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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


Candy was very much surprised when she found out that Annie wrote letters to Archie almost every day. She felt very lonely, because she understood that Annie, who was like a sister to her, now step-by-step was keeping away from her.


Remarkable Sunday.

Candy and Patty entered the hall full of girls. They were briskly discussing something in groups. “Really? – Me too”, could be heard from everywhere.

“Do you know why they are so cheerful, Patty?” Candy asked.

“Probably they are happy because the Fifth Sunday is coming soon”, Patty guessed.

“The Fifth Sunday? And what?”

“This day we can go to the city.”

“We will be able to leave this place, won’t we? I am like in prison here!” Candy was happy. “We will do what we want!” she was speaking too loudly. Horrified young ladies gazed at her. “I’m sorry, it seems I have said something wrong…”


Later Candy was sitting in her room peering at a calendar.

“This year there will be four Fifth Sundays…” Klin came to visit her. “Klin! I have good news, Klin! This Sunday we can go anywhere we like!” Holding Klin in her arms, Candy anticipated what she would see. “Let’s go on excursion to London with Archie and Stear. The Tower’s bridge, St. Paul… We could sail along Thames…”


The long-waited Fifth Sunday has finally come.

Parents were meeting their children near the college gates.

“Mummy! Daddy!” happy children were embracing their parents.

“Hurrah! How fine!” Stear exclaimed when he and his brother passed the gates.

“Alistair! Archibald!” the cabman was waving his hand.

“Here’s our carriage”, Archie said.

“It’s good that we’re going to go in the carriage.”

“Glad to see you”, the servant greeted them.

“We have to wait for Candy”, Archie asked. “She hasn’t come here yet.”

“But everybody is waiting for you already.”

“Candy is always the first in such cases, you know”, Stear smiled kindly.

The brothers went to the carriage.

“It seems we were late…”

The two Legans were already waiting for them in the carriage.

“Why not we go?” Eliza asked as if nothing happened. “You know, Madam Elroy is waiting for us.”

“But where’s Candy?”

“We all are here. Cabman, let’s go!” Neil shouted.

“Let’s wait, Candy will come soon!..” Stear shouted but the carriage has already moved.

The last girl left the college.

“Dressing took me so long…” Candy was running. She met a nun. “Good-bye, Margaret!”

“Where are you going, Candice?”

“Where?! You are joking! I am new here, but I already know about the Fifth Sunday”, Candy stated.

“Candice, you did not prepare for leaving the school, did you?”

“Did not prepare?”

“Even if it is the Fifth Sunday, you cannot leave the college without the permission of your parents or relatives.”


Sister Margaret sent Candy back to her room.

“You’d better go to your room and prepare the homework for tomorrow”, she closed the door.

Candy stayed in loneliness.

“Now I understand everything, Klin”, she said to the raccoon who was sitting at the stairs. “What if we go to the local Ponny’s Hill?” a good idea brightened her mood. “I will be very glad.”


The sun was shining at a tree, very similar to the one near Ponny’s House. Candy ran there.

“Wait a minute, Klin!…” the wind was blowing to her face. “If it was the real Ponny’s Hill and Annie was here with me I would be so happy…” Worried Klin interfered her dreams. “What has happened, Klin?” Candy looked around. A smoke was rising from the grass. “Fire! Water! Wate-e-er!” she ran to save everything alive, but found only a guy lying in the grass and smoking a cigarette. “Who are you?”

The guy raised calmly.

“What’s the matter? What a panic?” he asked imperturbably.

“Terruce, you?” Candy coughed. “Why are you smoking here?”

“Do not stammer and do not look so greedy. If you want, I can give you to smoke too”, and he offered the surprised girl a cigarette.

“You’re laughing!”

“And don’t make such a face, cause all the freckles are seen!” he was testing Candy’s patience. “And when you raise your nose, the freckles also move!”

“How much can you speak about freckles? Stop reminding me about them! Intolerable creature!”

“So you don’t like freckles?! Tarzan-girl.”


“The white rope flashed in night as if it were alive”, Terry began the narration. “At the risk of her life, the monkey-girl was getting from the girls’ dormitory to the boys’ one!..”

“So you have seen how I was making my way to Archie’s room…” Candy was astonished.

“Freckled Lady, Tarzan-girl, is also guilty”, Terry continued. “How do you like “Freckled Tarzan”?”

“What does it mean?”

“It’s your name.”

“My name is Candice White Audrey! And I do not have any other name, understood?! I am Candice! White! Audrey!”

“Ok, I understood”, Terry stood up. “Freckled Tarzan, do not boil!”

