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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


The May Festival had gone and only the memories of it were left. A clear blue sky above London was telling the children about the coming summer. All the schoolchildren changed the winter uniform to the summer one and when looking at them everybody might have decided that summer has already come. All children were joyfully discussing their summer plans.


Picnic at midnight.

"Summer vacation… How wonderful it is!" Candy was chatting with her friends lying in the grass.

"Patty and I have already discussed our plans for this vacation", Annie said. "We decided that can have a good time in Scotland."

"In Scotland?"

"Yes. You have heard about summer school in Scotland, haven't you?"

"Summer school", Candy mused on it chewing an apple. "It sounds very interesting."

"Would you like to go there with us?"

"Scotland… But I'd like to…"

"Candice White Audrey is commanding here again", a dissatisfied nun muttered coming nearer to the girls. "Candice! What a shame!" Candy quickly rose up. "What an example for the other girls you are, Candice? You're lying in the grass, talk while chewing an apple."

"I am very sorry", Candy apologized.

Eliza and her friends were listening how Candy was scolded.

"If you continue behaving like this you will never become a well-educated lady. Please, look after yourself."

"Yes, Sister…"

"You must behave as a lady everywhere and at any time."

"Finally she got what has deserved", Eliza noticed happily and went away.

"I had troubles again…" Candy said. "Why I am so unlucky? I am afraid I won't go to Scotland with you", she said to her friends.

"You don't want to spend vacation with us, do you?" Annie asked.

"I do not want to part with you", Candy assured. "But except you there will be the sisters. I like running, jumping in summer. And they won't allow me."

"That's true…"

"And what is more, I want to be back home, to America", Candy confessed. "I want to visit Ponny's House, Anthony's grave… No, I have already decided. I am going to America for summer vacation."


Something was going on not far from them.

"What's going on there?" Candy turned her head and saw two boys fighting.

"Teach him! Teach this parvenu!" some boys were shouting.

"Terry is fighting with Archie!" Candy was surprised.

"Candy! Annie!" Stear ran to them. "Archie has quarreled with Terry!"

"Why have they quarreled?"

"Archie!.." Annie exclaimed being worried for the guy she loved very much.


Archie hit Terry with such a strength that the guy bumped into the tree.

"Repeat this again!"

"You are angry because you yourself understand that America is a wild country", Terry answered sarcastically while wiping blood from his face.

"America is my native land! I won't let anybody to speak about it in such a way, understood?"

"It is a native land for you, but for me it is only a wild and backward country", Terry hit Archie and Archie fell down. "America is the nastiest country in the world!" Terry spat on the ground.

"Repeat it once again!"

Candy ran to them with Stear and the girls.

"Stop immediately, Archie!" she tried to stop the guys, but Archie pushed her aside. The boys continued fighting.

"We must stop them", Candy thought. "It may have a bad end."

The boys were still fighting each other.

"Immediately stop!" Sister Gray appeared with the other nuns.

"This time it was a draw game", Terry ironically smiled and was going to leave, when the abbess stopped him.

"Wait a minute, Terruce!"

"It was a simple game", Terry answered calmly.

"You think I have not seen anything, don't you?" the abbess strictly looked at him. "Who began fighting?"

She looked at all present schoolchildren.

"It… was Archie, Sister Gray", Neil informed the nun.

"Is it true, Archie?"


"Archie", Sister Gray said. "You must immediately go to the northern "Room for thinking."

"Archie…" Annie whispered.

"You are sending Archie to the "Room for thinking" without trying to make out what the matter is!" Candy objected.

"Silence, please! Violent behaviour in our school is considered to be the largest violation of the rules", was the answer.


Somebody knocked at the door of Candy's room. The girl opened the door and Annie ran into the room.

"You shouldn't have knocked at the door, Annie", Candy said.

"I am very sorry."

Candy put a finger to her lips asking Annie to be silent.

"How strange", Eliza looked out of her room. "I seem to have heard that somebody have knocked at the door."

Candy noticed a basket in Annie's hand.

"What do you have in your basket?"

"Here?" the girl reddened. "Some candies, sweets, and books…"

"Listen, Annie, you want to go to a picnic right now, don't you?" Candy asked.


