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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


Candy managed to run away from the "Room for thinking" through the window. She went to Mr. Albert to ask him to take care of the tortoise Julie for some time. Unexpectedly she met Terry there. Their meeting finished by a quarrel because of Anthony. Mr. Albert was very upset when he found out that Candy was forbidden to participate in the May Festival. And finally the day of the Festival has come.


Miracles during the Flower Festival.

Candy heard the sound of fireworks and looked through the window. The parade has begun and the girls were throwing flowers from the carts.

"What a beautiful parade of flowers", the girl muttered holding Klin in her hands. "I'd like to be in one of the carts now too."


Annie with Stear and Archie was following the parade too. But they all weren't smiling.

"What a pity that Candy…" Annie said looking at the Tower of the Academy.

"Can't we do anything to let her out of there?" Archie asked.

"If we only had some more time…" Stear answered perplexed.

"So now we can't help her, can we?"

"I'm afraid but we cannot."

"I am so sorry for Candy", Annie confessed. "I can't even enjoy the Festival."

"I feel the same", Stear agreed gloomily.


Candy continued sitting in her prison with Klin. Suddenly Patty knocked at her room.


"Patty!" Candy ran to the door. "Why have you come? You'll have troubles if somebody sees you here."

"You are here because of me, Candy…"

"Julie is all right now", Candy said to her friend with conspiratorial tone.

"How did you manage to do that?"

"This room has not only the entrance but also the exit", Candy pointed to the window smiling. "So Julie is ok now."

"Oh, Candy, thank you so much", Patty embraced her through the grates.

"And now, Patty, you'd better go from here till nobody saw you", Candy whispered.

"I brought a letter and a parcel to you. They arrived today", Patty gave her a box. "I thought you'd be glad if got them and brought them to you."

"How wonderful!"

"Well, Candy, I'll better go", Patty left.

"Thank you for everything, Patty!" Candy followed her friend with her eyes and then returned to the box. "I wonder who sent it?" she took the letter. "Mr. William! "Dear Miss Candice White Audrey, unfortunately Mr. William is very busy now. So he asked me to send you this parcel…

…He was very happy to know that you became a true lady", Mr. William's faithful secretary was writing. "Best regards, George."

"What a pity Mr. William couldn't come", Candy began opening the box. "What is it? I wonder whom it is for? For a gentleman or for a lady?"

There were two costumes in the box.

"There are two costumes as if they were sent for Romeo and Juliet. There are even the wigs", Candy took Romeo's costume. "Mr. William seems to have forgotten whether I am a girl or a boy. This is a costume for a boy", suddenly the girl smiled. "It seems I have a good idea!"


Those who were participating in the May Festival were very surprised to meet there a person who never attended such holidays.

"Terry is coming here!" Eliza noticed while talking with her friend.

"I haven't expected him to come to the Festival", Louise confirmed.

"Where can she be?.." Terry thought looking at the audience. "She isn't in the "Room for thinking". But she won't risk to appear here too", Terry smiled to himself. "I wonder how she managed to get out of the room…"

"Dear Terry", Eliza's naive voice interrupted his thoughts. "If you are looking for a dance partner, I would be glad if you chose me."

"I'm very glad to hear it, but…" he turned to Eliza, who was looking at him from behind a fan. "Unfortunately I always step on feet while dancing, so, dear lady, you'd better look for another dance partner", and he left.

First Eliza was dissatisfied but later smiled.

"What a man! He even refused politely and called me 'dear lady'."


Somebody dressed as Romeo was running along the roof.

"I should go down here", he said by Candy's voice because it was she of course.

"Today there were no any incidents yet", a nun was speaking to the abbess while going along the corridor.

"Oh, I do not like these holidays", Sister Gray grumbled. "But we can do nothing, it is necessary to respect traditions. Oh, my God!" Somebody bumped into her while trying to go down along the pillar.

"I am sorry!" Candy muttered and quickly ran away.

"Who was it?" Sister Gray asked trying to rise. "One of our schoolchildren?"


Candy ran to the dancing hall. The mask was hiding her face.

"I need to be more careful", she thought and smiled. "Next time Sister Gray may recognize me." The girl looked around. Some people were already dancing.

