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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


Candy kept memories about Anthony in her heart. She dreamt that he was riding a horse behind her. But that time she took Terry for Anthony. Terry brought her to the medical centre after she fell down the stairs and lost consciousness.


Treasure, which caused troubles.

Candy came out of the college building.

"I want to thank Terry for the help, but can't find him anywhere", she said to herself. "Where can he be?" the girl remembered her friend. "Klin! Probably he missed me a lot."

"It's her", Neil muttered. He was spying Candy hiding himself in the bushes. "My sister told me that Candy was hiding something from the others. She has some secret", he told his friends.

"If it is so, we wonder what her secret is…" the guys agreed. They did not know that Patty heard their conversation.

"Candy", Neil saw the girl who passed by. "Well, we need to spy her and find out what she is hiding from everybody."

They got out of the bushes.

"Neil!" Terry who appeared from behind a tree called the guys. "You are too much interested in Candy's secret and want to find it out, don't you? Gentlemen never behave in such a way."

"What?.. Candy has secrets?.." Patty looked at her box.

"It's none of your business!" Neil answered rudely. "Don't poke your nose to our business."

"You're asking for trouble, guys."

"Shut up! Let's teach him a lesson, guys!" Neil shouted and the guys began fighting. Patty hid her box. Neil and his friends got a lesson themselves.

"Is it enough? Or do you want more?"

"You'll pay for it!" Neil and friends quickly left.


Candy was having a rest on "Ponny's Hill". Klin was running around.

"Don't be afraid. The guys have already gone away", Candy said to the raccoon. "Even this unreal "Ponny's Hill" is green now. May has come and the fresh warm breeze is blowing over Ponny's Hill in America."


Children from Ponny's Orphanage were playing near the house.

"Sister Ponny! Sister Ponny!" Sister Rein (who was earlier called Sister Maria) ran into the house.

"Sister Rein, what has happened?" Miss Ponny asked kindly.

"We got letters from Candy and Annie. Here they are", the nun showed two letters.

"Really? Show me!" Miss Ponny took one letter and began reading. Sister Rein was reading the other letter. "Candy seems to be fine."

Annie is fine too." The nuns looked through the window.

"Annie began writing to us only after she had understood that it was not necessary to hide that she was brought up in our Orphanage."

"We have to thank Candy", Sister Rein said. "She has an especial ability to make everybody happy."

"It is because she always thinks more about the others than about herself."

"I believe Candy too will be happy."

"I also believe it, Sister Rein, and according to the letters she writes to us, she every day becomes closer and closer to her happiness. She will be happy."


"They probably have already got the letters which Annie and me wrote to them…" Candy thought, lying in the grass on "Ponny's Hill".

"Candy! Candy!" she heard. Somebody was calling her. "Candy, where are you?"

"It's Patty! Klin, hide yourself quickly. Patty, I am here!"

The raccoon disappeared in the hollow. Patty ran to Candy.

"Have you been here all the time?" she asked.

"Almost all my life", Candy replied.

"I envy you, Candy. I envy you very much…" Patty looked sad.

"Why, Patty?"

"You… You are so independent… Candy… Do you never feel lonely?"

"Sometimes", Candy answered. "When I feel lonely I come here."

"And why here?"

"This place reminds me Ponny's Hill. And I call this tree "Father-Tree". I can ask it for any advise."


"This tree is very much like the tree on the real Ponny's Hill", Candy embraced the tree. "That's why I call this hill the "Unreal Ponny's Hill"."

"Unreal Ponny's Hill?"

"Yes", Candy noticed Klin's tail and whistled giving him a sign. "I always speak to this tree when I feel sad and lonely." She sat down near Patty.

So this is your secret?.. I have one secret too…" Patty confessed.

"What secret?"

"It is my treasure."

"Your treasure?"

"Yes", Patty stood up. "You forget your loneliness when you come here. I forget mine when I look at my treasure, when I caress it."

