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Description and translation Candice


The strange co-traveler.


The ship kept sailing through the fog, and in the large hall the party was celebrating in captain’s honor.

- For captain’s health! - the toast was proclaimed.

- I congratulate you with your last voyage, - Candy kissed the old captain in his cheek.

- Thanks, Candy. Thanks all of you! - he announced loudly. – I’m the happiest man on the sea!

Because of drunken champagne Candy began to hiccup. She has left on the deck quietly.

- Oh, what a fog is coming!.. It is so cold here, and the fog comes thicker … - Candy recollected her friends. - Stear, Archie. How are you there? We shall meet soon…

The breeze tore her shawl off from her shoulders; the girl reached for it and noticed some figure… It seemed to her very familiar…

- God mine… Anthony???

Seeing on the deck of the ship the figure, which recalled Anthony to her, scared Candy hardly breathed.


- He looks like Anthony… Especially from back… What if he disappear?.. - Candy came closer to him on the sly. - No, it is impossible… He not the blond, and taller, than Anthony… He’s crying!.. - Candy noticed tears in his eyes.

The girl’s steps were barely audible, but the young man has noticed, he is not only on the deck.

- Who’s here?

Candy turned back.

- …I wanted to start talking with you, but I didn’t dare, because you’re looking so sad…

- Sad??? What a nonsense! I’m looking sad?! - the boy laughed.

- But I saw, you’ve cried.. Was I wrong?.. - Candy was perplexed. - No, I could not be mistaken; I saw he cried.

- What do you think out, girl with freckles? - he asked.

- What have you said? - Candy gasped.

- Is not your face freckled? - he asked again. – I have just pity for you.

- It’s not your business! - Candy began to upset. - I like my freckles very much!

- I see. So, you have collected them deliberately?

- That’s right. And now I’m thinking how to collect it even more!

- So-so…

- And you’re, surely, envious, that you have not got freckles! - Candy decided to begin attacking.

The boy whistled.

- Maybe, you are also proud of your nose?

- Certainly!

- Ms. Candy … - George came and interrupted their controversy. Candy’s interlocutor decided to go away.

- Bye, Lady with freckles!

- Why, you!..

- Ms. Candy, do not stand here, otherwise you catch a cold.

- Tell me, George, this boy…

- Do you know Mr. Grandchester? His family is one of the most famous families in England.

- Famous?..

- What did he do?

- Nothing… It is just seemed to me, this boy looks like Anthony … But Anthony is different absolutely, he is much better than he… The most better… - Candy approached to the handrail.

- Ms. Candy, go into your cabin.

- What a thick fog… I feel like I’m in Wonderland. It seems to me, if I shall stay here, Anthony come to me…

Candy looked away…


«Mauritania», which Candy was onboard, entered into English port Southampton. Someone has been waiting her there.

- It’s «Mauritania»! - Stear has exclaimed joyfully and has rushed to run. - Candy! Candy!

- She does not hear you! - Archie followed him.

- I shall try my new invention, - Stear opened his suitcase.

- What is that? - Archie stared at something similar to a tube and conch of the snail.

- Wait and look! - Stear started to shout in his tube, but certainly not with waiting result.

- I do not hear you.

- Don’t you hear?.. - Stear had a look inside the tube; wherefrom his own sound has heard: «Candy!!! Candy!!!»

Archie only shrugged his shoulders.

In the meantime Candy looked from the steamship.

- We’re and in England, Clin!

The brothers ran and waved, greeting her. Candy noticed her cousins.

- Stear, Archie! They didn’t change at all.

The steamship has docked. The friends searched for her among other passengers.

- Here she is! - Stear has cried joyfully. – Here’s Candy!

She stepped down in her cousins’ embraces at last.

- Candy, as we are glad to see you!

- And you didn’t change at all, - Candy has smiled.

- You too.

- Now I shall make a salute in your honor! - Stear stated.

- What else did you make? - Archie asked.

- Wait and look.

Stear has pressed on the hammer some times, but all time there was a misfire.

- Poor Stear! Why all your actions are wrong? - Archie sympathized playfully.

- I counted at totally different result …

It’s because of that heavy humidity, - Candy assumed.

- Candy is right. All matter in it.

Something has attracted Candy’s attention. Someone, more correct.

- What’s happened, Candy?

- Nothing … - Candy distinguished the fellow traveler from the steamship. He was looking far away…

Stear was successful to make a shot. But George has told, the crew waits them. Running Candy kept looking at the mysterious boy…


- Look, Clin, what a beautiful castle, just like in a fairy tale! - Candy showed in carriage window.

- It’s a villa of some noble family, - George answered.

- I wonder, does that boy live in such castle? - Candy thought. – It’s possible, but why was he sad, if he belongs to such noble family?

- What do you mean saying «noble family»? - Archie didn’t understand.

- Just nothing.

- George, - Stear addressed to man, - you will not drive Candy directly in college, right?

- Let's come in London, - Archie offered.

- We need to come in the zoo, - George's voice was unshakable as always.

- Are you joking?! - the brothers were amazed. – we’re an adults already!

- We have to leave Clin in the zoo.

- What?! What do you say?! - nobody could believe hearing words. George reminded of the strict rules of the college.

- Candy, it is very pity, but George is right, - Stear recognized sadly. - The pupils cannot bring too much baggage.

- But how can I leave Clin in the zoo? - Candy asked with tears. The raccoon squeaked.

The car, which has reached the crew, made so loud sound that the horses scared and have raced without the way. But the calmness-breaker quietly overtook them. Candy recognized the driver:

- It’s that boy, which I saw before!

The cabman hardly stopped the horses. George and Cornwell brothers have got out from the carriage. Cabman apologized.

