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Description and translation Candice


Candy has realized at last - to look after children is not easy at all. She decided to go abroad to study and dilate her knowledge. So, regarding to Mr. William’s solution, Candy set off to London.


Going by ship.

Candy has been on the ship on her path to London for several days.


Candy was on a deck and looked at the sea. Alarmingly squeaking Clin has run up to her. Guessing, something happened, Candy has gone after it. Clin has led her towards wounded seagull lying on the deck. Candy took it to help, not suspecting, captain observed her from above.

Candy came to the hall.

- Tell me; is a doctor here? – she asked passengers.

- I’m a doctor, - man put his newspaper aside.

- Please, look this seagull.

- I not a veterinarian! I am a doctor and I treat the people! - the gentleman has cried and has knocked with his fist on the table.

- But it’s an alive being!

- Do not tell nonsense and do not scoff me! - he has left, annoyed; dissatisfied views of the passengers from the high society have directed on Candy.

- Ms. Candy, come in your cabin, - George approached. - There is a first aid set in our cabin.

Among top-society public the only approval look was a look of the old captain.


- Everything will be all right, - Candy spoke, treating a wound in the bird’s leg. - How could you do it, poor one?..

- Probably, it flied towards the light and has confronted with glass, - George assumed.

The bellboy came to their cabin and said, that the captain wants to see Ms. Candy.


Candy knocked and came in captain’s cabinet.

- Excuse me; my name is Candice White. Call me Candy.

- My name is captain Wells, - the captain introduced himself. – Thank you for coming. First of all I want to express my gratitude to you. You will be my most pleasant memory in last voyage.

- Last one?

- Yes. After that sailing I resign, and in my diary I shall write about kind girl, who rescued the seagull. - Candy was flattered. - How is your seagull?

- Everything is all right.

- Good. I ask God, let it be only trouble in our sailing, - he looked at the photo on the table.

- And what will you be doing after your resignation?

The captain has smoked his pipe.

- I shall receive my pension and live on a coast of the sea.

- Captain! Captain! - the assistant has rushed into.

- What’s matter?

- We have taken «S.O.S» signal! The schooner has covered up with wave; it has overturned!

- Which vessel is closest to it?

- It’s our one, sir.

- I see. We must to act. I shall warn the passengers, - he corrected his cap.


- We shall arrive in London for two days later, because we need to rescue the fishermen, - Candy spoke, feeding winged patient.

- In such case Mr. Archie and Mr. Stear will be worrying, - George answered quietly, as always.

- Will Stear and Archie meet me? - Candy was delighted.

- No! No categorically! – the sound has reached outside. - I order you to not change a course!

Candy looked out of her cabin and saw a little fat man, who was talking with captain with increased tone.

- I shall not allow you initiate, captain; you have to follow the timetable!

- But we received a SOS signal.

- No matter! There will be others vessels, which will rescue them earlier; moreover I think, other passengers will not support you too.

He approached the cabins, and first one was Candy’s.

- Excuse me, my name is Stafford, - he quickly introduced himself rather to George, than Candy. - You do want to arrive to London in time, don’t you?

- As Ms. Candy wishes, - there was George’s answer.

- Is this young lady your mistress? - Stafford was surprised.

- Ms. Candy, it is Mr. Stafford, one of the richest people of the world, - Mr. Audrey’s secretary introduced him to Candy.

- Well, young lady, would you like to step on the coast fast?

- I trust the captain Wells completely, - Candy answered with a smile.

- But I have an important business in London, I am late on negotiation and I lose money!

- I’m sorry, but the human life is more expensive than money, - the captain told. - I shall change a course to rescue the people.

He turned to leave.

- Do you ignore my demands, captain? - Stafford has become angry even more. - I shall achieve you to be fired! Take it into your account! - Shaken Candy dropped bandage. - When you will be fired, your perfect career will be crossed. You do receive neither dismissal pay, nor pension!

- I shall salvage the people, - the captain has left, not turning back. Raged Stafford has broken his cane.


The captain ordered to take a «north-east» course to hurry for aid. Candy came to his cabin.

- Do not worry, captain Wells, - she encouraged him. - Change a course, if you need.

Stafford, wishing to punish the captain for his initiative, wrote the telegram and ordered to send it.


The captain was looking at the view opening from his cabin.

- Looks like your last voyage has become not so quiet, as you would like, - Candy remarked him.

- You are right, - the captain laughed, - Last sailing promises to be interesting.

