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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


“I don’t want to lose you because of him!” Archie shouted.


“Because of that parvenu… Candy, for a long time I…”

“Become silent!!! Become silent, please…” Annie stood with tears in her eyes. She threw down the present-box and ran away.

Annie lapsed into despair when she found out that Archie loved Candy. But the most important was that Eliza and her friends found out that Annie has grown up in Ponny’s Orphanage together with Candy. Only Archie managed to comfort the girl who was hopelessly in love with him. Candy and Annie became good friends again.


An unexpected meeting.

When the moon is shining in the dark night sky, the schoolgirl of the St. Paul’s College and Klin in his hollow are sleeping. But not the guy, who is getting home with the help of a stranger…


The blond man opened the window of the dormitory and the dark-haired guy got inside.

“How are you?”

“Fine… I can myself…”

“I see… Well…”


The young man reached the room. Sleeping Candy heard the gnash of a key and woke up immediately.

“Who is here?” she saw the guy. “Terry?!” She jumped off the bed and put on the dressing-gown. “Terry, what is it?”

Terry understood where he was.

“Is it your room, Tarzan-girl? He brought me not there…”

“Blood!.. Terry, you are in blood!” Candy took the jug and the towel. “Gosh, what have you done?”

“I simply fought some guys. It was silly.”

“It seems to have been a real battle”, Candy began washing his wounds.

“I was fighting a whole group of ninja. Then I was helped by a passer-by and he brought me here. In fact, he mixed the door.”

“It smells wine from you, Terry”, Candy said.

“Really?” Terry exhaled at her.

“But why do you always break the rules and only for your own pleasure?!” Candy shouted at him, but Terry put his finger to lips – his wounds ached.

“They hurt you with a knife?”


“It is necessary to stop blood”, Candy went to bring a bandage. “Why did he fight? He belongs to such a rich and famous family, what does he want?”

“It aches, don’t be so severe”, Terry appealed to her kindness.

“You’d better keep silence while I am bandaging your wound”, Candy continued obstinately.

“Just do not pay off old scores, ok, Lady Tarzan?”

“Freckled Tarzan, don’t make mistakes, please”, Candy reminded.

“Your memory is good. Yes, you’re right, you’re Freckled Tarzan…” Terry made a wry face. “I am sorry, but may I go to bed? I shall leave soon. I am sorry you had to be busy with me.”

“Do not talk, it is harmful”, Candy wiped his forehead. “You are sweaty and can catch a cold… How can I help him? I can’t leave him without help…” Candy peeped into the corridor. “The medical center is already closed, I even can’t ask any sister for advise. What to do? I know”, she put on her clothes. “Terry, I will go to a drug-store.”

“Don’t make nonsense, I don’t need anything”, he objected.

“I can’t leave you like this”, Candy insisted. “Fortunately, I do not belong to those weak ladies who lose consciousness when see some blood. Be fine fellow and lie quietly.” Terry did not manage to stop her. “Bye!”

“But it doesn’t concern you at all…” Terry closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Klin joined Candy. And they were together going through the night city.

“Almost all the shops are closed. But some are still open. And here alcohol seems to be sold.”

“Hi, won’t drink with me?” she heard.

“Aha… Probably Terry comes here to drink… But where’s the drug-store?”

A young man with a mug of beer looked at the street.

“But this is…”

Candy and her long-tailed companion kept going the street.

“Hey! Wait a minute! You are Candy, aren’t you?” a male voice called her.

“What?” Candy turned her head. “Please, do not call me simply by name, I do not have any friends in London!” she answered indignantly.

“That’s me. Don’t you remember me, Candy?”

Candy was astonished. She knew that man, just earlier he had moustache and a beard.

“Mister Albert!.. You have not got moustache and the beard, but your voice, your kind smile… Mister Albert!” Candy rushed to him.

“Haven’t seen you for ages, Candy.”

“Yes, Mr. Albert…” Candy’s eyes were full of joy tears.

“Do not cry, Candy”, Mr. Albert said. “Let me look at your face. You look well.”

“You too, Mr. Albert.”

“Me too? Glad to hear.”

“You have shaved your moustache and the beard”, Candy said when they continued walking. “I thought you were older.”