“What a…”

“Do not be angry, because your freckles become even more visible. By the way, what are you doing here? Today is the Fifth Sunday.”

“And why are you here?”

“I wanted to stay myself. When everybody leaves I will be able to stay alone.”

“How strange you are! Listen, I call this hill “Ponny’s Hill”. It is a very important place for me. So don’t dare to come to my hill and smoke here without my permission!”

With these words Candy left. Terry whistled in surprise.

“Her hill! Have you heard it?”


Madam Elroy was meeting her grand nephews in her fashionable room in one of London’s hotels.

“Glad to see you in good health.”

“Welcome to London, Madam Elroy”, Eliza demonstrated her good education and courtesy.

“How was your journey, Madam Elroy?” Neil followed his sister’s example.

“It was wonderful. Here are gifts for you from America. Neil, Eliza…” Aunt Elroy started giving presents. “Stear, Archie, these are for you.”

Brothers Cornwall did not move from their place.

“What’s the matter? What do your face expressions mean?”

“Why did you forget Candy, Madam Elroy?” Archie reminded.

“Where’s a present for Candy?” Stear asked. “Candy also belongs to the Audrey’s family.”

“Only by a name”, Eliza stated.

“Shut up. I have asked Aunt Elroy.”

“I am not obliged to make her presents”, Aunt Elroy answered less kindly.

“Well”, Archie said. “But why did not you invite her with us?”

“Archie, do you think that I have made this way to taint my mood?” Aunt Elroy was not smiling any more.

Somebody knocked at the door.

“The guests, Madam.”

“Invite them”, the old lady said.

“Probably it’s Candy”, Stear hoped.

A young brunette appeared at the doorstep.

“Annie!.. ”

“Annie Brighton”, Eliza has recognized the girl.

“I haven’t seen you for such a long time”, Annie replied politely.

“Sit down, please…”

Young Miss Brighton with her mother entered the room.


Candy was lying on her bed.

“Only I and this intolerable Terry were left at school. I can imagine how happy they all are, they all have fun…” she heard a knock at the door. “Who is it? Was somebody else left at school except two of us? Maybe…” she remembered her recent interlocutor. “Terry?” Candy was not going to continue the conversation. “I am busy!”

“Candice, open the door!”

“Margaret!” Candy quickly stood up.

“Quicker, Candice. A carriage is waiting for you”, Sister Margaret said.

“Waiting for me? Are you joking?”

“Hurry, Candice. You cannot make them wait so long.”

“Sure! Who has come to see me?” Candy thought loudly.

“Somebody from America.”

“From America? Wait a minute, Sister Margaret! Could you tell me who has come? I need to know it very much!..”


“Who could have come from America?” Candy thought while following Sister Margaret. “Miss Ponny, Miss Maria or Tom? Now I’ll see…”

“Candice, hurry!”

“Yes, yes! I am going, Klin!” she winked at the raccoon.

The nun opened the iron gate and Candy left.

“Hi, Candy!” a man whom she knew well said.

“Mister Brighton!”

Mister Brighton was the man who took Annie from Ponny’s Orphanage and was bringing her up in his family.

“Let’s go, Candy.”

“Has Annie also arrived? Has she come with you, Mr. Brighton?” Candy looked into the carriage.

“Have a nice day, Candice”, Sister Margaret closed the gate.

“Annie!” Candy got into the carriage.

“She is in the hotel now”, Mr. Brighton said.

“She is waiting for me, isn’t she? I can’t believe that I’ll see her in London!”

The passengers were observing London through the window of the carriage.

“This is the Tower of London”, Mr. Brighton was telling.

“When we were little we used to sing a song”, Candy replied. “London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down, my fair Lady!” This is probably Tower’s Bridge? Look, Klin, we see such a bridge for the first time.”

“Candy, tell me, where you would like to go.”

“To the hotel, where Annie is waiting for me, of course!”

“All the Audreys are there too.”

“So… Madam Elroy also?” Candy lowered her head. “Now I understand why I was not invited together with everybody.”

“You know it is the same for me, but my wife…” Mr. Brighton was excusing himself. “She doesn’t like that Annie was brought up in Ponny’s Orphanage together with you.”

“Well, then we won’t go there, Mr. Brighton.”

“Thank you, Candy. I can bring you anywhere. Choose.”

“It’s the same, if only in the fresh air. AA-AAAA!!!” Klin fell down from Candy’s knees when he heard her cry. “I want to shout”, Candy explained smiling.

