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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


Grandmother Martha, who appeared so unexpectedly, helped Candy and Patty to become friends. After she has left the college, the girls were spending time in loneliness.


The envelope which was turned inside out.

The young ladies were finishing their dinner in the canteen. Candy was the first, of course.

“The dinner was very delicious!” she announced joyfully.

The others looked at her with criticism. The nun made her a remark.

“Nothing surprising, she has grown up in the stable”, Eliza was quietly talking with her friends.

“Oh, I forgot that I should not rise before the others haven’t finished their dinner”, Candy sat back on her chair in front of the empty plate. “Why are they leaving so much food?” she could not understand the other girls’ behaviour who were leaving plates with the rest of the dinner.

After the dinner and pray the nun started distributing letters. A letter for Archibald Cornwall accidentally appeared among the letters. There was a message for Candy too.

“From Ponny’s House!” she shouted and ran to read it not listening to the nun.

“Dear Candy, we hope you already got used to the new life in London and feel happy every day”, Miss Ponny wrote. “Sister Maria and I are busy with the children all the time. This spring many new animals were born. A goat, five chickens, seven pigs… We were very glad. We all are so happy…”

“They are probably so cute”, Candy thought aloud.

Eliza, who appeared very irrelevant, seized the envelope.

“Look what an interesting envelope! Have you got a letter in this envelope? It is for the first time in our school!” Her friends couldn’t wait to look at the envelope. But Candy was not going to tolerate their behaviour.

“Eliza!” she slapped her. “This envelope is turned inside out. What so special do you see here?”

At that moment Sister Margaret entered the room.

“Stop immediately! How do you behave?”

Eliza’s protectors said that Candy attacked them.

“I do not want to stay in one college with the girl who fights!” Eliza said.

“To read other people’s letters is even more shame. Ladies never behave in such a way”, Sister Margaret said strictly. “Remember it.”

Eliza and her friends did not expect everything to end that way. The nun ordered them to go to their rooms. Patty returned the letter to Candy who felt encouraged.

Eliza and her company stopped in the darkness on the stairs.

“She supports Candy”, they were indignant.

“I won’t forgive her”, Eliza promised. “During tomorrow’s pray something will happen…”


Next day after the pray Candy and Patty noticed Eliza talking with her brother.

“It seems she is inventing something”, Candy suspected. Patty began worrying too, but Candy suggested not to pay attention to them.

“Hi, Candy!” Neil grabbed Candy’s elbow. “I need to tell you something.”

“Do not worry, Patty, go forward”, Candy winked at her friend.

Neil dragged Candy to the park.

“Let me go myself!” Candy said discontentedly. “What do you want to tell me?”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time”, Neil laughed. “I couldn’t even imagine that you’ll appear in London.”

“Nor could I”, Candy agreed. “And it is a pity that we found ourselves here together.”


“I see you aren’t in low spirits here too.”

“Well”, he whistled and two vile guys appeared from behind the trees.

“I know why you are so brave”, the girl said derisively. “It’s the same for you whom to ask for a help.”

“Shut up your too big mouth”, Neil answered. “Is your dress also turned inside out? I have heard that you like things which are turned inside out. We’ll check it!”

“No!” Candy slammed his arm. “How you dare!”

She tried to run away, but fell on the ground.

“She isn’t weak!” one guy said. He and his friend were holding Candy.

“Let me go!”

“If it’s painful, why don’t you cry?” Neil continued mocking. “If you cry, I let you go!”

Candy didn’t answer.

“There is no place for a girl like you in this school!” Neil managed to say before he felt a blow of a whip on his hand. The same happened to his friends.

“Did I disturb you? What’s going on?” a guy in a red frock coat who was sitting on a tree branch asked derisively.

“Terry?!” Candy exclaimed, as it was he of course. The frightened guys gazed at him.

“I asked if I disturbed you”, Terry jumped on the ground. “So?”

“It’s all right, all right…” Neil murmured and stepped back.

“I understood. Do you know who I am?” Terry’s voice was not promising anything good. “And a rich man is always brave”, and he pushed Neil aside. “You, three Americans, have attacked a girl. I’ll show you what an English gentleman means!” and he hit with fists one guy to a stomach, the other to a jaw. “And now go away!”

