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Description by Candice

Translation by Aleksandra


Candy met a boy very like dead Anthony on the board of the ship going to England. Later, when she already has come to London, she saw him again, the boy was a son of a famous duke. Now Candy entered the St. Paul’s College, where she was going to study.


Pleasant and unpleasant discoverings.

“Hello, I am Candice White Audrey”, Candy politely greeted two nuns, when she entered the headmistress’s office.

“Hello, Miss Audrey. I am Sister Gray”, the old nun introduced herself.

“I am Sister Margaret”, the young nun said. “Come to me, Miss Audrey, put off your collar.”

“A-a… I have caught a cold… Here it is much colder than in America”, Candy tried to refuse.

“I would like to ask you, Miss Audrey”, Sister Gray said hoarsely. “Why have you decided to come here from America?”

“I simply wanted to learn something.”

“You had to arrive here immediately after the ship came. It was wrong to go to see London.”

“I am sorry.”

“Listen to me, Miss Audrey. You should obey me in everything, if you want to study in St. Paul’s College. Start, Sister Margaret”, she turned to her younger assistant.

“I can myself!” Candy recoiled and carefully put off the “collar”.

“We will keep it here”, Sister Margaret explained.

“Thanks, it is not necessary”, Candy was hiding the raccoon behind her back.

“You won’t need it here. You will have to study a lot”.

Candy did not pay much attention to the Sister’s words and continued shaking her head.

“Let me take it, Miss Audrey. You should listen to Sister Gray”.

“Miss Audrey, give your collar here!” the abbess was already tired of the new schoolgirl’s obstinacy.

“Oh, my God…” Candy thought feverishly. She had to return the raccoon to Sister Margaret, who noticed, that the "collar" was quite heavy. Klin jumped out of her hands on the headmistress’s table and then ran away.

“Klin, hide yourself!” Candy shouted.

“Sister Gray, are you all right?” the nun helped the headmistress to stand up.

“What have you done?” the abbess began shouting. “You have brought a dirty animal to such a sacred place! It is not a zoo here! Sister Margaret, I do not want to see it here any more! Please, observe it. And you, Miss Audrey, stay here. You need to learn something about our education system!”


“Listen, Stear, I worry about Candy”, Archie was measuring the room by steps.

“Yes, it seems, she has problems with Klin.”

A fuss outside caught the brothers’ attention.

“A raccoon was found here!” the schoolboys shouted to them. “And it is wild!”

“Stear, it seems, they found him”, Archie concluded. Stear agreed.


In the headmistress’s office.

“It has run away and is hiding itself in the forest”, Sister Margaret announced.

“Has it bitten any child or sister?”

“Klin never bites anybody!” Candy interfered.

“I did not ask you!” Sister Gray shouted and then commanded to conduct Candy to her room.

While Sister Margaret was leading Candy to the girls’ dormitory, the girl was looking for Klin. But she could not notice the raccoon anywhere.

“What’s the matter?”

“I am just looking at the nice building.”

“It is not allowed to wander in the corridors without any purpose”, the nun said. She showed Candy her room. “There’s everything what you will need for studies.”

Candy was more than simply surprised when she saw a huge amount of books.

“Oh, but I have to find Klin”, Candy ran to the balcony and began calling the raccoon. She heard a quiet knock at the door and decided that it was her long-tailed friend.

“Hello, my name is Patricia”, a girl in glasses introduced herself. “You can call me Patty. I am your neighbor.”

“You live in the adjacent room?” Candy smiled friendly. “And I am Candice White. Call me Candy. Why don’t you come in?”

“I can come in? Thanks”, Patty entered the room.

“You are so old-fashioned!”

“Do you like your room?”

“Do you know about the raccoon?”

“Yes, I do. It is a kind of a panda, which lives in the Northern America.”

“You are like a walking encyclopedia”, Candy was very surprised. “Have you seen it?”

“Yes. In the encyclopedia, where there are all animals of the world. And in the zoo.”

“Thanks, though I did not mean it. Maybe he is with Stear and Archie?…” Candy thought. “Patty, do you know, where the boys’ dormitory is?”

“What have you said!” Patricia could not believe her ears. “Oh, my God, Candy, do you know what will happen if anybody finds you there?”

“But I meant my friends. Stear and Archie are like brothers to me. I want you to get acquainted with them too.”

“No, thanks, I am very busy with my studies”, confused Patty refused.

“Well… Then say, where the dorm is.”

“Tsss… It is not necessary to speak so loudly. You’d better forget it, cause you may be thrown out of the College.”

The girls heard the sound of a bell.

“We are free. Let’s go. It is not allowed to stay in the room during the break.”


Patty was showing Candy the College.

“This is our library.”

“We have not less books in our rooms”, Candy laughed and began looking under the tables and chairs trying to find Klin. She was asked to behave more quietly.

“This is the foyer.”

“Is it allowed to speak loudly here?” Candy asked. Small groups of schoolgirls were quietly talking. “Why is it quiet like during the funeral everywhere?”

Patty reminded her the rules of decency.

“You disturb other people when you speak loudly.”

“Yes, but it is very strange when everybody is whispering.”

Eliza entered the foyer surrounded by some girls.

“Candy?” she exclaimed. “Hi!”

“Hello”, Candy answered.

“Do you know Eliza?” Patty asked.

“Moreover, I shall introduce you to all the pupils”, Eliza smiled and turned to all the other girls. “This is Candice White Audrey, directly from America. She is also called “Lady of a stable”. But now she is Candy Audrey. Just a few days ago she was looking after the horses in the stable, isn’t it true, Candy?”

Candy couldn’t imagine that Eliza will invent such a story. The girls were quietly debating the news.