"Annie!" Candy noticed her friend.

"May I invite you to the dance?" a stranger asked Annie.

"I am sorry…"

"Keep silence, Annie, it's me!" Candy winked at her.

"Candy!" Annie exclaimed, but Candy asked her to be quiet. The girls danced laughing.

"How did you manage to ran away from there?" Annie asked.

"Annie, remember when we were little? We were so happy together and played at Ponny's Hill…"

"Certainly, I remember!" Annie embraced Candy and they nearly fell down pushing aside Eliza.

"I am sorry…" Candy muttered.

"Who is dancing with Annie now?" Louise asked. "What a slender young man."

"Annie does not seem upset that Candy is not here today", Eliza noticed. "Oh, Archie", she addressed her cousin. "I thought you were dancing with Annie."

Annie continued dancing with her nice partner.

"Who is it? What does he need here?" Archie went to the dancing couple. "Sorry, but it is accepted to change partners during dancing here."

"Archie! I'm glad to yield you my place!" Candy winked at him.

"I wonder who it was", Archie did not understand anything.

The party was going on and Candy went to Stear.

"Stear, it's me!" the girl removed her mask for a minute.

"Wha-at? It's you?!" Stear was amazed. "How did you manage to come here?"

"Mr. William sent me a present. The costumes for Romeo and Juliet."

"He gave you a very suitable gift, did not he?"

"And the most important is that it is useful", Candy agreed.

"But you have to thank him for one more thing", the guy said.

"What for?"

"He might have sent here Aunt Elroy instead of himself", Stear explained merrily.

"It's really wonderful. Let's dance", Candy put her hand to Stear's shoulder ready to dance.

"Sorry, Stear", Eliza interrupted. "But I think one man should not dance with the other. It is not accepted. Maybe you'd like to dance with Louise?"

The girl reddened:

"Shall we dance?"

Candy winked at her friend who was dancing with the unexpected partner.

"Why don't we dance too?" Eliza addressed "Romeo".

"I am very sorry, but I am busy. Maybe next time", Candy refused very politely but at the same time resolutely and left dissatisfied Eliza.

"Again it is so. Like Terry. I wonder who he is", Miss Legan was very curious.


Candy ran to the park. Eliza followed her hiding herself behind the trees. Candy looked around and put off her wig.

"It seems I played the role of Romeo successfully!"

"It's Candy!" Eliza was surprised. "How did she manage to escape from the "Room for thinking"? I have an idea. I wonder how she will look like when I tear off her mask!"

Eliza returned to the ball. Candy was changing her costume.

"Well, let's prepare for the role of Juliet", Candy put on the dress. "It is much more interesting than just to dance at the ball. Uncle William, if you only knew how grateful I was to you", Candy buttoned up the last button. "To run in such a costume is simply indecent, even if to hide from dangers, so I will return to the ball and will enjoy dancing. I will be the queen of this ball", she said to herself joyfully.

Suddenly she heard a laughter from somewhere above. Terry was sitting on the tree.

"First impressions matter most, don't they, lady?"

"Is it you, Terry?" Candy asked worried. "You were spying me and saw how I was changing clothes, didn't you?"

"I was not spying you", Terry answered calmly. "But yes, I saw."

"What a shame!"

"Listen, Candy", Terry jumped down the tree. "Eliza knows who was dressed as Romeo too."

"What?" Candy looked around. "Eliza has seen me, hasn't she?"

"I hope you aren't going to return to your cell immediately?"

"Not yet. I made the bed look like somebody is sleeping in it", Candy meant Klin who was hiding himself under the blanket.

"A good idea!" Terry praised. "But I am afraid Eliza may return here, so let's go to the Hill."

He took the box and ran with Candy towards the Hill. They were holding each other's hands and laughing.

"What a wonderful day is today", Terry threw himself into the grass.

"You're right", Candy stood in the wind. "How beautiful it is here."


"Once I went to a picnic with my parents…The day was like today…" Terry remembered.

"When did it happen?"

