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Description and translation Candice


The meeting with Prince.

- Candy-y-y!!!

- Annie-e-e!!!.. Annie!!!..

The hat has fallen, but spinning girls didn’t notice that …

- Annie, you came back!.. Annie … Annie … - Candy muttered, sleeping. Until John woke her up.

- Ah, it is you, John, - disappointed Candy said. – I dreamed that Annie came back.

- It mean, she will come back, - John answered confidently. - If I dreamed I have pissed in my bed, I’ll do it in real.

- You pissed again, John, - Candy concluded.


The day has come. The wet sheet was dried on the sun. The children played. Clin climbed on the Father-tree, which Candy sat under and looked at the road. The thought about Annie did not leave her. How would she love her dream became true! Clin noticed someone. It is a postman! Maybe he carries a letter from Annie, Candy thought, and then she has fell on the ground.

- Good morning, Mr. Matthew! - Candy greeted the postman.

- And, are you a girl from Pony’s Home?

- Did you come to give me letter?

- To you?

- From Annie.

- I am afraid, I know nothing about such letter, - he took out the letters and checked it. - I am sure all letters to the orphanage are addressed to Ms. Pony only.

- Didn’t your vision deteriorate incidentally? - sly Candy dragged off post-bag. Running to the Pony’s Home closer, she began to rummage hardly there. Coming children took all letters with pleasure, and old Mr. Matthew attempted to catch. And here also goats showed their interest to the letters … As thing to eat … Now running after goats has begun…


Some days after Mr. Matthew brought the mail in the Pony’s Home again. It seemed, there wasn’t Danger nearby. No, she was hidden behind the Home together with her band. Moreover she thanked for letters. The postman attempted to tell her there’s no letter for her now. But Candy was stubborn. Mr. Matthew has been working for 30 years as postman, he could mistake. Candy stated that him, seizing the bag, while children were tickling a victim.

- Candy, what are you doing? – the salvation in Sister Maria’s appearance arrived.

- I thought he brought the letter from Annie …


The postman’s path was laid in the orphanage again. And again without letter. No, Candy now did not make any tricks. She only sighed. She has been waiting for this letter a lot … She even doesn’t go to sleep in time.

- Candy, it is not necessary so to be upset so much, - Ms. Pony consoled her.

- Do you think, Annie still remembers me?..

- Certainly, and she will write the letter to you definitely.

- But it’s two weeks have passed already.

- If you trust Annie, you should hope and wait.


In the late evening Candy was sitting on the tree and showing to Clin the way, which Annie has gone on. They noticed someone’s shadow. Who could walk so late? It was a postman, purring some melody to himself. Candy interested, why he goes for a walk so late, maybe he lost his way? Mr. Matthew burst out laugh and offered Candy to open his bag. Candy became agitated so much, that her hands began to tremble. But there was a letter. To Ms. Candy from Annie Brighton.

Candy with trembling vote thanked Mr. Matthew sincerely.

- I just decided to walk before sleeping, - the postman has objected. – There’re such beautiful stars today… - Seeing the tears of joy in Candy’s eyes, he smiled, - I jus thought if I would give you the letter in the morning, you will be filled with tears in front of your small friends. Won’t you?

- I never cry, - Candy shook her head.

Mr. Matthew wished Candy good night and went away. Coming Sister Maria offered Candy to read the letter in the house, but the girl wanted to stay here, in darkness. To stretch the pleasure from reading such long-awaited letter.

- " Dear Candy, - Annie wrote. - I am very happy now. I have got a life, which I only saw in my dreams of. My parents are very generous, and there are a lot of servants in the house. I shall ask mum and daddy to allow me to invite you soon. As soon as I shall do it, I shall write to you necessarily ".

Candy pressed the letter to her chest.

- Annie … I am so glad to learn, that she lives happily …


In the Brighton’s mansion the mail was brought. With one of the letters in her hand the maid knocked to Ms. Brighton’s room. After seeing a name of the remitter, Annie’s eyes shone.

- It’s from Candy! One minute, Becky! - she has opened a casket. - You do love chocolate?

- Yes, but … - the maid was in confusion.

Mother came into Annie’s room. The maid bowed and hasty left out.

- Annie, Becky is not your friend.

- Excuse me, mum.

- Did the letter from Candy come?.. - Mrs. Brighton glanced at an envelope. – Pony’s Home, Candy White… Annie I should you tell it for a long time …

- Yes, mum?.. – Annie began to worry.

- You understand, before this letter has come here, it was in the hands of many people. Fortunately, they do not know yet about the Pony’s Home. But if somebody finds out, that Pony’s Home is an orphanage, it can be bad not only for you, but also for whole Brighton’s family, - did Mrs. Brighton knew, each her word was striking to small heart of her daughter?.. - I have told everyone we adopted you, as the child of our distant relatives. You are clever girl and you understand perfectly what I want to tell.