"And why not?" Candy was thinking loudly. "I know one beautiful place five hundred metres away from here. But how will we get there?"

"Yes, sure…" Annie stopped for a while. "But this is…"

"Let's put everything into our pockets", Candy suggested.

"No, it is not necessary."

"Then explain to me how you are going to go out of here with this basket without being noticed?"

"I wanted to give it to Archie…"

"You prepared all this for Archie…" Candy understood. "Oh, my God! Annie, how silly I am. Now I understood everything."


The girls tied the basket to the rope and lowered it from the balcony.

"Now you have to get out of here", Candy said to Annie.

"I am afraid…" frightened Annie looked down from the balcony.

"Just close your eyes and think about Archie", Candy tried to comfort her. "Close you eyes and go down without looking", she gave the rope to her friend. "Take the rope."

Annie was really scared.

"Do not open your eyes, understood?" Candy was saying her friend who was going using the rope.

Annie went down quite successfully but fell on the ground when some centimetres were left. Eliza drew the curtain aside and looked around.

"It is very strange…"


The girls came to the "Unreal Ponny's Hill".

"Klin, has anybody been here?" Candy asked the raccoon. "Annie, do you want me to carry the basket?" she offered her friend.

"No, I will carry it myself", the girl refused. "When I think about Archie, I do not feel the weight of the basket."

"Ok, as you want."

"We have to hurry", Annie went forward.

"Wait a little", Candy stopped her. "Klin, look if everything is quiet there, near the northern tower." The raccoon ran away. "And we'll have a short rest, Annie."


"If somebody notices us we will have very big troubles. We must be very careful", Candy explained.

"I understood", Annie nodded and sat down near Candy. "What beautiful stars!"

"It is a true picnic at midnight", Candy smiled.

"Do you remember our picnics at home?"

"Sure. How could I forget?" Candy began remembering. "We used to take our lunch and run to play to Ponny's Hill. To my mind it was the happiest time in my life."

"I agree", Annie said. "I often remember all this." The girl opened the basket. "Would you like to eat something?" she offered Candy a candy.

"I am not hungry, thank you", Candy refused. "Besides, it is for Archie."

"But there is not only food in the basket."

"And what else?" Candy looked into the basket.

"It is a plaid for Archie. He may freeze at night."

"It is very much like a…"

"Yes, it is a Scottish plaid", Annie said. "In ancient times people in Scotland wore them instead of coats."

"A true Scottish plaid…" Candy thought. "The Prince had the same plaid… And Anthony, Stear and Archie when they all were playing the bagpipes. They were like Scots then. Annie", she addressed her friend. "Have you already decided for sure to go to Scotland?"

"Yes. We will see lots of checkered plaids and listen to bagpipes there."

"Annie, I will go with you."

"Really, Candy?" Annie was very glad to hear it.

"I wish to see Scotland very much. It is Anthony's native land. Scotland is a wonderful country…"

Candy imagined the country. It was the country of lakes, mountains, and old castles, and the sounds of the bagpipe could be heard everywhere there.

Meanwhile Klin has returned.

"Klin", Candy asked. "Is everything quiet near Archie's room?"


"Open the door immediately, Candice", a nun was knocking at the door while Eliza was holding a candle. "If you do not open it, I will open it myself."

The nun put the key into the keyhole, opened the door and looked around.

"I am afraid you won't hear any answer, Sister", Eliza said sarcastically.


The northern tower of the Academy seemed to be deserted.

"Is everything ok there?" Candy asked Klin. The raccoon nodded.

The girls went upstairs and then went to the roof.

"Candy, I am afraid", Annie began shivering.

"Do not be afraid, Annie. Just go down slowly."

"Yes, but I…"

"Do not worry. Everything will be all right. Let me help you."

Annie managed to go down the roof successfully.

"Thank you, Candy."

"And now let's go forward", Candy took the basket and they went along the narrow path on the roof. A brick staggered under Annie's leg, and the girl nearly fell down.

"Annie, follow me, we have almost come", Candy said to her friend.


Archie was looking at the dark sky through the tiny window in the ceiling.

"Archie", Candy's head appeared in the window. "Are you sleeping?"