"Long ago. I was only two or three years old. I don't remember exactly. To my mind it was the only day in my life when I was carelessly enjoying the sky above my head", Terry continued. "I remember the smiling faces of my parents. They were so young and beautiful…"

"His mother is Eleanor Baker", Candy thought. "She is an actress and a very beautiful woman, and, I am almost sure, a very tender and careful mother… Is this the happiest of your memories?" she asked Terry.

"The happiest and the only". The girl heard a melancholy in his quiet voice.

"You had at least one happy day with your parents in your life", she said. "And there were no such days in mine. Terry, let's go to a picnic some day."


Suddenly they heard the sound of a waltz. Candy listened.

"I danced with Anthony once… The same music was playing then…"

"What a beautiful music", Terry bowed. "Princess Juliet, may I invite you to a dance?"

Candy smiled, stood up and they began dancing.

"I also have some sweet memories", the girl thought. "Green leaves… The sun was shining through the leaves… I was so happy to dance with Anthony! And Terry's face now is as kind as Anthony's."

"What are you thinking about?"

"I was dancing with Anthony my first dance to the same music… "

Terry stopped and angrily looked at the girl.


He pushed her away rudely and turned his head.

"Again this Anthony! Stop comparing me to him all the time!"


"He is not here. He died. He fell down the horse", Terry's voice was angry.

"Don't speak like this, Terry!.." Candy felt afraid.

"People who die, are never back!"

"No, Terry!" Candy covered her face with her hands. "I don't want to listen to what you're saying!"

"Candy, I can't love the girl who is comparing me to the dead person all the time!"

Terry ran away and left the girl drowning in tears.


Eliza and Louise were standing at the dance hall porch.

"Are you sure it was Candy?" Louise asked doubtfully.

"Sure, it was her!"

"Couldn't you be mistaken?"

"No, I am sure it was Candy", Eliza answered. "And you'll see her herself when I tear off her mask."

A girl dressed as Juliet passed by but they did not even notice her.

"They had not recognized me because they think that I should return to the ball dressed as Romeo", Candy thought and giggled. She went to her friends.

"Stear! Archie!"

"Candy!" Annie exclaimed and the boys whistled with amazement.

"This time I am Juliet", Candy introduced herself smiling.

"Candy, this dress fits you well", Stear said a compliment to her.

"The ball becomes brisker and more interesting", Candy was looking at the people.

"Yes, a lot of new guests have come."

"Oh, my God, I feel so sorry for Mr. Albert…" Candy remembered. "I'd like him to see me in this dress so much", she noticed a familiar face. "It's Patty! She seems to be absolutely alone."

"Patty", Candy came to her and asked to keep silence by a gesture.

"You managed to run away, didn't you?"

"And where's Granny Martha? Could not she come to the ball?"

"She has a lot of work today", Patty said and smiled. "But you are here now and I won't feel lonely anymore."

"I promised to introduce you to Stear, didn't I?" Candy reminded.

"Candy…" Patty reddened.

"Beautiful princess Juliet", Stear interrupted them. "May I invite you to the next dance?"

"With great pleasure, Stear", Candy answered. "I'm sorry, Patty. I'll keep my promise after the dance."

"Well…" Patty was blushing still.

The couples began dancing.

"Nobody suspects that Candy is hiding herself under Juliet's mask", Candy smiled to herself. The dancers exchanged their partners. "Stear seems to be dancing with Patty…"

Stear's partner suddenly stumbled and bumped into him, so they both fell down.

"I am sorry…" Stear muttered, looking for his glasses.

"I am sorry too…"

"My glasses should be somewhere here…"

"And mine too…"

"Isn't it your glasses?.." Stear was a little puzzled when he looked at his dance partner. "Has anybody told you that you become simply charming without glasses?" he admired sincerely.

"And you?" Patty's eyes were shining. "You look very courageous."

"Then let's continue dancing." But they did not wear their glasses and began bumping into the other dancing couples.

"You are disturbing everybody", they heard from the dissatisfied dancers and hurried to leave.

Candy thought.


Eliza and her friend continued waiting near the door.

"Probably you were mistaken, Eliza", Louise continued to doubt.

"She could not come here."

"Everything is very strange…"

"I know!" Eliza said. "We have to check the "Room for thinking."

"But we are forbidden to go there."

"Trust me", Eliza laughed.


