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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


A small hill, which Klin has found, was so much like Ponny’s Hill, that Candy felt herself much better and her new life in London did not seem so terrible to her.

“Now I feel myself perfectly, Klin” she said.


The appearance of a cheerful Granny.

“And I am ready to oppose all Eliza’s base acts”, Candy was saying to herself, while sitting at her table in the evening. “Dear Miss Ponny and Sister Maria, I am going to call this hill “The unreal Ponny’s Hill”… Suddenly she heard a noise in the corridor. “What has happened?”

Candy ran downstairs and saw the reason of the fuss.


“Terruce, do you know that this is the girls’ dormitory?” Sister Margaret was speaking to him.

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you know that it is forbidden to come here?”

“What a terrible guy!” some girls expressed their opinion.

“Terruce, you seem to be drunk.”

“And do you want to drink too?” Terry asked. The nun appealed to the Lord. “Good evening, ladies. You all are so funny. Your place is in the zoo.” Terry continued.

“Terruce, immediately go to your room!”

“Well, I’ll go. You will tell Sister Gray about me, of course. But my father will pay for the window I have broken. Remember it”, and he left.

“That's all right”, Sister Margaret said. “Return to your rooms.”

Girls left the corridor. Candy tried to speak to Patty, but Patty hurried to her room. Eliza, who was following everything, was, of course, very satisfied.

“Probably Eliza told her not to speak to me”, Candy concluded.

“Candy, quickly go to your room”, the nun reminded.

When Candy entered her room, an unfamiliar old woman rushed to her.

“Patty!” the old lady noticed the girl. “But you aren’t Patty! I am sorry, I need Patty’s room. She is my granddaughter.”

“Patty? She lives in the neighbouring room. Follow me”, Candy suggested.

The old lady took her suitcase and a violin’s case.

“Grandmother!” Patty exclaimed. “How did you get here?”

“With the help of a magic force”, the old woman smiled.

“You can’t imagine what will happen if you are found here!”

“What a nice room…” the grandmother was looking around. “And where’s the wardrobe? I need to hang up my clothes. I am going to stay here for a few days.”

“But Granny, it is impossible…”

“Aren’t you happy to see your Granny, Patty?” Candy asked.

“What are you saying! Nobody of the relatives is allowed to come here without a special permission!”

“Nobody will find me”, the old lady promised.

“My friends will come and see you”, the granddaughter objected.

“You are as timid as your grandfather”, the grandmother smiled.

“Why can’t she stay in my room? Nobody will come to me, at least during the next few days”, Candy offered.

“I like the idea. Patty, your heart sank into your boots, you might have got a heart attack”, she winked at her granddaughter. “So, what’s your name?”

“My name is Candy.”

“A very nice name. And I am Martha.”

Candy took Madam Martha’s suitcase.

“Candy”, Patty said shyly. “Be cautious.”

Candy looked out in the corridor to be sure nobody was there.

“The danger passed, Madam.”

“I feel like a girl”, the old lady whispered happily. They both hurried to Candy’s room.

“Place your things, please.”

“Candy, I want to ask you something. Why don’t your friends come to your room?”

“Because I am new here”, Candy explained. “But I am not upset.”

“Yes, the worst thing is when people often feel upset”, the old lady was reasoning while sitting on the sofa.

“I also think so”, Candy agreed. ”Here’s your bed. I think you’d like to stay with Patty for some time.”

“It would be fine, but not necessary”, Madam Martha explained. “I’d like to know what the school-life is like.”

“You did not attend the school?” Candy asked. When she heard the affirmative answer, she asked:

“Was your life difficult?”

“Absolutely not. To the contrary, my parents nursed with me too much. My father was afraid that children would offend me at school. So I had seven teachers, who used to teach me at home. Can you imagine? I always dreamt to go to school.”

“And now you are here.”

“And my wish came true”, the old lady opened the case. “I’ll play for you now.”

“The violin?”

“Yes. My husband left it to me.”

Patty heard the sound of the violin.

“This is Granny! Somebody can hear her!” she looked out of the room and noticed a nun in the corridor. “Oh, my God…”

“It is magnificent…” Candy was listening to music.

Somebody knocked at the door, and the aged lady quickly hid herself.