“I am not so old. It’s a pity that I had to shave my moustache when I was 20. I think I should explain something. I work as inspector in a zoo. You see, it happened so, that all my animals were taken from me and brought to the London Zoo. I did not want to part with them, so I decided to work at the zoo.”

“And then you became the inspector, didn’t you?”

“Yes. It is the Blue River Zoo in London’s suburb. It’s very small, but well-equipped.”

“I’ll come to visit you on my next vacation”, Candy promised.

“I’ll be waiting. I did not expect to meet you in such a place.”

“Yes, we are in London and not in America. I needed a medicine, so I left the college. Medicine!” she remembered. “I need to buy some medicine! Mr. Albert, I must find a drug-store. My friend was injured!”

“Injured?” Mr. Albert asked. “Today I have already helped one injured guy. What has happened to your friend?”

“The wound seems to be serious. I need to buy some medicine and run back.”

“I understood. I know one drug-store. Let’s go”, and they hurried.


Terry opened his eyes.

“It seems I have fallen asleep… The wound isn’t bleeding any more. She bandaged it well, that Freckled Tarzan…” Terry tried to rise. “It seems I can move…” He went to the balcony where Candy has left her rope. “Bye, Candy.”


“Probably you feel very lonely at school”, Mr. Albert said to Klin. “Would you like to live in my zoo?”

“No, he fells not bad”, Candy smiled.

“Well, than it’s all right.”

“I’d like to talk with you more, Mr. Albert, but…”

“Ok, bring the medicine to your friend.”

“I’ll come to you on my next holidays.”

“I’ll be waiting, Candy.”

Mr. Albert helped Candy to get over the wall.

“Thank you a lot. Good-bye, Mr. Albert.”

“Good-bye, Candy”, Mr. Albert followed the running girl and the raccoon with his eyes. “Good night, Candy.”

Some time later Candy was back to her room.

“Here I am… Terry! But where’s he?” Candy took out the medicine. “Damn him! I brought the medicine for him and he has run away. And even did not say “good-bye”, Candy sat down her bed. “And I was so hurrying here, that even did not speak to Mr. Albert. I have not seen him for such a long time. I am so angry with you, Terry, awful guy!”

The nun who was going along the corridor heard a noise.

“Candice, what are you doing there?” she looked into the room. Candy was lying in bed under the blanket, but she was saying something through her dream. “Candy? You sleep already. She seems to talk while sleeping”, the nun noticed that Candy was sleeping with shoes. “Candy, when you go to bed, you should put off your shoes.”

She closed the door. Candy sat in bed.

“She understood everything. I was lucky that it was Sister Margaret and not the headmistress”, Candy began taking out her boots. “Oh, that Terry… Everything because of him… But I have met Mr. Albert… Probably Terry felt better if he left. Terry…”


“Ten days have passed since that night, but nothing is known about Terry”, Candy thought while going along the corridor. “And there were no talks that he was wounded. But I can’t go to his room after all!”

Eliza and her company were speaking to Annie.

“Annie, what sports were you doing at Pony’s Home?”

“Don’t you want to join any sports team?”

“No, thanks, I am very delicate…”

“You should try first and then refuse.”


Candy entered the class and frowned her face.

“Eliza… She is specially mocking… She knows that Annie doesn’t like sports.”

“Riding a horse gives a special pleasure”, the girls continued. “You should try, Annie. Annie, we can put your name into the list.”

“Annie”, Candy came to them.


“I see that you have become very close friends”, Eliza said venomously.

“People of low parentage always behave so”, her friend Louise added.

“You meant us, right?” Candy asked.


“Thanks God, this time you haven’t used the word “loathsome” or “contemptible people”!” Candy exclaimed. “Let it better be “people of low parentage.”

The girls understood their shame and left. Candy came to Annie.

“Forget them, don’t pay any attention.”

“Thank you, Candy. They may speak that I grew up in Pony’s Home. I do not make a secret of it any more.”

“Fine, Annie.”

“By the way, Candy, Archie will be waiting for you with a friend during the break in the lab.”

“Archie? Really? What do they want?”

“I do not know, they asked me to tell you this.”

“Annie, you seem to have made friends with Archie”, Candy winked at her friend.

Annie felt confused.


Stear examined the neighborhood of the lab. It seemed there were no strangers. He waved his hand into the window and two girls appeared from the bushes. Stear and Archie helped them to get into the lab through the window.