Three guys quickly ran away. Terry picked up his whip from the ground and turned back.

“Wait!..” Candy stopped him a little shyly.

“What?” Terry turned his head.

“Thank you!.. Thank a lot!..”

“You don’t need to thank me”, Terry laughed. “I was not going to help you. I simply do not like such guys and that’s all.”

He again looked at the girl who could not tear her eyes from him.

“Why do you look at me so? Do you want to tell me about your love, Lady Freckles?”

“Lady Freckles?” Candy was astonished. “Probably he remembered our meeting at the ship. He remembers it, though he pretended all the time that doesn’t know me…”

“I know a very good place where you could tell me about love”, Terry continued with conspiratorial tone. “Let’s go?”

“Why I have to go?” Candy asked indignantly.

“Well… I am not interested in freckled girls at all. Bye”, Terry answered imperturbably and left as if nothing has happened.

“I wanted to thank you sincerely!” Candy continued when she stayed alone. She was getting more and more angry. “I am not Lady Freckles! Remember!!! I am Candice White Audrey!!!”


Later she was sitting at the table in her room and writing a letter to Miss Ponny.

“Oh, I need to write so many things!” the young lady remembered the guy, who helped her. “Terry? No, I won’t write about such a terrible guy! He is bad and disgusting! No, I don’t like him!”

Patty entered her room.

“One boy in glasses asked me to give it to you”, confused she gave Candy a piece of paper.

“Probably, it was Stear. Thanks”, Candy took the paper, but saw the signs, which she could not understand. “What is it?” she showed Patty the paper.

“No-no, I do not read the other people’s letters”, Patty reddened.

“It is not a letter, it is a code.”

Patty agreed to look at it .

“It is the Morse Code.”

“Which is used for telegrams?”

Patty nodded. Then she showed Candy a window where a lantern was blinking quite far.

“It is Stear”, Candy guessed. “He is giving signs by light. But what do they mean?”

“C-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e… T-h-a-n-k-s…” Patty began translating. “K-l-i-n… i-s… f-i-n-e… t-o-o… C-o-m-e… h-e-r-e…”

“He says “Come here”… Candy looked around and took out her lasso from under the bed. “Will you go with me?” she asked her friend.

“Where do you go?”

“To the boys’ dorm, of course!”

“What do you say!” Patty was shocked. “God won’t allow it!”

“I think God has already went to bed”, Candy winked at Patty. “I’ll bring you some chocolate”, she added, cause Patty considered impossible to go with her.

With the help of the lasso Candy reached a tree near Archie and Stear’s room. Archie was waiting for the quest on the balcony holding a lantern in his hands. Klin was there too.

“Candy? Are you here?”

“Good evening, Archie!”

“Be careful!..”

“Do not worry, I am used to such things”, Candy reached the nearest to the balcony branch and jumped to the balcony. “Not very soft, but all right”, she comforted her cousin.

“Klin, I haven’t seen you for a long time”, she embraced the raccoon, but Archie hastened her to leave the balcony for nobody see her.

They entered the room.

“Hello!” they heard from somewhere.

“Stear, where are you?” Candy understood nothing.

“Here!” Stear’s voice was heard from the ceiling. “Hi, Candy! I am a spider-man! It’s my new invention!”

“And this is my brother! It’s a shame for me!” Archie was distressed.

“Even Edison could not invent how to walk the ceiling!” Stear was pleased with himself.

“Later let me try?” Candy asked enthusiastically.

“Sure, if you put on these… Oh, no!” the weight of the inventor was too high and he safely fell down on the bed. “Probably the attractive force was too small… But next time I will make a new model!”

They decided to have some tea with sweets. Candy began putting cups on the table.

“And who lives in the neighbouring room?” she asked.

“One objectionable guy, who made a circus during the morning pray”, answered the brothers, who obviously were not sojourning in delight from such a neighbourhood.

“Terry?” the girl was surprised.

“Yes. Terruce Grandchester.”

“Once he even almost fought Archie ”, Stear said.

“Yes”, his brother confirmed gloomy. “I accidentally entered his room…

… And met the master of the room face to face.


