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Description and translation Candice


The price of dream.

Pony’s home.

- And then we fried the meat and vegetable’s pieces on ve-ery big sticks! – Candy has been telling about her and Annie’s recent travel.

- On the open air??? – the children were amazed innocently.

- Of course. On the green grass. Mmm, spittle’s spilling… But since now it’s a history…

- How many it was?

- What?

- Sticks.

- John, don’t ask stupid questions. Do you know how rich they are?!

- So, you did eat as much as you did want???

- You can to not to believe me, but it was so.

- Candy! – arriving Annie interrupted that amazing telling. – Candy! Mr. Brighton arrived!

Mr. Brighton got down from the cart.

- Hello, Mr. Brighton! – Candy approached the cart. – Hello! – she greeted him again, staying by Annie’s side.

- Hello, Candy. You’re very cheer today, - their new friend noticed, smiling.

- I’m so sorry I left you without saying good-bye, - Candy gave her excuses.

- Don’t worry, Candy, - Mr. Brighton wasn’t mad at all.

- Hey, folks! – Candy turned to children. – It’s that Mr. Frying Meat, whom I was talking about.

- Candy, be more polite! – Annie whispered her. Brighton laughed.

- Everything’s alright. We’ll organize frying meat today either.

- Indeed, sir, - the servant assured.

- Do you want to make frying meat for us, Mr. Brighton?! – Annie was glad.

- We’ll get an excellent day, folks! – Candy announced.

The servant loaded out the equipment and children helped him with pleasure.

- They like it indeed, - Sister Maria noticed, seeing children carrying the bricks.

- Thank you a lot, Mr. Brighton, - Ms. Pony thanked.

- Don’t worry. But there’s another case made me arrive here, - Mr. Brighton confessed. – To say honestly…


The meat and the vegetables were frying on the air. Children looked and licked their lips. But the most eager could get a light stroke from Candy:

- Don’t be so greed. It’s not ready yet.

But then, as there was a lot of meat and vegetables, everyone could eat as much as he wanted. When children were busy with the first party of frying meat, Annie shared her worries with her best friend.

- Candy, what do you think, why Mr. Brighton came to Pony’s Home?

- To make frying meat, - Candy said an evident version, not to tearing her mouth from the meat. – I think.

- I think another way.

- But why else? – worries reached Candy’s soul. But her appetite didn’t disappear.

- If… Interesting, whom will he take: you or me?..

Candy decided it’s stupid thing. But Annie was sure she’s right. Mr. Brighton was talking with Ms. Pony yet…


With evening the time to get a sleep has come.

- So you see, it was only frying meat, - Candy said, going to her bed.

- Yes… - Annie nodded quietly.

- To say the truth, I feel guilty a bit, - Candy confessed. She answered Annie – As you said, I was afraid he’d want to take you or me…

- Candy, - little boy called. – Ms. Pony wants to talk with you.

- Well, I will be scolded again, - sighed Candy aloud. – I wonder, what’s bad thing I had time to do today?.. – she guessed, getting our from her bed.

Annie followed her with troubled look.


Candy knocked the door and came into the room where Ms. Pony and Sister Maria were.

- Don’t you know how should you enter, Candy? – Sister Maria noticed the girl didn’t ask permission to come.

- I just glad you didn’t begin to scold me, - Candy explained and showed her tongue.

- We weren’t going to scold you, - Ms. Pony smiled. Candy noticed it’s weird. – Candy, what’s an impression you’ve go about Mr. Brighton?

Candy crossed her arms.

- Impression?.. Well, he’s rich person, generous…

- What do you mean by “generous”? – Sister Maria asked.

- What do you think if Mr. Brighton would like to adopt you? – Ms. Pony asked.

Candy was stunned.

- What??? I will become Mr. Brighton’s daughter???

But not only Candy was shocked. Annie heard it too…

- He chose Candy…

Candy laughed so loudly. Sister Maria noticed her: they’re discussing serious things. Candy’s smile disappeared.

- It’s impossible. I’m so active, noisy. I don’t believe he liked me.

- Well, you do bring problems with your activity, - Ms. Pony confessed. – But he has seen your kind heart, Candy.

- It’s not kind at all, - Candy muttered.

- People, which met you once or two times, don’t notice your kindness at once…

- …But Mr. Brighton was able to see your kind heart, - Sister Mary assured her.

Ms. Pony and Sister Mary explained Candy they will be missing her. But she’s big girl and she has to think about her own destiny herself.

- My destiny… - Candy thought but suddenly she heard a sob.

- Is anybody there? – Sister Mary stood up and went towards door. The door was a half-opened, so they distinguished running Annie.

- Annie! – Candy rushed after her friend.

Annie ran out from Pony’s Home and burst with tears in darkness. Candy approached her.

- I don’t care… Even if she will have become Mr. Brighton’s daughter… - Annie convinced herself without stopping to cry.