"Who is there?" Archie sat in his bed. "Candy?"

"Archie!" Annie's head appeared in the window.

"Annie, you're here too, aren't you?" Archie got out of the bed. "Why have you come so late?"

"And when else could we come?" Candy asked. "We risked our lives because of you."

"Archie…" Annie began crying. "I was so afraid for you."

"Why?" Archie tried to cheer her up. "I am fine."

"I thought you would be more upset", Candy noticed.

"I was so afraid…" tears continued running down Annie's face.

"Candy," Archie said. "Now I know that there is nothing frightening in the "Room for thinking"."

"And what?"

"When I go out of here, Terry will get what he has deserved!" Archie promised angrily.

"What do you mean?"

"I won't forget it!"

"Will you fight with him?"

"You can't be so angry, Archie", worried Annie reproached him.

Klin begin worrying. The girls looked around.

"What has happened, Klin?" Candy asked. She looked around more carefully and noticed some moving lights. "Oh, my God! Somebody is walking along the alleys! Annie, give me your basket!" she asked her friend. "Archie, it is for you from Annie."

"Thank you", said Archie.



"Poor Archie…" Annie whispered. "I hope we will see him soon."

Candy tied one end of the rope.

"Hurry up, Annie."

"Good-bye, Archie", Annie's sad face disappeared.


Annie and Klin went down using the rope.

"Listen to me, Klin", Candy said. "You will accompany Annie back along the lateral alley. Agree?"

"And you, Candy?"

"I'll try to be quicker than they. Let's go. Klin, I trust you."


Sister Gray was going along the alley together with three other nuns lightening their way in the dark.

"Candice?" Sister Gray lightened Candy's figure when the girl came to meet them.

"Good evening", Candy greeted the nuns.

"Why are you outside so late? Why are not you sleeping, Candice?"

"I could not get to sleep. And I decided to have a short walk."

"Why are you lying again?" one of the nuns asked strictly.

"You were in the northern "Room for thinking", Sister Gray said surely.

"I only was walking here."

"Sister Claris, accompany Candice to her room", the abbess ordered. "And we will go and check the northern "Room for thinking"."

"And may I go with you?" Candy asked.

"We will speak to you tomorrow in the morning", Sister Gray answered strictly. "And now go to bed."

The nuns went towards the northern tower.

"I hope Annie managed to return to her room already…" Candy thought.


Annie and Klin were under the balcony of the girls' dorm.

"I won't be able to get to the balcony alone…" Annie said to herself.

Fortunately Patty appeared at the balcony.


"Come in", Patty opened the door for Annie.

"Thank you, Patty."

"And where's Candy now?" Patty asked.


The morning has come and the sun was shining over the St. Paul's College.

"Candice White Audrey", Sister Gray spoke to the girl in her office. "We have decided that you won't go anywhere on this summer vacation. May it be a lesson for you."

"But I…"

"Do not you regret that were in one room with a boy?"

"Archie is my relative, Sister Gray."

"I do not think it may be an excuse for you", Sister Gray stood up.


Two friends were standing near the wall.

"You were forbidden to go somewhere on vacation", said upset Annie. "I will go to Sister Gray and ask her to allow you…"

"You know it is useless."

"Then I will ask to forbid me to go anywhere too."

"Annie…" Candy looked at her.

"You know you've done a lot for me. And this time I am much more guilty then you too", Annie wiped her tears.

Candy pushed a finger to her lips - Eliza was spying them.

"Annie, do not speak so loudly, Eliza is eavesdropping us", the girl smiled. "Vacation will start only a week later, maybe something will change during this time!"


"I tried to comfort Annie", Candy said to herself while walking in the park. "But I know that nothing will change." She lied down in the grass. "Maybe I'll get an idea here."

Suddenly the girl heard a sound of a harmonica.

"Terry!" Candy rose up. "What a shame, you're disturbing me with your harmonica!"

"It is you who came here to disturb my rest", he objected and jumped down the tree. "You were very brave to visit Archie."

"So you know already…"

"Summer vacation will be again next year", he said "comforting" her.

"You speak so because it does not concern you!" the girl felt offended.

"If you kneel and beg me, maybe I'll help you."