“Candice, don’t you think that you disturb the people while playing the violin?” Sister Margaret asked.

“I am sorry”, Candy apologized.

“Something is wrong”, Eliza looked out of her room. “Candy was playing the violin?..”

“That’s all right”, Candy said to her guest, when the nun left. Madam Martha got out of the wardrobe.

“I like being here very much”, she said happily. “But I could have played better.”

“It’s good, but…” Candy took the text-book. “I forgot that I need to do my Mathematics homework.”

Madam Martha looked at the homework.

“I am not very good at Mathematics…” Candy confessed.

“No problems”, the aged woman said. “We’ll do it together. Remember, I have had seven teachers…”


Candy correctly wrote an equation on the blackboard during the lesson.

“Everybody should try to study like Miss Audrey”, the teacher said. “She arrived to our school only a few days ago and correctly answered a difficult question.”

“Something is wrong here…” Eliza thought. “And she was playing a violin late at night…”


Candy like other schoolgirls went to the park during the break.

“Candy!” Eliza called her. “Can you make me a favor?”

“What a dirty trick have you invented this time?” Candy asked.

“A dirty trick? Is it a dirty trick to ask you to play a violin?” Miss Legan said innocently. “We organize a concert tonight.”

“And we want you to play a violin for us”, the other girls confirmed.

“I do not play so well for I could make concerts.”

“What do you say? You play better than you think. It will be a very merry concert.”

“Maybe you hide something in your room? I will find it out…” Eliza hinted.

“Well, I’ll play if you insist”, Candy replied.


Three friends gathered at the “Ponny’s Hill” to discuss the matter.

“How can we make them not to find the old lady?” Candy was asking. “Can you suggest something?”

“We agree to help, but what to invent for you could play?” Archie seemed to have no idea, but Stear was thinking of something.

“Only without your awful inventions”, Archie warned his brother.

“And what if I can help her?” Stear objected. “We need one more violin, an artificial one. She will pretend that is playing.”

“It will be a lie”, Candy said.

“They won’t guess at all. It will be a simple trick. So, be ready after the lessons.”

“I hope we can trust you?” Archie asked.

Stear nodded.


“I am very sorry to ask you”, Candy said to her guest. “But maybe you could hide yourself behind the curtain?”

“It’s excellent! I feel as I can fly!” Madam Martha was excited. She hurried to hide when she heard a knock at the door, but it was her granddaughter. “Patty, you frightened me!”

“Are you going to play a violin tonight, Candy?” Patty asked.

“Yes”, Candy confirmed. “I will pretend that I am playing”. She hinted that actually Madam Martha will hide and play.

“It seems we will have an interesting evening”, the grandmother began dancing around the room.

“But if anybody guess…”

“Are you afraid again?” the old lady winked at Patty.

“Do not worry, Patty. It will be all right”, Candy said.

“Certainly”, the grandmother confirmed. “Why not have fun?”


The girls, who were sitting at the table in the sitting-room, began applauding to the blond violinist at the stage.

“I am Candy White and now I’ll play for you. Can you switch off the lights?” Candy asked. “The atmosphere will be more pleasant.” And she began playing.

“Where has she learnt to play so well?” Eliza continued thinking at the same time trying to stop all the compliments concerning Candy’s playing.

Candy continued playing. The girls were listening. One of them probably has suspected something and whispered something to Eliza.

“Candy!” Eliza stood up. “Stop!”

“Let me finish, and then you’ll say your opinion”, Candy protested.

“I want to look at your violin!”

“It is a very fragile thing…”

“Let me look at it!” Eliza took the violin and gave it to her friend. The girl examined the violin.

“She was simply pretending!”

“I knew it.”

The girls noticed that the curtain moved.

“And who is there behind the curtain?”

Eliza pushed Candy and drew the curtain aside. There was Patty with a violin in her arms.

“Now everything is clear. Patty played the violin last night”, Eliza concluded loudly. “Probably it was she who helped Candy with Mathematics. Let’s go.”

“It is not funny at all”, the girls were speaking. “Candy plays a violin? It could not be true.”

Suddenly the girls heard a cry in the corridor and quickly ran there. A fat frightened girl affirmed that she had seen a ghost.

“It was wearing our school uniform, but it’s face was wrinkled.”