- Annie, you did hear everything?.. – Candy asked her quietly and hugged her. – You do think I will agree so easy to become somebody’s daughter?

Annie got free from her arms and looked at her friend through tears.

- Don’t you want a dad and mum?

But Candy didn’t forget about their common promise to be together forever. Using the grass moustache, she made Annie smile.


Candy came out from poultry-room, when children ran to her. Candy looked at their faces: something’s happened. Moreover John, who made his bed wet, announced it’s not Candy’s business. Other children began to tell; if they would know about result of broiled meat they would never agree to have it.

- Don’t pretend that you don’t understand! – their eyes filled with tears. – You will be Mr. Brighton’s daughter soon!..

- Candy! – John suddenly hugged her, Candy’s basket with eggs even fell down. – Don’t leave us, Candy!..

The children wiped their tears.

- Stop to cry, - Candy stayed with tears herself. – When I look at you all, I want to cry too…


In the classroom Ms. Pony and Sister Mary convinced sad-looking children to stop to cry and don’t make Candy sad. They were themselves by her side since her infant age. If you love Candy make a good send-off for her, Ms. Pony proposed, touching her glasses. Or wiping tear secretly?..

The children nodded, looking down.

- Ms. Pony, - Annie sobbed. - I was wrong. I thought about myself only and I wasn’t glad for other happiness… - tears began to pour out from her blue eyes again.

- Annie… - Candy was out, but tears were on her face either…


Two friends ran, holding each other’s hand. But this time the brunette was leader, as she ran forward. Annie stopped near Father-tree.

- Candy, - Annie looked up, - show me how to climb on the tree.

- But you were scared of highness… - Candy never heard Annie’s voice was so firm.

- Now I’m not, - little streams of tears flowed out from blue eyes but their sight was firm as voice.

- But why did you decide, that you need to be able to climb on the trees? – for Candy it was so hard to believe, that her frighten shy Annie wants to climb on the tree.

- …If I will climb on the tree… - Annie’s voice shivered more, - …I will be able to see you going to Brightons!.. I’ll see everything!..

- Annie!.. – friend’s anguish knifed Candy in very heart. She hugged her frantically.

- Don’t… Don’t make such face… - Annie turned away.

- I won’t go to them! Not for the world! – does Candy need family for SUCH price? The price of the pain of the most precious person…

- Candy… - Annie didn’t believe it’s possible to refuse an opportunity to get a family.

Candy’s eyes shone and mischievous smile followed after. Curly freckled elf had got an idea…


Brighton’s carriage has been driving towards Pony’s Home.

- She’s noisy, kind and very good girl, - Mr. Brighton assured beautiful lady, who’s sitting near him.

- I can’t imagine her, - lady answered softly.

- When you will have seen her you’ll like her much.

- I wait that meeting eagerly.

Someone on the tree noticed the carriage:

- They’re coming! A bit earlier than I waited! – Candy climbed down and ran to Pony’s Home. – No time to loose!

- John! – Candy intruded in children’s bedroom. – Did you piss in your bed?! – The boy smiled, confusing. – Excellent!

- Excuse me, Candy…

- Don’t worry, you’re good boy! – Candy grabbed the wet sheet and ran out, leaving John surprised, as he wasn’t scolded this time.


Mr. Brighton gave a hand his lady to help her come down.

- Where’s the girl who’s kind and cute? – lady asked.

- Good morning, Mr. Brighton! - spreading the wet sheet, Candy waved Brightons.

- Hello, Candy, - Mr. Brighton greeted her. – It’s Jane, - Mr. Brighton introduced his wife. The lady leaned her head, as sign of greeting.

- Are you helping your small friends to dry sheets? – Mrs. Brighton interested softly.

- No, madam, this is my own sheet, - Candy announced without loosing her good mood.

Mr. Brighton surprised a lot:

- Yours???

Candy began to explain vividly, that she has got such habit: to piss in her bed every night. Lady showed the surprise as far as her education could allow her: such habit? Every night? Candy nodded: yes, every morning she founds her sheet wet.

It is not known, what else singularities Candy would tell about, but appearing Annie invited the Brightons to have some tea, not to forgetting, of course, to greet them at first. Mrs. Brighton looked at her attentively and asked her name.

- Annie, madam, - Annie confused, for the first time such beautiful elegant lady started talking with her. And when Mrs. Brighton noticed that name is very beautiful, Annie confused to a charming blush on cheeks. Candy pleased with herself:

- We did it, Annie! - she winked to the friend.


- I did not know Candy has got such habit, Ms. Pony, - Sister Maria noticed.

- I thought the same, - Mr. Brighton said. - She simply joked.

