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Description and translation Candice


Once upon a time Terry decided to help Candy to get rid of sad memories and a fear, which she’s been feeling seeing a horses. It wasn’t so easy. It’s so hard for Candy to forget about Anthony. Summer day in Scotland, green trees and fresh air are good comforting for broken Candy’s heart.


White party for two ones.

Terry and Candy were sitting at the river. The breeze blew. Candy looked at her companion.

- I’m feeling as if we’re quite alone, - she thought.

Terry looked at the girl with smile, but he noticed some scratches on her arm.

- Look, it’s blood.

- How has it happened?

- Probably, you’ve scratched with a tree’s branch, when you were riding, - Terry took her elbow. Candy smiled, calming.

- Don’t worry, Terry.

- But it’s blooding more, - Terry put his silken scarf down and began to bandage Candy’s arm.

- Terry, - Candy thought, - he was so rude just a minute ago. But now he’s so sympathetic.

- That’s all, - Terry finished the bandaging and stood up. - I was rude with you, but I don’t regret about, Candy.

Candy felt an odor, emanating from the scarf.

- It smells so good… - she said. - That odor… Maybe it’s your mum’s perfume?

- Yeah… - Terry answered. - She forgot to take it back.

- Mum… - Candy recalled Eleanor Baker, - she’s going to America on the ship…

- You know, - Terry threw the tiny stone to the water, - let’s not to talk about her.

- Hi, Candy! - the sound of voice has heard from the river. - Candy! Candy!

It was Stear and Archie, who were carrying their girlfriends on the boats. Candy livened up:

- Annie and others.

- Candy! - Annie waved her.

- Hey, guys! - Candy waved them from the bank. - Sail here!

However, friends have noticed Candy wasn’t alone.

- Terry and Candy’s near him? - Archie barely believed his own eyes. Annie looked at him:

- Looks like…

- Terry from all guys?.. Holy-moly.

- Hurry up, brother! Come on, come on! Quickly, quickly! - another familiar capricious voice. Another couple was sailing.

- I can’t bear them… - Stear moaned.

- Come on, faster, brother! - Elisa repeated impatiently.

- What’s matter? - Neal grumbled. - Why are you making me hurrying?

- I want to know who’s near Candy.

Far away on the bank there was Candy and near her…

- It’s Terry! - Elisa yelled and leaped up onto her feet.

- Watch out, Elisa! Sit down! - Neal told her.

- O My God, they’re so close each to other!!! - she grabbed the brother hysterically. - Paddle there, bro!

- Don’t move! Be careful! - Neal hardly paddled.

- Can you move faster?! - she demanded with such rage, that their boat after strong rocking turned out. The couple fell into river.

- Elisa! - Candy shouted from the bank.

- Help me!.. - Neal succeeded to swim to turned boat and cling there.

- Help! - Elisa was sinking it water still.

- Help them to go out! – Annie asked.

- What do you think, Stear? – Archie asked his brother.

- I think they wished to have a swim. Let them do it, - Stear answered calmly. - It’ll be better for all.

- Certainly, - Archie agreed.

- You should not be so cruel, - Annie reproached him.

- Even with Elisa? – her boy-friend interested unperturbed.

Terry without a word jumped from the precipice into the river. Candy just had time to say his name.

- Terry…

- Help me! I’m dying! – Elisa yelled in the water. – Terry! – young man barely swam towards her and she grabbed his neck.

- Don’t hold me! Let me swim! – Terry swam to the bank, supporting Elisa.

- Terry helped her, - Archie remarked while sailing near Neal’s boat.

- Please! Help me too! – Neal pleaded, holding the boat’s edge.

- Turn the boat up, Neal, and paddle again, - Stear answered calmly, passing him.


Terry succeeded to take Ms. Legan up to the land.

- Elisa, are you alright? - Candy worried.

- She didn’t swallow water, - Terry answered.

- Are you alright? - Candy’s friends and Neal approached them.

- Yeah, - Terry responded. - But it’s weird, none of yours can swim, - he glanced at Archie and Stears’ side. Brothers frowned.

- What do you mean? - Stear asked.

- Regarding swimming, Stear and I…- Archie began.

- Really? - Terry asked unperturbed. - So, you have scared?

- Not at all! - Archie insisted. - Are you sure she was sinking? She just was taking a bath.

- She just wasn’t swimming forward, - Stear confirmed.