Candy and Patty only gave a smile to each other.


In Candy’s room.

“I am a ghost?!” Granny asked again. “How funny!”

“Patty, how have you appeared behind the scenes?” Candy asked.

“When I suspected that they have guessed, I went there.”

“It was the happiest moment in my life”, Madam Martha was excited. “Even my seven teachers couldn’t make me feel so happy!”

Patty began crying.

“Please, Granny, go home”, she implored. “I am so worried that you’re still here.”

“Well”, the grandmother agreed. “Will you make me a small favor? I’d like to visit a lesson very much”, she confessed.

Patty lost consciousness and Candy with Granny ran to her.

“Why is this child so irresolute?”


After she had convinced that the school corridor is empty, Candy quietly called Patty’s grandmother, who was wearing a school uniform.

“Without delay, without delay, Madam. Hide your face.”

They were carefully going along the corridor. But in the end of it they saw a priest. The grandmother hid herself behind Candy.

“I… I am leading her to the doctor”, Candy explained to the priest. The priest was satisfied with such an explanation.

“What an exciting moment it was!” the grandmother admired, when the danger passed.

They entered the empty class.

“I dreamt to get exactly here! When I was little, I always dreamt to sit at a school desk.”

“Would you like to visit a real lesson?”

“This empty class is quite enough.”

“I need to go”, Candy said.

“Yes, please”, the grandmother agreed. “I’ll wait for a suitable moment and will also leave."


Candy came to the lesson when all the other schoolgirls were already sitting in the classroom.

“Where have you been, Candice?” the teacher asked strictly. “Ladies are never late. This time I forgive you. And now let’s talk about the homework.”

“Homework?” Candy was surprised.

“Haven’t you got it like Patty? Louise, are you sure that gave it to Candy?”

“Sure. I brought the homework to Candy’s room”, Eliza’s friend confirmed.

“No!” Candy protested. “She didn’t bring anything!”

“Stop, please”, the teacher said. “I do not blame you if you forgot about it, but why are you so sure, that she didn’t bring it to you?”

Eliza and her friends were obviously happy to listen to this conversation.

“Candy and Patty, come here and stay here.”

Grandmother Martha who could hear everything felt indignant.

“An awful girl! I am sure she didn’t bring the homework, because I spent the whole day in the room!” she stood up.

“What’s the matter?” the nun asked. “It seems there’s somebody in the adjacent room.”

“I’ll go and look if there’s anybody”, Candy quickly left and then returned. “Nobody is there.”

“I did not ask to go there and look”, the nun said strictly.


“And this is called the best school of England!” Madam Martha said while packing her suitcase. “The teacher is too unfair to such a good girl as Candy.”

“But you can’t blame everybody who is here”, Candy objected.

“I do not mean everybody. But she is a bad teacher”, the grandmother was obstinately repeating. “Now I am very grateful to my parents that I had such remarkable teachers. It seemed to me that she was abusing me and not you! But there’s one thing, which even the best teachers cannot give,” she continued. “It is a good friend. Candy, take care of my Patty,” the old lady went to the door and then turned back. “And give my best regards to that boy who made all this cheese-boron when he threw a stone into the window.”


“Yes. You see he has helped me to get into the school. Good-bye, girls.”

“Granny, what if somebody sees you?” Patty was worried.

“It doesn’t matter now. I am going to leave through the main entrance if I entered through the back door.”

“Patty, that’s all right”, Candy comforted her friend. “I am sure, she will invent something.”

Madam Martha went downstairs and met a nun.

“Hello, I am Patricia’s grandmother. I came to see her”, she said.

“I am sorry, but the visits are allowed only once a month”, the nun answered.

“Well, then I’ll better go”, the old lady replied. “Where’s the exit?”

“Follow me, Madam. I’ll help you.”

Candy smiled looking at this scene.

“I’d like to be like her when I am old”, Patty confessed. “Are you my friend?”

“Certainly. Remember, what your Granny has said? The best thing what the school gives us are the friends we meet here”, said Candy holding Patty by the hand. “We will be friends, Patty.”


Patty’s grandmother appeared and vanished like a mild breeze. But she brought with herself something very important for Candy and Patty.


The end of the 33rd series.