- If it so, it is even worse. She had invented it specially to disappoint us, - Mrs. Brighton concluded distressfully. - And it means, she does not want to be our daughter, - Ms. Pony sighed, - There is no necessity to adopt her by the force. - the husband tried to tell something, but Mrs. Brighton continued, - If to adopt the girl, so once and for ever.

Candy giggled, being pleased successfully of conducted operation, and came out.

- Annie, henceforth we always shall be together! - she has begun to whirl the brunette, scattering all her flowers.

- But will not you regret about it? - Annie began to doubt.

- I shall never regret! - Candy took a flower. - I am always happy to be with you, Annie … - Candy addressed to Annie, but the one was looking to other side. The side of the Brighton’s carriage, on elegant lady sitting there.

- If my mum was like her …

Mrs. Brighton’s sight lingered over on dark-haired girl. Annie leaned head politely, and Mrs. of Brighton nodded her in answer.

- She’s very good girl, isn’t she? - she asked the husband.


It was a rain, and therefore Candy remained in the Pony’s Home, waiting, when Ms. Pony and Sister Ìàðèÿ will let off Annie. Annie has left with the dropped head.

- What they have told you? - Candy asked.

- Candy … - Annie begun to cry. - They told, Mr. Brighton … wants to adopt me!

Candy was indignant by such turn of matter: why does he con them?! Candy refused, and now he wanted to adopt Annie! If Annie will refuse – he will want Millie etc. all children one after another!

- Candy!.. - Annie has turned to it(her) wet from tears ëè÷èêîì. - They have told, Mrs. Brighton liked me…

- Don’t be silly, Annie, - Candy approached the window. - And do not worry. Just refuse.

- I gave the answer already …

- You have refused, of course, Annie?..

Annie’s legs became weak.

- Unfortunately, no… - Annie has begun to sob even more.

- Annie … Will you become the Brighton’s daughter?.. - Candy turned away to the window, whether but was she looking on the rain?..

- Forgive me, Candy … - the tears kept a leak from Annie’s eyes. - I just want to have a daddy and mum!.. I dreamed about that for all my life!..

- " I want to have a daddy and mum either!.. But I do not want to separate with you, Annie!.. " - Candy looked in a window, but could she distinguish anything through appearing tears?..

She did not want to stay and ran out on the air. Betrayer!.. The rain did not cease, mixing with Candy’s tears. You have meant nothing for me now !..I hate you, Annie!. Why have acted you that way?.. How could you do that, Annie?..

Sooner or later, a beautiful rainbow replaced the rain.

- How could you do that?.. - Candy rose on her legs slowly.

- Candy … - the familiar quiet little voice said. Candy turned back: Annie totally wet and dirty stayed in front of her. - I want to apologize…

- Did you walk under the rain for all this time?..

- I wanted to experience the same as you …

- But you got wet … Your legs became dirty… - Annie nodded, but does she care about hygiene in that moment?.. – It’s not easy for you too…

- Candy!.. - Annie threw herself on the friend’s neck.

- The day will come and we will separate anyway… - Candy reasoned silently, embracing the friend with not-too-clear arms.

- Can I get your permission, Candy? - Annie asked with hope and met a look of green eyes. So mature look …

- You have a right to choose your happiness, Annie.

- But what should I do?..

- Annie, you have decided already. So be the Brighton's daughter. And be happy.

Clin ran to the girls, and Annie took him on her arms. She asked Candy to take care of her pet, as she cannot take him with herself. Mrs. Brighton does not love animals.


Mrs. Brighton and Annie, elegantly dressed, came out from the Pony’s Home. Children followed them with admired looks: Annie seemed a princess to them. Sister Ìàðèÿ asked them to not touch Annie’s clothes to not soil.

- Ms. Pony, Sister Maria, - Annie addressed them, - I want to thank you for your kindness.

Ms. Pony wiped her tear.

- Be happy, girl …

- Thanks, Ms. Pony, - Annie approached Candy, who was holding Clin on her arms. - Look after him.

- He has become absolutely tame, - Candy smiled, and Annie reached arms to a raccoon.

- You will soil your dress, Annie, - Mrs. Brighton stopped her softly.

Candy commanded and the children have cried out "Good-bye" by chorus. Annie gave a tear.

- Good-bye, Annie, - Candy has turned away, hiding tears.

- It is time to go to us, Annie, - Mrs. Brighton brought the girl in the crew.

Candy ran on Pony’s Hill climbed on the Father-tree. From there she waved: good-bye, Annie!.. Annie waved her in the answer: good-bye, Candy!..

The girls were saying god-bye each to other. Snow evening, when they were found, the rolling on the sleigh – everything was left in the past …


Annie and Candy have lived together in the orphanage for more than 10 years. But the time has come for them to part each with other. After leaving Annie inside Candy’s soul emptiness has appeared. Good-bye, Annie. Good-bye, Candy.

- Good-bye, Annie, good-bye … - Candy whispered among branches of the Father - tree.


The end of 3rdseries.