- Can’t you swim, Elisa? - Terry interested.

- No, - Elisa answered lamentably, keeping Terry in her arms, - I really was sinking… Terry, I’m so grateful to you! You are cowards! - she put her anger on her cousins’ heads at once. - What will happen if I’ll take a cold and die?!

- Wipe your head, Elisa, - Candy took her handkerchief.

Elisa threw it on the ground.

- Listen, Terry, - Elisa offered, - would you like to come to my home and dry your clothes?

- Good idea, Terry, - Candy remarked.

- Candy! - Elisa said her irritated. - It has nothing to do with you.

- Elisa, thanks for an offer, - Terry strained up firmly, - but I will dry myself in my own home.

- Well, alright… And can I go with you?

- Elisa… - Neal tried to get Elisa’s mind back.

- Excuse me, Elisa, I don’t have servants and I have no idea about helping you, - Terry refused and said to company. - Bye, - Terry left them.

- What a stubborn head… - Archie grumbled.

- I must go! - Elisa announced. - As you didn’t help me, you must go with me and take my baggage. Candy, - she said, - I can get without you.

- Elisa…

- Madam Elroy says she has no wish to see you, - Elisa added with malice.

- Elisa! How do you dare? - Stear interfered.

- You did want I would die! I’ll tell madam Elroy about! - Elisa threatened him and went home with lifted nose. Brother followed her.

- Candy, don’t worry, - Archie offered, - you’ll go with me. Do you hear?

- I don’t want to bother you, - the girl answered absent-mindedly. - I could sleep in a tree. - The friends stared at her, perplexed. - Annie, you can go with them.

- I know, but…

- Al right, forget. Bye, - Candy ran away to other side.

- Candy! Where are you going? - her friends called her.

Candy approached Grandchester’s villa.

- I wonder, how’s Terry? He was wet totally… - Candy thought, looking up at wide-opened window. - I don’t like it. Terry even didn’t say me good bye…

Someone’s hand laid on her shoulder. Scared girl turned back.

- It’s you, Mark?..

- What do you want from Terry? - Mark asked her.

- Well, nothing…

- Nothing? - he gazed at her. - Yeah, you're just walking around.

- No, Mark… But what are you doing here? - Candy asked him back.

- My mum sent some milk and bread for him, - Mark demonstrated his basket with food.

- Terry will be glad, - Candy agreed. - I can bite, he’s hungry, - she ran back.

- Candy!..

- Something’s wrong with me… - running Candy thought. - I mustn’t go to Terry’s home. What’s matter, Candy? - she asked herself and banged herself, trying to throw away wrong thoughts.


Inside one of rooms of Audrey’s villa, the music was heard. Annie played piano. Friends applauded her.

- Great, Annie! I didn’t suspect you can play so good.

- It was not I, it was mechanic piano, - Annie smiled, confusing a little.

- What a nice room, - Patty looked around. - As if it’s snow around.

- Madam Elroy likes this room, - Archie made a little grimace.

- But I don’t like it much, - Stear twisted his mouth.

- Nice white room is one thing, - Archie whispered, - but the ones, who lives there are quite different thing.

- Think before you speak!.. - Stear put his finger to his lips.

- What is different here? - Elisa’s voice was heard and she appeared in purple dress.

- Nothing… O, what an excellent dress!.. - Stear changed the topic quickly.

- Yes, indeed, - Patty agreed.

- It’s so fitting this room, - Annie added.

- Thanks, Annie, - arrogant tone of Elisa was heard in every her word. She approached the window. - Madam Elroy gave her permission for…

- What for?

- To make a party in next Sunday in Terry’s honor.

- In Terry’s honor? - Archie asked again.

- Yes, he helped me; only that’s why I’m here, - Elisa continued, waving herself with fan.

- That’s just too much! - Stear wasn’t glad about this idea. Miss Legan turned back sharply.

- Stear! Madam Elroy made that decision! Do you mind?

- No… why not?..

- Next Sunday White party will be in this room! - Elisa announced firmly.


- Party? But why White one? – Candy took interest, cutting the bouquet of flowers in her room.

- The visitors should be in white: white dress, shoes and others, - Annie explained.

- I see, - Candy chuckled, - like for nurses’ party.

- Candy, we all want you to come on this holiday too.

- Thanks, but it is not for me, - Candy remembered about madam Elroy. - Party in white like in hospital.