“It is not all yet. I can add, that she is an orphan, cause her parents refused her. But the most important, she has killed a person!” Eliza announced. The girls kept silence following the events.

“I have killed?!”

“Sure, Candy! You killed Anthony!”

“How you dare!”

“I know, if not you, Anthony would be alive!” Eliza reminded that terrible day.

“Do you really think so?”

“Sure. Patty, you shouldn’t communicate with this girl.”

The schoolgirls, including Patricia, left the foyer. Candy stayed alone. She again heard cries… neighing horse …


“What a terrible coincidence”, Candy thought lying on a bed. “How has she got here, this awful Eliza? And Klin has disappeared somewhere…” The girl heard a knock at the door. She stood up and opened the door. “Patty! Do you need anything?”

“No-no… Sister Gray has asked me to tell you that tomorrow we go to the church in our usual dresses”, the girl said hasty. “Good night”. She quickly left.

In the wardrobe Candy found two dresses, one black and one white. Sister Margaret knocked at the door.

“Candice, look. Your window is open. Close it and go to bed. And draw curtains”, she added before leaving.

“Klin... He can return at any moment. But how she has found it out?” Candy noticed nuns walking along the dark street checking if everything was all right. “It seems the rules here are stricter than I have expected…”


“Oh, I am absolutely late”, Candy hurried when she heard the bell. She knocked at the neighboring door. “Patty! She is probably in the church already.”

The pupils were going to pray. But the schoolgirls were dressed not like Candy.

“Oh, my God… They all are wearing black dresses”, Candy remembered how Patty said that they would have to wear usual dresses. Of course everybody noticed that Candy was wearing another dress.

“Just look at her”, Eliza with her company came nearer.

“But she is the "Lady of a stable", the girls laughed. Patty, who was among them, did not laugh, but also did not raise her eyes.

“Hi, Candy!” exclaimed Stear who came with his brother. “What’s the matter? A white dress suits you, but you’d better wear a black one today.”

Candy wanted to change clothes, but met Sister Gray.

“Candice Audrey, I’d like you to be dressed in the black dress.”

“I am sorry. I have understood everything. I will change clothes.”

“It is not necessary”, Sister Gray ordered everybody to take their seats.


The priest was reading a pray. The pupils were listening. The door squeaked.

“Terruce Grandchester?” Sister Gray asked strictly. The guy freely walked along the passage in church. “You are late. Take your seat. Why do you laugh?”

“Just so”, the guy answered. “All these pupils look very funny”, he sat down the desktop. “They behave as if they are very serious and modest. I’d like to know what is in their heads actually…”

“Terruce! How you dare!”

“You are driving me away? Well, I am leaving. I did not come to pray”, Terruce said. Candy was looking at him. She could not understand his behaviour.

“What for you came then?”

“To sleep a little”. These insolent words shocked everybody. “It is so quiet and beautiful here, I thought nobody is here. You…” Terruce said to the first pupil he noticed. “Wake me up, when it finishes. And now, my innocent sheep, you can continue praying”, he turned and went to the exit.

“Wait a minute!” the headmistress was arduously constraining her anger.

“You want me to go to my room? Well… I am going exactly there.”

“Oh, my God, what a creature!” the abbess appealed to heavens.

Candy followed the strange boy by her eyes.

“This boy, is he our visitor?” Eliza quietly asked her friend.

“Yes. He is Terry Grandchester, the son of the Duke of Grandchester.”

“What a Duke…”

“Terruce Grandchester…” Candy thought. “It seems he simply decided to infuriate Sister Gray.”

“Be quiet, please”, the abbess said. “Do not pay attention to such a behavior. You are not prepared to understand it. Let’s better pray.”


The pray finished. Candy sat on the grass and put off her boots. Suddenly she heard the conversation of the girls.

“Terry is the largest law breaker. He smokes and even drinks.”

“It is hard to believe”, Eliza said.

Candy decided not to stay near them and went away. She lied on the grass on the hill and remembered the “Mauritania” and her fellow-traveler.

“This boy was crying when I first saw him. And then he laughed at my freckles... And later he disappeared…”


Terry appeared from behind a tree. They saw each other but both kept silence.

“Terry! Sister Gray was simply furious!” some boy cried.

“This old woman?” Terry went away as if he hasn’t noticed the girl at all.

“Did not he recognize me?” Candy was perplexed. The bell rang and announced that the lessons have started. “Oh, no, I am late again!” Everybody has already left the park.

“Everybody has gone. And where the lessons are hold?” Candy noticed a piece of paper on a tree. “What is it? “Dear Candy, the next lesson is in the 14-th room on the northern side.” Who might have left this note?”


Candy ran there and found an old ramshackle building. She opened the door, but only rats ran out and frightened her. Nobody was inside.

“It’s again Eliza!” Candy guessed. “I can’t stand it any more!” she ran out. “Is it possible to become a lady here? Of course not! “Lady of a stable”, “left by her parents”, “she killed Anthony”… She told everybody such awful things about me… And Sister Gray: “You must obey me!” I do not like all this!” Candy touched a tree crying.

Klin suddenly appeared.

“Klin!” Candy exclaimed. “I was so worried about you!” she followed the raccoon. “Klin, what has happened? Wait for me, Klin!”

Klin stopped near the tree on the top of the hill. Candy fell into the grass. She stood up, took the animal into her arms and looked around. She could see many trees and houses.

“It is very like Ponny’s Hill…” Klin began climbing the tree. “Is it your new home, Klin?” Candy climbed the tree too and looked into the hollow. “You live here and you even have some food! I understood, Klin, you prepared it for your new life. I also have to get used to mine. It is so difficult… Can I call you when I feel sad?”


Candy remembered Miss Pony and Sister Mary, who stayed far away in America. She remembered their kind smiling faces and smiled herself.


The end of 32nd series.