"And what is it?"

I will show it to you one day. Nobody knows about it except you", Patty took Candy by the hand.

"And when will we see it?"

"It's time to return."


A nun came into the classroom.

"Silence, please. Today we will speak about a School Festival which will be in May."

"About the Festival?" girls began asking joyfully.

"Sister, when will it be? Who will present the flowers?"

"As you know, the Festivals are organized two times a year in our school, in May and in October."

"It will be your first Festival, won't it?" Patty asked quietly. Candy nodded. "Those who study here have only two happy days in a year, the Festivals in May and October."

"This time all the girls who were born in May will present flowers during the ball", the teacher continued. "So, Maria Morin, Silvia Catarin…"

"May…" Candy thought. "I was born in May too. Anthony said to me that my birthday was in May…" Candy fell into memories.


..."I grew this rose for you…" Anthony said one day. "But I will give you even more beautiful roses for your birthday…"

"Thanks for promising… But you see my birthday…"

"Your birthday will be when we meet again…" Anthony took her hands.

"The day when I see you again will be your birthday…" Candy still remembered Anthony's words.

"And this day will be in May…" Candy was riding a horse together with Anthony, the rose was flowering…

"This day all the roses will be in the heyday!.." Anthony brought her into the garden and showed a rose.

"What a beauty!" Candy exclaimed then. "How is this sort called? I have never seen such roses before…"

"It is "Sweet Candy"… These roses are yours… I give them to you today, as my present for your birthday!"

"Thank you, Anthony!.."


"Candy! What's the matter, Candy?" Patty was shaking Candy by the shoulder. "Haven't you heard? She has announced your name."

"Really?" Candy was very glad.

"It's great you were born in May", Patty was pleased too in contrast to Eliza and her friends. "Candy, you will present one of the flowers during the ball."


"May Festival is such a wonderful holiday", Patty was telling Candy. "The girls who will present flowers, will go like during a parade accompanied by boys who will give them beautiful bouquets. You know, girls like when somebody gives flowers to them… The ball will last till the late night. And you will be able to choose dance partners yourself."

"Dance partners?"

"I envy you, Candy, you have two good friends here."

"Whom do you mean?"

"Stear and Archie. And I am absolutely alone here", Patty looked upset.

"Archie is Annie's friend", Candy thought. "And Stear… Patty!" she touched her friend's shoulder. "Why don't you want to ask Stear to be your dance partner?"

"Stear?" Patty asked briskly. "Probably he will refuse…"

"Leave it to me!" Candy promised. "I will arrange everything."

"You will do it, won't you? Thank you, Candy! And who will be your dance partner?"

"My partner?.." Candy remembered the dark-haired and blue-eyed guy. "No, I should not dream about it. Why should Terry dance the whole evening only with me?.."

"What's the matter, Candy?"

"Nothing. Do not worry, I will find a dance partner", Candy smiled.

"Certainly. There are so many guys who like you. Probably I will invite Granny Martha. I haven't seen her for such a long time."

"Is it allowed to invite anybody to the Festival?"

"Certainly. You may invite your relatives and friends."

"Really?" Candy went towards the door. "I'd like to invite Sister Ponny, Sister Rein and all the children from Ponny's House… But probably it is impossible. And I would like to invite Mr. Albert and Mr. William too… Good-bye, Patty!"

"Where are you going?"

"I'll send the invitations to my friends."

"But you can do it later."

"The sooner I do it the better. Bye", and Candy ran away.


"I'd like Mr. William to see me now very much. I have grown up", Candy thought sitting at her table. "I often dream that I live in his house… My dear old Uncle William, my benefactor", Candy finished the letter.


"Where can Terry be now?" Candy thought walking along the corridor. "I still haven't thanked him for help."

"A Liar! Candy-Liar!" Eliza and Louise were standing near a pillar. "What are you thinking about?"

