remembering them, Candy felt better too.

Clin dropped something, lifting a dust up. Candy took this thing. A portrait … It’s a Prince! Dorothy saw he had been coming here sometimes. Candy can see him again!

- «Dear Ms. Pony, Sister Maria, - Candy wrote the letter. - I live well. I even have got a personal room. I am bubbling with happiness… »

- You look better, when you’re not crying, but laughing… - Candy recollected Prince’s words and smiled, dreaming about him.


The young man, whom she has named as Prince, always has been on her side. This thought made Candy to feel better.


The end of 5th series.