The friends were sitting at the table cheerfully laughing.

"Remember when you mixed the rooms?.. You always have adventures!"

"Sister Gray!.." Annie whispered worried. Everybody looked back. Sister Gray was coming nearer.

"You'd better hide somewhere", Patty advised.

"Everything will be all right", Candy winked at her. She bowed to the nun when she was passing by. "That's it."

But they all noticed how two awful ladies came to Sister Gray.

"Sister Gray, may we ask for one thing?"

"What's the matter, Eliza?"

"Louise and me would like to bring Candy some fruit to the "Room for thinking." Candy giggled. "We all are very sorry for Candy."

"Well", the abbess said. "I understand your friendly feelings and allow you to visit Candy."

"May we enter her room?"

"Yes, but you should not talk with her for a long time, because she is punished."

"Thank you, Sister Gray", the girls looked at each other and went towards the "Room for thinking".

"Candy", Stear said. "Hurry to your room and try to be the first who gets there."

"And we will try to detain them!" Annie stood up.

"Hurry, and everything will be all right."

"Thank you", and Candy ran away.


The girls were going along the corridor carrying a basket of fruit and the keys from the "Room for thinking".

"She isn't there, I am sure, you'll see it yourself", Eliza said.

"Eliza! Louise!" Patty and Annie called them.

"What do you want?"

"You go to visit Candy, don't you?"

"It's none of your business!"

"May we join you, please?" Patty asked.

"Wait for us for a little", Annie asked. "We want to give her something."

"It is very suspicious", Eliza blinked. "I think we shouldn't waste time for such talks, Louise!"

"Eliza!" Annie and Patty followed them. "Wait for us!"


Candy was running as fast as she could. She nearly fell down the roof and lost her mask.


"Wait a minute, Eliza", Annie tried to stop her.

"Don't touch me with your hands!" Eliza shouted and continued going upstairs.


Candy was ready to get back into the "Room…" through the window but suddenly heard the sound of the key…

"What will happen to Klin and me now?" she thought with horror, hiding herself outside.

The girls entered the room.

"Candy!" Eliza called. "I wonder why she doesn't reply."

"It's because she's sleeping probably", Annie guessed.

"I think the bed is empty", Eliza came nearer to the bed and saw the blanket moving. She was afraid even more when an arm appeared from under the blanket.

"Why don't you let Candy to sleep?" Patty reproached Eliza softly.

"Probably you were mistaken, Eliza", Louise said to her friend. Eliza became angry.

"One day you'll pay me for this, Candy!" she threw the basket to the floor in fury and left the room. Louise followed her.

Annie and Patty closed the door behind them and laughed.

"I thought that everything would turn out", Candy could get inside through the window now.

"Candy???" Annie couldn't believe her eyes.

"And who is in bed then?" Patty asked.

They all three looked at the blanket and heard a quiet laughter from under it. An arm appeared and took an apple which fell on the floor when Eliza threw the basket. The blanket was thrown away and Terry appeared from under it laughing.

"Terry!!" Annie and Patty exclaimed.

"I guessed so", Candy smiled.

"You should be more careful, Freckled Tarzan", the guy noticed. "I was afraid that everything might end this way from the beginning."

"Thank you, Terry", Candy said. Terry only looked at her with a hardly noticeable ironical smile, but did not answer anything. Annie and Patty looked at each other. They did not understand anything.


In the evening everybody gathered to look at the large fire. Eliza noticed that Candy came too.

"Candy!" Eliza ran to her. "Here you are! We forgot to lock up the door and you ran away!"

"I allowed her to join us!" the abbess said.

"Sister Gray!" dissatisfied Eliza hurried to disappear.

"Today Mr. Terruce G. Grandchester and Miss Candice White Audrey participate in our Festival for the first time", the abbess announced. "I am very glad to see all our pupils here today!"

"Candy!" Annie and Patty ran to their friend.

"I am so happy today!"

Everybody applauded and it touched Candy's heart.

"Thank you, thank you all very much…"


Candy's eyes were shining with happiness as brightly as the sparks of the fire. And suddenly tears began running down her cheeks. But these were tears of joy.


The end of 41st series.