- What a driver! - Archie was indignant.

Clin jumped out from the carriage and escaped. Candy followed it running:

- Clin! Stear, hold it! Clin!..

The raccoon disappeared in the bushes. Candy missed it, but kept calling.

- Clin!.. It scared, that it will be placed in a zoo … Poor Clin …

Candy ran on the path.

- Clin, come back! I wont’ leave you in the zoo for all costs! - Candy assured. There were tears on her eyes already. – Where’re you, Clin?.. - Candy distinguished it on the branch of the tree. - Clin!.. Come down! You know, we always were together and we shall stay together, shall not we?.. - the raccoon looked at her. – Don’t you trust me, Clin?..

The raccoon started climbing down, but suddenly hid. Candy has seen the one who has frightened it – the man with the gun.

- No! Do not shoot! It is my raccoon! - Candy shouted, but the gun already has shot and the raccoon has fallen on the ground.

- Someone shot there! - Archie exclaimed.

The brothers and George have run towards the sound of a shot and cries, which have followed after it.

- You’re assassin! Assassin! - Candy yelled the hunter, desperately knocking him with her fists. - How could you kill a defenseless animal!

- You’re real furies!..

- And you’re savage! You could be hanging up in America!

- What’s happened? - the boys and George reached them.

Candy began to sob:

- Clin is have killed!

The man lowered his head:

- I thought, it was a wild raccoon …

George has examined Clin.

- Ms. Candy …

- What for did you tell you want to leave it in the zoo? - Candy asked angrily, pausing her beating and scratching the hunter.

- Clin is not wounded and is not killed. Did not you know the raccoons pretend lifeless in case of danger?

Candy reached Clin. In her arms the raccoon opened the eyes and made a squeak.

- Clin, - Candy told with tears and joyful smile, - I won’t give you anybody …

- I have idea, - Stear said.

- Just without any inventions, - Archie notified just in case.

- It’s not an invention, but the idea. Candy, let's ask Clin to pretend lifeless.


The carriage went through London. George showed city sights: the Big Ben, Westminster, Trafalgar, the famous London bridge … Stear offered to test his idea, and Candy passed by Royal guardians, carrying Clin as a fur collar on her coat. There was no reaction back, so Clin stayed by the mistress’ side.

- We’re in Piccadilly-circus, - George told.

- Ah, it will be circus show for us? - Candy decided.

- «Circus» means round square, - Archie explained. Candy put out tongue playfully as the answer. Two ladies arrived her to look at her coat (which was decorated by Clin).

- Excuse me, ladies, it’s a raccoon collar, - Stear started to explain.

- I see, - elder lady answered.

- There’s no necessary so much explanations, or they will begin to doubt, - Archie advised.

- Right, - Stear agreed. - George, let’s come to Tower.

Mr. William’s secretary reminded of college.

- Come on, don’t be such splinter. You know, Candy’s first time in London.

- It’s no matter, - Candy objected. – From now on I can go to London, whenever I want.

- Innocent one … - Stear commented Candy’s answer.

They have told to girl, though thee were here about two months already, it is their first trip to London. Next time they could leave college only in case of some relative’s death. With this kind of rules Candy should live since tomorrow's day; therefore the brothers offered to take advantage of a possibility to see London.

- In any case I should see someone, - Candy said and explained, - Uncle William.

George explained, Mr. William doesn’t receive anybody. Noone’s taken his reasons: Candy has the right to see the man, who’s influenced so much on her life; so why Mr. William does not wish to see his own adopted daughter? So the brothers picked up Candy and have gone by taxi to hotel «Savoy».

- Mr. William Audrey! - they cried out, when they reached the portiere counter.

- Apartments 812, - the concierge answered. The trio ran quickly upstairs, almost making some old lady fall from there.

They stopped in front of a required door. Candy knocked.

- Uncle William!.. Candy has come …

There wasn’t answer.

- The door is not locked, - Stear opened the door, and they came in. The man was sitting in the armchair, turning face to the window, and smoking.

- Uncle William … Candy arrived … I came to thank you, Uncle William … - Candy stammered, but answer did not follow anyway. – Uncle William!..

- What’s matter? - the voice was heard from the turned armchair, and trio’s eyes have seen the same Candy’s fellow traveler. With the cigarette in his mouth.

- Is it the old Uncle?! - Stear was amazed.

- It can’t be so! Who’re you, the hell? – Archie frowned.

The stranger directed towards them.

- It was left by former tenant of this room, - passing Candy, he handed some scroll to her.

- Mr. Grandchester, your room is next, - hotel servant reminded politely.

- I know. I simply came here, because the door was open, - young man answered unperturbedly and went away.

- Mr. William has left the hotel a little before, - the servant said, - and his luggage will be followed him later.

- «Dear Candy, - the girl began to read the letter, - what should you do is: not to attempt to meet me, but study to become a good lady. I am sure, I’d like to see you someday. See you. William».

George wasn’t slow to appear and at N’s time to remind that it is time to set off to college.


The carriage stopped in front of the trellis gates, where the building towered behind.

- We have arrived. It is our prison, St. Paul College! - Stear introduced.

Archie reminded Candy to put Clin of as the collar. The nun opened the gates.

- Ms. Candice White Audrey? – arrived nun asked. Her voice was strict, as well as her face.

- Yes.

- Our rector has been waiting for you for three hours. Looks like, you didn’t hurry here. And it is time to you to set off to your rooms! - she ordered to Cornwell’s brothers.

- Well, now Candy’s in the prison … - Stear stated, looking on Candy, who was following the nun.


Candy just has stepped inside St. Paul College… What a life does expect her in this college, which is considered in England as school of the strictest rules? And who was that boy, which Candy has met on the ship?..


The end of 31st series.