"It's none of your business!" Candy answered. "And why do you call me a liar?"

"Because you always lie!" Eliza came to her.

"I lie? Why do you think so?"

"Certainly, you always lie!"

"Why do I need to lie?"

Sister Ponny found you outdoors, can you prove that you were born in May?"

"You have no rights to participate in the Ball of Flowers", Louise added.

"Haven't you seen the list of our class, have you? It is written there that I was born in May", Eliza was not pleased to hear such words.

"It isn't true!" she shouted.

"You simply envy me, because you can't present flowers during the ball and that's all", Candy concluded calmly. The girls became angry. "But you may ask the Sisters to allow you to present the withering flowers during the ball!" Such an impudence angered the young ladies even more. "I am sorry, but I have to prepare to the ball. I do not have any time, I need to go. Have I your permission?" Candy left.

"An awful girl! Stable-lady!" Louise was indignant.

"Where is she hurrying?" Eliza thought. "She has planned something. It is necessary to check it…"


At the same time Neil was directing a group of his friends who were diligently digging a hole in the ground.

"Well, is it enough?"

"Ok", Neil nodded. "I think it is enough. It will be a good lesson for him!"


Candy was looking at the "Ponny's Hill" where the "Father-Tree" was growing.

"Terry probably is somewhere near to the "Ponny's Hill", the girl went there. Klin got out of the hollow greeting the girl. But suddenly he noticed one more girl with a yellow bow in her hair who was hiding herself in the bushes. The raccoon disappeared in the hollow. "Klin hid himself. Probably he noticed somebody", Candy could not see Eliza. "Terry isn't here. Though maybe…"

"What is she looking for here?" Eliza wanted to know it as soon as possible.

"Except for this place he can be only in the stable", Candy went there. She noticed a red frock coat hanging on a tree. "Terry's jockey frock coat… So he is somewhere here", she heard Eliza moving in the bushes. "Eliza!.. She is spying. I have to be more careful", she hid the frock coat from curious eyes. "I do not want her to see me and Terry together. But I know how to make him know that I am grateful."

The lady in the bushes almost became deaf from Candy's cry.

"Thank you very much that you helped me!!! I am grateful with all my heart!!!"

"Why is she shouting so loudly?" Terry smiled looking from the tree branch at the blonde girl who was running away. "It is not necessary for everybody to know it, Candy."

"What a fool she is!" angry Eliza got out of the bushes. "She is absolutely mad!" Eliza made some steps and successfully fell into the hole. "Help me! Anybody!" she shouted and heard a laughter.

"You should look where you are going while walking in the forest!" somebody said.

"Who are you? Stop mocking and help me to get out of here!"

Terry jumped down the tree and came nearer to the hole.

"You do not know how to ask for help politely, do you?"

"Shut up! Quickly drag me out of here!" Eliza looked at his hand and fastidiously made a wry face. "Your hands are so dirty, if I touch them I'll be dirty too."

"As you want", Terry stood up. "You may stay here for the whole night. I don't care. But almost nobody walks here, remember", he went aside waiting for the answer.

"Help me!" Eliza asked. Her voice sounded differently. Terry helped her.

"One-two!" Terry dragged the young lady out of the hole. "Are you all right? I was very glad to help you, princess", he kissed her hand. Eliza drew her hand aside.

"An awful guy!" she would have fallen into the hole again if Terry would not hold her. "Probably you have made this trap!"

"It is not true. How can you think so, Miss?"

"Who might have dug it then?"

Do you know one foolish guy called Neil?"

"Neil is much better than you!" Eliza shouted and went away. Terry burst out laughing.

"But she is not in my taste too after all!"


Stressed Eilza was nervously eating. Her friends were perplexed.