"How can you say such things?" Candy was indignant to hear it. "Why have I to humiliate myself?"

"As you want. I just wanted to help you", he continued calmly.

"Even if I will be dying I'll never ask you for anything!" Candy said and ran away.

"You still are 'Freckled Tarzan'", Terry said following her with his eyes.


Candy was passing by a pantry. She saw a woman who was sitting at the porch and crying. The woman was tearing paper into small pieces.

"She seems to be working in our canteen", Candy thought. "What has happened?" she asked kindly.

"Nothing", the woman wiped her tears. "I am fine, Miss."

Candy looked at the pieces of paper on the ground.

"I wrote this letter to my eight-year-old son to Scotland..."

"And why have not you sent it?"

"I wrote that I will come to him soon to spend summer holidays together, but I am not allowed to take a leave this year", - she shared her troubles. "I have not seen my little son for the whole year and I am very worried how he is there without me. He has such beautiful big eyes and brown hair. He is a very good boy and he is waiting for me very much…"

"What right do they have to deprive you your leave?!" Candy was angry with such an injustice.

"The sisters said to me that one of the girls is staying here for the whole summer and I have to take care of her", the woman stood up.

"So it is because of me! Everything because of me!" Candy understood in a second. "Madam!.."

"You cannot help me, nothing depends on you", the woman closed the door behind herself.

"This woman is suffering because of me", Candy was thinking feverishly. "I have to think how to help her!"


Candy delayed some minutes after the morning pray. Stear came out of the church yawning.

"Stear!" the girl called him.


"Do you know where Terry is?"

"After that fight he is avoiding our company", Stear replied.

"If you see him, tell him, please, that I am ready to kneel in front of him, understood?"

"You are ready to kneel…" Stear repeated perplexed.

"Stear, Candice, what are you doing there?" a nun noticed them.

"Tell him all this, Stear", Candy asked again and ran away.


"Wha-at?" Archie surprised. "Maybe you have misunderstood something, haven't you?"

"No, she said exactly these words", Stear answered.

"She has really said that is ready to kneel in front of him, has not she? No, it is a mistake. It can't be true!"

"You're right, it can't be true", Terry interrupted their conversation. The brothers looked at each other. "It can't be true that this 'Freckled Tarzan' would kneel in front of me."

"But she asked me to tell you this as soon as possible", Stear assured without understanding anything.

"What? She asked to tell me this…"

He ran away leaving the puzzled brothers.


Sister Gray heard a knock at the door.

"Come in, please", the abbess said writing something in her notebook.

"Have you called me, Sister Gray?" Candy came into the room.

"I have changed my mind. You may go on vacation."

"Really?" Candy asked joyfully. "Why have you changed your decision so quickly?"

"I do not want to answer this question."

"So I do not need to stay here for the whole summer, do I?"

"If you want, you may spend holidays in the summer school in Scotland."


"You may go."

Candy opened the door but turned her head.

"Sister Gray, I want to apologize for all troubles I caused you. I was so self-confident", she said. "I did not think that my bad behaviour may cause troubles to other people."

"And what conclusions have you made?" Sister Gray asked.

"I will behave well!" Candy closed the door leaving the nun with open from surprise mouth.


A woman familiar to Candy was sitting in the canteen and writing a letter.


"I am returning home to Scotland", she said to Candy and her face was happily shining. "I was offered a job at the country house of the Duke of Grandchester. I will take care of housekeeping there. It was so unexpected for me!"

"The Duke of Grandchester?.. He is Terry's father!.."

"I will see my little son again!"

"Terry! Terry has done it! Only Terry could do it!.." Candy thought joyfully.


Terry was playing the harmonica at the "Unreal Ponny's Hill" in the sunrays of sunset.

"I envy you, Candy, because you can kneel in front of an unfamiliar person for to help others. I envy Archie, who fights to defend the honour of his native land…"

Candy was looking at him smiling.

"Thank you for everything, Terry. You are very kind and sympathetic actually. Probably now you feel very lonely. Terry, I wish I could meet you in Scotland, in the country of checkered plaids and bagpipes…"


Candy said much more kind words addressing Terry. But he knew nothing about it.


The end of 5th series.