“Fine”, Mr. Brighton answered and ordered to the cabman. “To Epson, please.”


They arrived to the place, where horse races were held.

“It is races!”

“You are able to shout here as much as you want. A horse from America participates in the races.”

“A horse from America? In the races?”

“Yes. It is Pony Flash.”

“Pony Flash?” Candy peered into the program. “This is the horse from Mr. Steve’s farm. From Tom’s farm!”

“Do you know them?”

“Yes. My friend lives there. He has also lived in Ponny’s House.”

“What a meeting!”

“Mr. Brighton, I can’t see Pony Flash.”


“Is it Pony, Mr. Brighton?” Candy pointed to the nice horse. “Tom prepared it well. Do the best, Pony Flash!” she shouted.

Somebody laid his hand on her shoulder.


“Do not call this horse by another name. This is Royal Kint and the main favourite of the next races.”

“This is Pony Flash”, Mr. Brighton showed her another horse.

“How did not I recognize it at once?” Candy said confused looking at Pony Flash.

“It’s very like you!” Terry burst out laughing. “Freckled from head to feet!”

“What? Anyway, what’s the difference? I am sure it runs fast and this is the most important!”

“Fine. Want to bet?” he offered.

“To bet?”

“If this funny horse is at lest the third, I will never call you Freckled Lady. Only Miss Candice White Audrey. Ok?”


“Sure, but if the horse won’t , you’ll become my slave.”

“Your slave?!”

“When you see me with a cigarette, you’ll give me a match immediately and so on…”

“Who could agree with that?!”

“But it is not known yet who will win the races anyway.”

“Then I agree.”

“Fine”, and Terry left.

“Do not you want to introduce me to him?” Mr. Brighton asked.

“He doesn’t deserve to be introduced to you.”


The races began.

“The start was given already.”

“Pony Flash!..”

“It seems Pony has delayed at the start…”Mr. Brighton noticed. Candy felt a little upset.

“Pony Flash! Pony Flash!” Candy was trying to cheer up the horse.

“What a pity”, Terry said lazily.

“Pony Flash! Tom in America is also your fan!” Candy shouted.

“Very good! Bravo, Pony Flash!” Mr. Brighton joined her.

“Oh… Still the last…”

The horse step-by-step began to outstrip its rivals.

“Pony! Pony! Tom’s friend is your fan! Pony!” Candy went to the handholds. “Three more… Bravo!!!”

Pony Flash was hurrying to the finish, but it came the fourth. Candy was horrified…

“You won”, Candy said to Terry who came nearby. “So, would like me to clean your boots?”

“It seemed to me that the horse was the third”, Terry answered imperturbably.


“Let’s think it was a draw.”

“Terry…” Candy followed him with her eyes.

“What a pity… It might have been the third”, Mr. Brighton came to Candy.

“Thank you a lot, Mr. Brighton. I haven’t shouted with such pleasure for a long time.”

“Me too”, Mr. Brighton agreed.

“I was shouting so loudly that now it seems to me that all my sorrows and grief has left me.”


“Thank you, Mr. Brighton.”


The Fifth Sunday was going to the end.

“How beautiful”, Candy said. “The sun is setting and the St. Paul’s Cathedral became pink.”

“And your face too.”

“And yours, Mr. Brighton. And Klin is pink!” Candy and Mr. Brighton laughed.

They continued standing by the river and looking at the sunset.

“Candy, sometimes I think that if we have taken you to our family and not Annie all the Brightons would have changed a lot.”

“Mr. Brighton…”

“Annie is a very good girl, she is kind and behaves well…”

“She’s much better than many others!”

“To tell the truth, I have invited you for a walk to ask you to take care of Annie. Annie is going to attend a new school.”

“St’ Paul’s College?”

“My wife and Annie went to greet the Audreys and I came to meet you.”


“Only you really worry about Annie and this is why you are her most reliable friend.”

“But if she notices me…”

“This is the matter. She is very proud, so I ask you to take care of her so, that she doesn’t notice.”

The tears appeared in Candy’s eyes.

“Will you do it, Candy?”

“Sure… I envy Annie a little… She has such a loving father. Mr. Brighton, I will do everything I can.”

“Thank you, Candy.”

Candy began turning round the raccoon.

“Klin! Annie will go to our school! I will see her every day! I will show her my Ponny’s Hill!”

Mr. Brighton was looking at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Candy was looking at Mr. Brighton…


Mr. Brighton’s figure reminded Candy a huge tree at the top of Ponny’s Hill. She imagined how she would help Annie. And then Candy envied her friend a little.


The end of 35th series.