- You know, Candy, Terry will come too, - Patty told.

- I do not think so, - Candy answered, looking at scarf, which Terry had tied up her wound with. - Terry will not be having fun in such company.

Annie and Patty exchanged their glances.

- Has he told you himself if he will come? - Candy asked.

- No, it’s not, but … - Patty faltered.

- However, why should I worry? - Candy glanced at the cut flower. - No, I do not want to go to this party.


In Sunday, Candy conducted of two young ladies, who were dressed in white. They came off to the path.

- Candy … - Annie told.

- Don’t worry about me, all right? - Candy assured.

- I’m sorry you do not go with us.

- All right, you will be looking charmingly in white, - Candy winked running Clin. - Hi, Clin, they will be looking wonderful, won’t they? Well, you can go. Do not get your dresses dirty! Open parasols otherwise you’ll be burned with sun! - she shouted to her friends.

Two little figures disappeared behind white parasols.

- White party without me! - Candy told herself cheerfully. - Well, I don’t care! I shall have fun by myself!

The girl was jumping through dexterously branches of trees.

- Air gymnast Candy White is here! - Candy laughed. Unexpectedly one of branches has broken under her. - I behaved like lady so long; I lose my form! - The possible gymnast went down on the ground. - Perhaps, this branch is too thin for me … - she shook her dress down and distinguished a dazzling beautiful young man in white on the white horse.

- Candy?.. - Terry pronounced, surprised.

- Terry … I was frightened.

- So do I, - Terry admitted with smile. - I could not think there are monkeys in our wood.

- You saw me … - Candy was confused.

- What’s matter? You do not go to party?

- Yes. But I am not invited.

- I won’t go if you won’t.

- Really, Terry? – the joyful smile was not slow to appear.

- Well, don’t be so sad, - Terry touched by his index finger her freckled nose playfully. – Why wouldn’t we go to my home? It’s gloomy and there’re ghosts.

- Well, the ghosts are not too bad, - Candy agreed.


The table in the garden of Audrey’s villa was laid already; so, visitors could test offered dishes.

- Everything’s tasty!

- Annie, if I was you, I would not eat too much! – Stear advised, joking.

- It means, there’s a good hostess in the house!

- I do not understand, why he is late? – Elisa creased her handkerchief nervously.

- He’s not reliable person, - Neal grumbled.

- I assure you he will come! – Elisa stated him. – I had sent the servant to him.

- All right, let’s begin.

- Wait a minute! – Elisa stood up from her chair. She departed a bit and looked at the side of Grandchester’s villa. In the sky there are clouds were gathering.


The door opened with a scratch; and Candy came inside. She looked around.

- Ah, it’s so dark!..

- It is forgotten room.

- I feel like if someone is here…

- It is worse, than I thought. Are you afraid of ghosts? - Terry took an interest.

- No, it’s not … - Candy made her way further by old things, which have been covered with a dust.

- Candy! - Terry shouted unexpectedly. - Look out!

Candy screamed and rushed back. Right in arms of pleased Terry.

- So, are you afraid or not? - he asked with mischievous smile.

- Terry! - cheated Candy pushed him back, displeased. They came out to the balcony.

- You’re laughing at me again.

- Candy, looks like the rain is coming, - Terry has told, looking at clouds. - Well, here it is, - he remarked a bit later, when they were in drawing room already.

- That’s why it becomes colder, - Candy felt shivers became running down her spine.

- Put on that, - Terry threw her some clothes.

- Whose it? - Candy put it on her dress and looked with attention. She guessed. It was Eleanor Baker’s peignoir. - Your mum?

- She had forgotten it.

- Had she forgotten or had she left it?

- As you like. She said hello to one girl with freckles.

- To me?

Terry kindled a flame in the fireplace.


The rain became stronger. The lightning sparkled, suiting to Elisa’s mood. Madam Elroy left the table.

- Well-well! He promised to be but didn’t come! - Elisa swore. - It is no wonder madam Elroy is angry!

- Maybe he has caught a cold? - Stear assumed. Others nodded.

- Yes, possibly! - Elisa rose with newfound hope. - Then I shall visit him!

- But it’s raining, - Neal reminded.

- And what then?

- Wait, until it will stop, - Patty offered.

Elisa unlikely heard advises. She looked at rain and far villa…


Candy and Terry sat near fireplace.