"Terry… That awful guy…" she drank from her glass. "Though he behaved as a gentleman…" she remembered his words: "Are you all right?" - "He seems to be well-educated and his manners are perfect… He said: "I was glad to help you, princess…" Eliza's friends were gazing at her with surprise. She was lost in her dreams. "I have heard that he is of a very noble parentage and his parents are in America now. I would like to dance with him during the May Festival very much…"

Candy and Patty were eating at the other table.

"Candy", Patty whispered. "I want to show you my treasure."


The girls were going along the corridor.

"Do you mean your treasure which you hide?"

"Listen", Patty said. "I am an only child in the family, but my parents never had time to talk with me. Birds, cats and dogs always were my companions. If I could not speak to them I would have died from loneliness", Candy was listening to her friend's confession. She perfectly understood her. "So I took one of my silent friends to school. Candy, it is a very big secret and you are the only whom I can trust."

"And where's your treasure? If it is here I'd like to see it very much."


"There's a light in Stear's room. And in Terry's room too", Candy was looking at the boys' dorm through her window. "How wonderful! May Festival! Archie with Annie, Stear with Patty, and me…"

"Patricia O'Brien!!!" she heard from the corridor.

"I am so sorry… Forgive me, Sister Gray!"

"Patty!" Candy quickly left her room.

"Forgive me", Patty was kneeling at the floor, surrounded by a crowd of schoolgirls. The abbess was standing near her.

"Why have you brought this trash here?" the nun asked strictly. "Throw it away immediately!"

Candy got through the crowd.


"Candy!.." a small tortoise was lying on the floor. "I only wanted… I wanted only… to show you my treasure", crying Patty took the tortoise. "My Julie… I wanted to introduce my best friend to you, my Julie!"

"Patty…" Candy embraced the crying girl. "It was very difficult for Patty to break the school-rules. She was very brave…"

"Patricia O'Brien", Sister Gray said strictly. "I know you as a serious girl. After you throw it away you will spend a day in the "Room for thinking". And only then we will forget everything."

"I cannot do it", Patty said crying. "I cannot throw my Julie away, can I? Sister Gray, Julie is an alive creature and she… like me…has a soul… Please…"

"Throw it away immediately!" was the answer.

"You all must return to your rooms!" Sister Gray announced. "I will switch of the lights soon."

Candy could not bear it any more.

"Sister Gray, is it necessary to throw Julie away?"

"Certainly. It is forbidden to keep animals in our school, especially such animals as this dirty tortoise."

"Sister! It may be simply a dirty tortoise for you, but for Patty it is the dearest creature in the whole world!" Candy objected. "Sister, why don't you ask Patty, why she has brought this tortoise to the school? In this school there are no human kind hearts at all!"

"Do you want to add something?" the nun asked coldly.

"You speak about love to the other people all the time. But how can a person love other person if he or she doesn't love animals? How can you make Patty throw away the tortoise, it won't be able to find neither meal nor drink, it will die in the street!"

"Rules are rules. And the schoolchildren must obey them. My duty is to check that they do it. Patricia, throw it away immediately!"

"You are heartless!" Candy shouted. The abbess became angry.

"Candice Audrey, I forbid you to participate in the May Festival!"

"I won't be able to participate in the holiday where I have invited Mr. Albert and Mr. William!.." Candy thought with horror. "They will come to the holiday and won't see me…"

"Candy, beg her pardon", Patty whispered.

"But will Sister Gray forgive me? Even if I say that I am sorry… But I have not done anything bad. God teaches us to love all alive creatures. I am not guilty… Sister Gray!"

"Do not say you are sorry!"

"I was not going to beg your pardon… I would never have said to you that you were heartless if I have not thought so…" Candy understood WHAT she has just said. "What will happen now?"

"Go to the "Room for thinking" immediately! Both!" the abbess ordered. "Patricia will stay there till the morning, and Candice will be there till the May Festival is over! I hope you understood, have not you?" she left. The girls stayed in the dark corridor.


Candy's imprudent words angered Sister Gray…


The end of 39th series.