- But your diary will get a page about the people, rescued by you.

- About Candy and her seagull also, - the captain added.

The assistant of the captain has rushed with the telegram from Steamship Company’s management, who demanded to sail by old course. Mr. Stafford is one of principal holders of the stocks of the company.

-Is it Mr. Stafford, who has sent the telegram? - Candy asked.

- I’ll be fired, if I shall not execute the order, - the captain barely glanced at a content of the telegram. – Go ahead!


- The captain Wells submitted his dismissal and decided to salvage the people, - Candy told to her companion, standing on the deck. - And what will happen, if he will be fired?

- He will be disqualified as the captain and he will lose the right to get a pension for miscarrying out of the order of the company, - George answered.

- But what will he leave for himself? - Candy has become agitated. - Only diary, full of memories?

- Maybe, his diary will be confiscated either.

- No! - Candy exclaimed. – It’s dishonest thing! He wants to make a good thing! – she ran away.

- Mr. Stafford! - Candy entered to cabin of the gentleman. - It is dishonest to dismiss the captain.

- Certainly, if he does not want to be fired, - Stafford answered. - He should sail to England regarding the timetable. First of all captain should care of his passengers.


Next morning Candy opened eyes and was surprised, when she managed to fall asleep. She has come in cabin to the captain.

- We are close to place of accident already, - the captain said her.

- Do you think, they are alive yet? - Candy asked.

The captain gave the command and extended the field glass to the girl. Candy peered in the sea. The scraps of a vessel have seemed.

- I see them! - she has cried.

- Yes, so do I! - the captain confirmed. – Get start for saving works!

The victims of the shipwreck waved from their raft to the ship. The boat sank for them. The fishermen thanked everyone for their salvage endlessly. Candy noticed tears in captain’s eyes. It was tears of joy.


- Lady and gentlemen! - the captain said to the passengers in the hall. - I thank you for your help. All sufferers are rescued.

Candy began to applaud to him; George has followed her example. Other passengers have applauded soon too. Except Mr. Stafford.


Candy came to the captain's cabin. The captain was picking his things. Candy saw the photo.

- Who is it?

- it’s my son.

- Will you have lived together now? - Candy was delighted at first.

- He had died. He has perished in the sea. His vessel sank, and he had not come back. I have got only this photo. Since then it consoled me and brightened up my loneliness…


Stafford was drinking wine in his cabin, when Candy has rushed there without knock.

- How did you dare to enter to me without knock?! - he started angrily.

- Mr. Stafford! Have you ever been loved somebody?

- What a question?

- Did you ever learn how awfully to lose a close people? - there were tears in Candy’s eyes. Stafford moved back. - The captain Wells’ son had perished in the sea. He knows as nobody another, how invaluable is human life! He could not turn back to help the victims of accident! I do understand him so well, because I too… - Candy spoke hardly. - You can compensate your losses, which you will take… But when anybody perishes, nobody is able to resurrect… Because of your telegram the people could perish! You had acted dishonestly! Dishonestly! - Candy has run out, but Stafford kept hearing her crying angry little voice.


Candy felt sorry for she could not help the captain. She let the seagull fly; and they together with the captain observed its flight.

- Lady and gentleman, - Stafford has risen on the bridge, - would you like to arrive to hall?

- What for? - Candy asked.

- We are going to celebrate the captain Wells’ last voyage, - Stafford answered. - Join us.


In the large decorated hall all passengers lifted their glasses for the captain.

- Congratulations with your last sailing, - Candy kissed the captain’s cheek.

- Thank you, Candy, - the old captain thanked and said to present people. - Thank you! I’m the happiest man in the world!

Mr. Stafford put the wreath on his neck and shook his hand.

Candy had a drink together with all, but the alcohol made her hiccupping.

- Ms. Candy, - George whispered to her, - you should not drink so much champagne. You can feel bad after.

Candy threw the shawl on and went out quietly.

- What a fog!.. - Candy was amazed and sank into her thoughts. - England … What does me wait there?.. Anyway I am glad, that I has gone here, because I has met the captain Wells, - she recollected her friends. - Stear and Archie, probably, wait for me with impatience. Happiness is far from me like they…

The breeze tore her shawl off from her shoulders; the girl reached for it. Suddenly in foggy mist she distinguished a human figure on the deck. Candy, not tearing her sight off, looked at it.

- Anthony?.. - she made.


In the thick fog Candy has seen Anthony. What could this vision mean for her?.. London was close already.


The end of 30th series.