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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


One night Terry was wounded and by an error he was brought to Candy’s room. When Candy went to a drug-store to buy a medicine, she accidentally met Mr. Albert. When Candy went to the Zoo to visit Mr. Albert, she met Terry there. Terry came to thank Mr. Albert for help. At the Zoo Candy saw that Terry could be very different from the guy whom she used to see at school.


Terry and his secret.

It was late evening. Candy was sitting at the balcony and thinking.

“I saw Terry on the ship going to England for the first time…” she was remembering their first meeting, when she have noticed “But he is crying…” – “I wonder what his true face is? Unfortunately I do not know him at all…” She noticed a light of a lantern somewhere far away. “Oh, that’s a signal!”

She represented a sound of a train.

“Hey, Stear! Candy has noticed us”, Archie said to his brother holding a candlestick in his hand. “Prepare a pillow, quicker!”

“The mattress is better. It is much bigger than the pillow”, Stear objected taking the mattress. “Help me…”

“That’s a good idea”, Archie left the candlestick at the balcony and went to help his brother.

With the help of lasso Candy reached the nearest to the rooms tree. But the wind blew off the candles.

“Oh, my God, the light is over”, Candy whispered. “What to do?.. Where’s their room?..”

She jumped to the balcony where there were no candlestick and looked around.

“Stear, Archie, where are you? Where can their room be, maybe…” she noticed something. She came nearer and took the photo from the table. “It is the photo of Eleanor Baker, the American star, the Broadway actress… The star…” Candy saw a note. “What?.. Oh, my God… “To my son Terry with love. Eleanor Baker.” So… I am in Terry’s room…” she again looked at the photo. “But… is she married?.. So Eleanor Baker is Terry’s mother, isn’t she?..”

Terruce entered his room.



“What are you doing here?”


The photo fell down from Candy’s hand. Terry took it and began tearing it to the small parts carefully… Candy could not move from her place, she was simply looking at Terry. In his eyes she saw something that scared her…

“I got into your room by a mistake…”

Terry’s look became even angrier. He grabbed her shoulders.

“Don’t dare to tell somebody, cause I’ll teach you a lesson then, understood?”

But then his look changed. He left Candy and went aside.


“Go away…” he was not looking at her.

“Terry…” Candy said. “Forgive me. I won’t tell anybody. I promise.”

“Go away!”

Candy went to the balcony.

“Candy! Candy!” Archie was calling her.

“I am here.”

“Candy?! How did you got there?”

“I’ll come now!”

Candy jumped to her cousins’ balcony.

“It is better to jump to the mattress…” Stear concluded.


Later in the room.

“We began worrying where you have disappeared”, Archie said. “You got to that snob’s room?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Did he see you?”


“That’s good. If he had seen you we all would have been in the solitary confinement cell now.”

“Archie, Terry won’t say anybody”, Candy objected.

“Why do you say so? He always…”

“Forget him”, Stear softly interrupted their conversation. “If he had not seen her it does not matter. Look, Candy, what I have here”, he pushed the button and a new ship with wings rose to the ceiling.

“Fantastic! I am so sorry that I have broken the previous ship, Stear.”

“This time I have made something better!”

“Stear will make for you everything you want, Candy.”

“Shut up, Archie, hear?”

The ship flew to Archie. Archie jumped aside, but the ship got into the backrest of the bed. Some photos flew out from under the mattress.

“It broke again”, Stear was distressed. “We again weren’t lucky.”

“What’s that?” Candy took the photos. “Eleanor Baker?”

“You said “Eleanor Baker”?” Stear asked.

“Stear, these photos flew out from under the mattress.”

“From under the mattress?”

“Certainly. Nobody will find them there.”

“Look, Candy”, Archie raised the mattress a little and Candy saw more photos. “She is very beautiful, isn’t she? We have a lot of her photos.”

Stear confirmed.

“I did not think you may be interested in such a thing”, Candy said.

“All guys in our school adore her”, the brothers spoke with delight. “Some time ago we even were competing who had more her photos. Once we ran away from Aunt Elroy to see her at the stage and on the way home we were buying her photos in all the shops. The guys in our city were collecting all the magazines with her photos. Are you her fan too, Candy?”

“Yes, certainly.”

“This box is full of photos too”, Archie showed.

“You can take them to yourself. When you go to bed, put a photo under the pillow and dream about her as much as you want.”