- Their White party, probably, in the height. And we’ve got a fire here, - Candy spoke. - You know, it looks like Christmas.

- She told the same.

- Who is “she”? - Candy asked. Terry glanced at her, dressed in pink peignoir of his mother. - Your mum, isn’t she?

- I remember, that evening was cold, like now, - Terry recollected, how he was standing at fireplace, and Eleanor Baker was sitting on little sofa.

- What had you been talking about with her?

- We had not been talking…

- You had not been seeing her for ten years.

- We just were sitting here near fireplace… - Terry continued to recollect his mother. What was she thinking about in that moment? Was she recollecting something either?..

- Had she arrived from America only to see you?

Terry’s arm shivered, throwing a log into the fire.

- But she did not speak too about anything.

- Is that so…

- We both just were sitting and warming here and it was like Christmas. You know, we were sitting silently, but we could understand each other … - Memories did not abandon Terry’s mind. - I felt it… You see when I recollect my father and his second wife… I think, I would go crazy, if it would happen with me… I simply want you always were here, Eleanor Baker... That’s what the children need from the parents. That’s the way what mothers should be. You know, I have been waiting for this feeling for all my life… - Terry confessed.

Candy lowered her head.

- What’s matter, Candy? - Terry alarmed.

- I thought, I would like to have a mum like yours.

- Like mine?

- You see, Terry, I do never have even… - Candy turned away. Terry stood up.

- Do you want we shall sit here until sunrise? - Terry offered. Candy did not answer. - Candy?.. - he took her shoulders. The girl looked at him sadly and he felt desire to hug her and defend from all adversities. He almost did it…

The door has open wide and Elisa appeared with a bouquet of flowers. Terry frowned and looked at her.

- Elisa?.. - Candy made.

Elisa noticed by her beloved one’s side her worst enemy…

- I know everything! He went to my party but you led him off, Candy!

- It’s not so…

- How could be not?! - Elisa became angry more.

Candy looked at her sadly. The realizing that freckled girl from the stable is on her way again; that she is closer Terry, than she, Elisa herself…

- Damn you!!! - Elisa fell in such fury, that she with all her force slapped Candy’s face with her bouquet. In front of Terry. O, holy Lord…

- Excuse me, Elisa, but in my opinion you delayed here too much. Bye, - Terry’s hint was clear.

- I shall remember it!.. - indignant Elisa went out.

- Wait, Elisa! - Candy wanted to stop her.

- Let her go.

- I am afraid she will vent her rage on Patty and Annie.

- Do you always worry about them so much?

- No, but … - Candy did not know what to tell.

- Do not worry so, - Terry said. - Please.

- All right. But …

Fire in the fireplace has burnt down.


To the end of day, the rain has stopped already. News, which Elisa brought, shocked whole company.

- Candy in Terry’s house? - Archie even rose a little.

- She can make impossible things, - Elisa responded irritably. - Because Candy was grown in Pony’s orphanage.

- Elisa… - Annie lowered her head.

- À-à, you’re from that place either and aren’t different too much from her, - Elisa kept to spray her poison around.

- Stop it, Elisa! - Archie said sharply. Annie held on herself hardly.

- No, I will not! Hey, guys, check the things on the places! Well?

Patty came for help.

- And now, as for final of our holiday, Annie will play piano for us!

- Patty… - brunette looked at her friend.

- Come on, come on, Annie.

- Patty, - Elisa began irritably, - it seems you did forget you are only visitor here!

- No, I didn’t, Elisa, - Patty conducted Annie towards piano. - Tell her something kind after she will has played.

- Patty!..

Quiet music poured out from under Annie’s fingers. Everyone listened being silent. And the holiday was finished.


With evening, the time has come for summer schoolgirls to go to their rooms.

- Exactly, Candy! It was just wonderful! - the friends shared their impressions.

- Really? Annie played piano?

- And it was excellent! - Patty assured. - Wasn’t it?

- I cannot judge, - Annie shrugged her shoulders with smile.

- Nevertheless, you became more confident! - Candy noticed.

- Here, in Scotland, among the nature our daily cares and worries seem to me not so important, - Annie admitted.

- Probably, we became more confident, - Patty laughed. Annie joined.


Candy was glad that she arrived there, to Scotland. She understood and learned many things there. She even did some kind acts, therefore she felt very happy. And Patty with Annie felt more confident here. And nothing could darken last days of summer vacations.


The end of 45th series.