“Candy, Annie, welcome!”

“Here we are”, Candy began looking around.

“Ladies and gentlemen”, Stear began solemnly. “I have invited you here to present my new invention.”

“And what have you invented?”

“Now let’s see”, Stear removed a rag and a small ship with wings appeared. “It is called “The Ship for letters.”

“How? “The Ship for letters”?”

“Push the button, please, there, on the table.”

“This?” Candy took the console and pushed the button. The ship began waving wings and rose into the air.

“It is flying!” Annie exclaimed.

The ship was changing its direction according to Candy’s actions.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Stear asked. “It may fly between our rooms and carry our messages!”

“Wonderful! Stear, you are genius!”

“That’s a pity the snob from the neighboring room doesn’t hear it”, Archie said.

“Snob? You mean Terry? I wonder how he is. I haven’t seen him for a long time”, Candy said.

“He is fine”, Archie answered.

“He was injured and had to return to his castle”, Stear explained.

“So, he is all right…”

“Candy!!!” Stear wanted to warn her, but it was too late and the ship collided with a wall.

“Oh, my God, our ship broke!” Annie exclaimed.

“I am terribly sorry, forgive me, please…” apologized Candy.


Candy was lying in the grass on the top of “Pony’s Hill”. The grass seemed golden in sunset.

“I caused them troubles… Besides, Terry could come here and say “hello” to me.”

Suddenly she heard the sounds of the harmonica.

“It’s a pleasure to look at a sleeping girl, isn’t it?”

“Terry!” Candy rose. “You feel well! I am glad!”

“You should not worry about me, Freckles!”

“How many times should I repeat? I am Candy! That evening I hurried to a drug-store to buy a medicine…”

“What I hear! You broke the rules, you left without permission…”

“Do you laugh at me again? It made it for you, don’t you understand?”

Terry’s eyes sparkled dangerously.

“Do not pester to me with your kindness!”

Candy was looking at him almost frightened.

“That guy… His face expression is so terrible… His eyes are so cold…” Terry turned his head. Candy came to herself.

“I don’t pester to you with kindness! You’ll never get it, even if you decide to buy!”

She ran away. Terry did not move.

“What a guy! Why is he trying to be so awful?” Candy thought running. “Monster!”


“Before we eat, let’s appeal to Lord”, Sister Margaret said and the girls began praying. But Candy was thinking about another things.

“Even in the soup I see the reflection of that face. Sometimes he is so tender, and suddenly drinks and fights… I do not understand him at all… I have never met such a strange person before. No, I don’t want to think about him… Forget him and that’s all!..”



The “Blue River” Zoo.

“Mr. Sun Glasses?” the cashier was speaking to the freckled girl. “He is there, in the social room.”

Candy thanked and went to look for the room.

“The social room…” Candy saw a hut. “It seems to be much cleaner there than here…” She knocked at the door. “Mr. Albert! Mr. Albert!”

“Come in, please!”

“Mr. Albert…” Candy looked inside. Terry turned his head to look who has come in.


“Candy?!” Terry exclaimed joyfully, but suddenly became silent. They both felt confused. Mr. Albert looked at them.

“Oh, you seem to know each other.”

“We study in the same school”, Candy answered confused.

“So, it means, two mischievous children of St. Paul’s College are here!” Albert burst out laughing.


“You are like always and he drinks and fights at nights.”

“So, that night you helped Terry, didn’t you?”

“Yes, if he had not helped me, they would have killed me”, Terry agreed. “But…”

“What but?”

“But you brought me to the girls’ dorm”, Terry smiled.

“And you came to my room…”

“To the girls’ dorm?” Albert asked again. “I even hadn’t understood that the injured guy were you. I accompanied Candy to the drug-store.”

“I am sorry for that evening…” Terry apologized.

“You should be very strong if you helped him”, Candy said.

“I simply have more experience in fights”, Mr. Albert winked at them.

“So you too were a mischievous child”, Terry guessed.

“Yes, and I still am, and will be for my whole life”, Mr. Albert said playfully and laughed.

“Me too!” Terry joined him.

Candy could not recognize him.

“Terry is laughing… What a kind smile, as if the sun looked into the window. I am so glad… But… Terry does not mean anything to me, I swear! But… But…”


For some reason Candy continued thinking about Terry, but she did not know why.


The end of 37th series.