“Here she is playing Nana on the Broadway stage”, Stear took one photo.

“Look at that photo! It is fantastic!”

“She is so much like Terry…” Candy was looking at the photos. “In every photo there’s something in common with him: the same eyes, the mouth… Sure, that time he was returning after meeting his mother… But why was he crying then? Maybe he had not met her?” Candy said aloud.

“Had not met whom?” Archie asked.

“This beautiful actress”, Candy found what to answer.

“Sure, how can you meet her? She is Eleanor Baker, the famous actress, would she like to meet somebody like me?”

“And this famous actress is Terry’s mother…” Candy thought. She took the next photo. “Oh, my God… It is Anthony… He is smiling… He is looking at us and smiling.”

“I thought all Anthony’s photos were left at home, in America”, Stear was puzzled.

“I’d like to know how it appeared here”, Archie said.

“May I take it?” Candy asked.

“Yes… You haven’t got his photo, have you?”

“No, I haven’t”, Candy agreed and fell into memories. “The “Lovely Candy” rose is flowering… It smells so magically… May will come soon… He gave me the “Lovely Candy” and it was my birthday…”

“Anthony…” Archie said quietly.

The clock stroke ten.

“It is ten o’clock already. I have to leave”, Candy said.

“Unfortunately. But you’ll come to us again”, Stear replied.


“Next time I’ll invent something much better.”

“Ok. We had not enough time because of my mistake.”

“Good luck, Candy.”

“Thank you, Archie.”

“Good night.”

“Good night, boys. Next time we’ll chat at the cup of tea”, Candy turned her head. “Hey, you, do not give up, cheer up. Good night”, and she disappeared in the darkness.

“Have heard? “Cheer up”?” Archie muttered. “And Candy said it though she herself looks sad for a long time already.”

“Yes, but she is pretending that everything is all right.”

“She can’t forget Anthony.”

“I understand her”, Stear answered thoughtfully. “We too cannot…”


Candy ready to sleep was looking through the window.

“In Terry’s room there’s no light. Probably he is calm again…”

The light did not shine there. But Terry was sitting on the bed and was not going to sleep at all.

“I had to tear this photo long ago. And I was watching at it all the time and repeating her name. What for?” he remembered how he threatened Candy. “I should not be angry with her. I hate myself. Why did I tear the photo?”


…It was snowing over the city. A boy in a blue raincoat was going along the empty street to the two-storied mansion. A maid opened the door.

“You are Terry, aren’t you?” she was very much surprised and immediately hurried into the hall. “Madam Eleanor, your son Terruce…”

Terry looked at the woman who hurried to him.

“Terry!.. Terry!..” she ran to him, looked at his face and took his hand. “You have grown! Come in, why do you stand here?.. I’ll ask the cook to cook something delicious.”


“Terry!” They embraced each other. “My dear Terry!..”

They stood embracing each other and behind the doors the guests were laughing.

“I am sorry to say, but you should not have come here…Nobody knows that you are my son. Understand? Terry, understand me correctly, I love you…” she wanted to embrace him again, but Terry pushed her arms aside and ran to the door.

“Terry!.. Terry!..” Eleanor was calling. “Wait, Terry!” But he ran outside where it was snowing. “You are Grandchester’s son”, the woman shouted to him. “Promise me that you won’t tell anybody that you are my son! Keep the secret! Don’t tell anybody, please!..”

“I came to America again in winter and what have I heard from her, what?..” he was standing on the board of the ship. “I simply wanted to meet her and what? Did I feel better? To see her… To see her…” he wiped his tears and noticed a girl looking at him with some fright. “I have known how everything would end…” he remembered the funny freckled girl. “And exactly at that time I met Candy. And she almost helped me to forget all my sufferings…”


The castle of the Grandchesters.

“Oh, you are here again”, an ugly madam was speaking to Terry while he was putting his clothes into the wardrobe. “And I thought you won’t return here any more. You always do what you want. You are her son, so what can be expected from you? A son of that ungrateful American woman…” the lady laughed by creaky voice.

“Madam Grandchester!” Terry said not very politely. “If you don’t leave immediately my room, your piggish face will become even uglier!”

“You said ‘piggish’?! How you dare?! Why did you return here at all?”

“Go away”, Terry opened the door. Madam compressed her lips.