“I am sorry…”

Instead of answer Archie received a slap to his nice face.

“Stay away from my door!” Terry was not going to stand on ceremony.

“Why did you slap me? I apologized!” Terry did not pay any attention to him. “You’ve injured my face!” Archie rushed behind his new enemy, but the classmates stopped him.

“Forget, Archie, he always behaves like this… We never know what he thinks about…”


“Next time I shall fight to the end”, Archie promised gloomy. Candy was shocked. “To tell the truth, I do not like him.”

“Nor do I”, Candy confirmed.

“Has he done a bad turn to you?”

“I can say so”, Candy hushed up and changed the topic. “Besides, Archie, today your letter was brought to the girls’ dormitory.”

“Here it is”, Stear took the letter. “Do you mean this letter?”

Archie seemed even more gloomy.

“Have you read it, Archie?”

“Not yet”, Stear answered again. “Archie’s pride doesn’t allow him.”

“Stop!” Archie tried to pull the letter out of his brother’s hand but unsuccessfully.

“If you don’t want to read, maybe I should throw it away?”

“Sure, you can!”

“Forget you pride!” Stear advised playfully.

“And who wrote the letter?” Candy asked.

“To my dear Archie from Annie Brighton…” Stear managed to read before the receiver of the letter pulled it out of his hands.


“He gets her letters once a week.”

“So often?” a smile appeared on Candy’s face. She remembered her best friend. “Annie… She writes to Archie every week…”

“Why don’t you read Annie’s letter?” she asked Archie.

“I don’t want to read it!” Archie continued to repeat.

“I have heard that Annie wants to attend this school”, Stear said.

Somebody knocked at the door.

“Open the door.”

“The headmistress decided to check the rooms!” Archie felt scared.

“What to do?” Candy was afraid too.

“Go to that room”, Stear showed a way to escape.

Candy hid herself in the adjacent room. Sister Gray and some other nuns entered the room.

“Archibald Cornwall? Alistair Cornwall?” the abbess said. “It’s high time you switched off the light. What are you doing?”

“To tell the truth, we were discussing the difference between the moon in America and in London”, Stear began inventing. “From the scientific point of view…”

Sister Gray has counted the cups on the table. There were three.

“I had two cups!” Stear continued.

“Check the adjacent room!” the abbess commanded. The nuns followed the order. The brothers were very afraid for Candy, but she was not there any more.

“Candy isn’t one of those who hide themselves in the same place for a long time”, the girl invisible among branches was saying holding a raccoon in her hands. “Klin, Annie may come here. I know maybe we won’t be friends. Annie doesn’t want anybody to know that she has also lived in Ponny’s Orphanage. I have to keep the secret too… Oh, Eliza behaves in such a way… I understand why Annie is hiding her past”, Candy said sadly and noticed a dark figure in her window. “Oh, my God, Patricia is still waiting for me! I have to go, Klin. Good night!” and she hurried to return.

“I am sorry, Patty, I could not bring you some chocolate”, Candy regretted.

“Do not worry…” Patty lowered her eyes. “I was waiting for you to apologize…”

“What for?”

“I’ve made a terrible mistake… I wanted to know what was written in the letter with the envelope turned inside out…”

“It’s Ok!” Candy smiled. “There are no secrets from you!”

“I was crying… I envy you, Candy…”


“When I was reading, I imagined how she was writing it, how accurately she opened the envelope and then made a new of it…”

“It’s true… When all the children go to bed, Miss Ponny writes letters. Thank you, Patty!”

“Candy, you are so happy to have such a letter!..”

“Thanks, Patty! How silly I was. I became angry because of the envelope turned inside out!”

“God will punish you, if you think so.”

“You understand everything, Patricia”, Candy took her friend by a hand.

“Not only me. Sister Margaret too!”

“Yes, that’s why she stopped Eliza.”

“If your heart is kind, you will always see other people’s kind hearts…”

Candy nodded and embraced her friend laughing.


If your heart is kind, you will always see kind hearts of other people… Candy thought so too, but she could not understand why Terry, who was so rude sometimes, could be very kind. And the more she thought about him, the more she did not understand him…


The end of 34th series.