- Yes, mum … - there were tears in Annie’s eyes. Mrs. Brighton wiped them.

- I shall take you today to the shop with myself. We should choose a suitable dress for you.


Candy caught a fish, when she saw the postman.

- Did you bring the letter from Annie to me?! - she ran up to Mr. Matthew.

She would like to learn what does her friend write. But something in this letter was wrong …

- Her handwriting is different … - çàáåñïîêîèëàñü Candy. - " Dear Candy! Forgive, but I cannot write to you any more, - the letter shivered in Candy’s hands. - It’s my last letter. I should forget about Pony’s Home for becoming a true Brighton’s daughter. Please, do not ask, why I do it ".

Candy’s eyes were filled with tears. The rain has begun. Candy ran without the way.

- It is so unfair!.. Why did you forget everything, Annie?.. Did you forget our friendship?.. - Candy fell in the wet herb, - When I close my eyes, I see your face! If I close my ears by my hands, I hear your voice!.. Is daddy really so generous, and mum so kind???.. - Candy kept crying, small girl who has lost the best friend. - Annie, come back, I miss you!..


The sun replaced the rain, and Candy’s loneliness was interrupted with unusual sounds. Candy rose and saw a stranger. Candy was surprised: she never saw people in such clothes.

- Who are you? - she asked feeling like in the dream .

- How do you think? – the stranger interested.

- You are in so weird clothes, you like a cosmonaut …

- Like a cosmonaut?

- Why do you wear a skirt, and that bubble with tubes in your arms?

- It is not a skirt, but Scottish national clothes, named kilt. And that’s a bagpipe.

The stranger began to play the instrument. Candy listened with interest, stamping her little foot. The sounds of the bagpipe seemed to her like …

- That sound is like a snail crawling.

The stranger stopped to play. Because he has burst out laugh. He laughed so sincerely, that Candy has laughed itself. Her laughter was like a sound of silver bluebells.

- You look pretty, when you smile, - the young man noticed.

- What??? Did you saw me crying??? - Candy confused and turned away.

Sudden breeze made Annie’s letter flying.

- My letter! - Candy rushed after breeze. She caught the letter nimbly and ran back. – Can I listen to a snail crawling again?..

The stranger with bagpipe wasn’t there any more.

- Where are you?.. Did I see a dream?.. He was like a Prince from a fairy tale … - Candy was perplexed, recollecting his words: you look better, when smile.

Something flashed In the grass and reflected with brightness in Candy’s eyes. She lifted a find. It was a medallion, probably representing someone's coat of arms, with "À” letter".

- It, likely, belongs to him, - the little bell rang, reminding Candy their common cheerful laughing. She ran to look for the medallion’s owner.


Running down from Pony’s Hill, Candy saw the woman with the small girl.

- Excuse me, madam! Didn’t you see a man wearing a strange costume holding a bubble with tubes?

But the woman did not see. She asked Candy the way to Pony’s Home. She wanted to ask Ms. Pony to look after for her daughter, while she will have been working. John has run to them and notified Candy Ms. Pony wants to see her. Candy sped there. Children stuck themselves around unknown car, as they saw such things no too often. Candy glanced at sign on a hood – it was the same one! Just “L” letter instead of "À".

Ms. Pony and sister Maria talked with gentleman inside the orphanage.

- Candy, - Ms. Pony introduced gentleman, - It is Mr. Stewart, secretary of Legan’s family. Mr. Stewart tells Mr. Legan wants to accept you in his family.

- Legans are the one of the most known and ancient families in Lakewood, - visitor noticed.

- Lakewood … - it sped through Candy’s head, - It means, Annie lives nearby… Can I ask one question? - she asked.

- Ask any questions, - Mr. Stewart agreed.

- Tell me, has this family got a son - young man of 17-18 years old?..

- Yes, Mr. Legan has got a son.

Candy rejected the last doubts.

- Ms. Pony, sister Maria! I shall go to Lakewood!

- But Candy …

- I’m agree, Mr. Stewart!

Candy ran out from Pony’s Home and arrived to the place, where the woman and small girl had a rest.

- Madam, it is so good, that I found you. Now you can leave the girl in Pony’s Home.

- Is it truth?..

- Yes. One place is free now. One girl is leaving. This girl will become a daughter of one of the richest families in Lakewood. Besides, her best friend lives nearby there. What a happiness, madam! - Candy has picked up ìàëûøêó with her arms.

- Yes, it’s a happiness … - woman agreed absent-mindedly.


Now Candy can see both: Prince and Annie. Suddenly, so great happiness has fallen upon her that the tears kept rolling down on her cheeks.


The end of 4th series.