“Terruce, you’ll never become the heir of the Grandchester family. Never, remember it!”

Terry shut the door behind her, but could not bear what she was saying to her husband.

“I want him to leave this house! Do you listen to me, dear? These children belong to the Grandchesters!” she pointed to the two children standing near the cradle where the third child was sleeping. “It’s time to end all this!”

Terry went downstairs. His step-mother, step-brother, step-sister and… father were following him with their eyes.

“Why do you keep silence, Duke?.. If you loved that American woman… If you loved her even a minute – do not be silent!..”

“I have a headache”, madam said.

“Damn you! Go away!” in fury Terry threw off a vase and the framed father’s photo from the table. The glass broke, the porcelain turned into splinters. He took his raincoat and despite of the rain and thunder, went to the stable. He saddled his horse and rode away. “I don’t want to see you any more!..”


In Candy’s room.

“The crucifix from Pony’s Home”, Candy was talking to herself looking at her simple treasures. “And the badge of a Prince whom I met at the hill, and Anthony’s photo. These are my most valuable things and my most valuable memories… Anthony…” Candy suddenly heard a horse neighing. Through the window she saw a rider riding at night. Candy was horrified. The rider seemed to her to be… “ANTHONY!..” she ran out of the room. “Do not ride this horse!.. Do not ride this horse!..” It seemed to her that the events would repeat, the events, she did not want to go through again for any price… “Stop, Anthony!.. Anthony!..” Candy cried in despair and fell to the wet ground.

Terry heard the cry and turned his horse to the girl.

“Candy! Candy!.. Candy!..” he took her to his arms. Klin ran to them. “Candy, come to yourself!”

“Anthony…” Candy said in hardly audible voice. “Anthony…”

Terry went to the girls’ dormitory. He brought Candy to the medical center. He carefully covered the girl with a blanket, but she has not come to herself yet.

“Terruce! What has happened?” Sister Margaret came in. “Candice?..”

“She fell down from a fire-escape”, Terry replied.

“Oh, my God. I’ll call Sister Gray”, the nun quickly left the room.

“Anthony…” a tear ran down Candy’s cheek.

“I heard how she said ‘Anthony’…” he wiped the tear. “I wonder whom she is crying about…”

“Again… What has happened to Candy?” Sister Gray was going to the medical center.

“I do not know exactly, we should ask Terry…” Sister Margaret was following her.

“And where’s Terry?”

“In the medical centre.”

“He is not here”, the abbess noticed.

“Probably he got out through the window.”

Sister Gray examined Candy. Terry was hiding himself behind a tree trying to comfort Klin.

“Do not worry, Sister Gray will help her. You’ll see.”

“Sister!..” Candy came to herself. “Sister Gray!..”

“A concussion of the brain, but not serious, and some scratches”, Sister Gray said.

“Something frightened her at night. I wonder what you were doing at midnight”, Sister Margaret guessed.

“I went to bed, switched off the light and I had a terrible dream…” Candy began explaining.

“You dreamt that you turned into a bird”, Sister Gray continued bandaging Candy’s scratches.

“No, I dreamt that I turned into an angel and could fly… It was a beautiful feeling…”

“Actually you fell down the fire-escape and Terruce brought you here, understand?”

“Terruce?.. Terry?.. He brought me here…”

“And you even did not know it, did you?”

“Probably I lost consciousness…”

“Listen, Candice White Audrey”, Sister Gray said strictly. “Remember, please, when you go to bed, tie yourself to it!”

“Ok, Sister Gray…”

“Candy”, Sister Margaret said. “I’ll accompany you to your room. Can you go?”

“Yes, I can.”


Candy was going to her room. The nun was accompanying her.

“Terry brought me to the medical center. Now I understood, Terry was so like Anthony…” Candy heard a squeak. ”Who’s that?”

Terry covered Klin with his hand.

“What’s there, Candice?”


“Hurry, please.”

“Yes… It was Klin. It means Terry is not far too.”

Terry was hiding himself in the bushes watching how Candy was going along the corridor.

“Probably she frightened when fell down and lost consciousness…” he remembered the name Candy was repeating. “Anthony… Who is he?”

“It seemed to me that Anthony touched my face”, Candy was remembering sitting at the bed in her room. “But it again was Terry…”


Terry’s hand was so warm and Candy thought that his heart should be very kind too.


The end of 38th series.