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Description and translation Candice


Mr. Albert helped Candy to understand: it is impossible to cry for beloved person for whole life. It is necessary to keep to live and to find the way in the life. So, Candy decided to stay in Pony’s Home to help Ms. Pony and Sister Maria to care for children.


The ship, which Candy will leave by.

The sound was heard in all environs of Pony’s Home.

- It seems, the bell’s ringing, - Ms. Pony noticed.

- Ms. Pony, why the bell’s ringing? - Candy ran into their room.

- Probably, children’s having fun, - Sister Maria assumed.

Exactly, it was Jimmy.

- A bell isn’t a toy, - Ms. Pony said him reproachfully.

- But I am ringing not for fun, - Jimmy stated, - it’s in honor of our new teacher Ms. Candy.

Children confirmed and explained: Candy told she stays here to care of them. So, now they will name her «Ms. Candy». Candy stared at the ground.

- I wanted to tell you by myself… - she made irresolutely. - I want to help you to care for children. I decided firmly. Will you allow me to stay here?

To pleasure of children, women agreed. Candy’s help will be good thing. Candy asked Jimmy to ring bell once again and the bell sound announced about one more teacher in Pony’s Home.

Candy came running to Father - tree.

- Anthony, Stear, Archie, Mr. Albert, - girl said mentally to her friends, - I shall try to be the good teacher, like Ms. Pony and Sister Maria.

Children approached her, crying joyfully. Candy has built them in a rank.

- Listen to me! – she said solemnly. - Now I’m your new teacher. And you should obey me! - Chorus of children agreed. - It is good. And now we shall visit Mr. Cartwright, - and all of them have run.


- If I understood you correctly, you did decide to become a teacher in Pony’s Home, right? - Mr. Cartwright asked again. Candy confirmed. - What a pity. Now I cannot adopt you.

Mr. Cartwright presented the calf to Candy and promised, that calf will become a true cow.


Children were coming back, singing. There was a car with the coat of arms of Audrey in front of Pony’s Home’s doors. Candy thought about Stear and Archie - have not they really left to England yet?.. However it was George, who arrived for Candy.

- Do you want to take me back?.. Ms. Pony, I want to stay here! - Candy rushed to her. - I won’t go anywhere! - Children stood in doors. - Please, let me stay! – she looked on three adults with pleading eyes.

Sister Maria took children out for Mr. George could talk with Candy quietly.

- It’s Mr. William’s order, - he said. - Please, come back.

- No, - girl answered hardly, - I have left Audrey’s family for ever. I’m not their stepdaughter anymore.

- You’re still a member of Audrey’s family officially.

- No. I do not want to come back there. Where everything reminds about Anthony… - tears sparkled in Candy’s eyes.

- Nobody lives in Lakewood now. Madam Elroy returned in Chicago, - George’s answers were quiet and unemotional. - Mr. William ordered to transmit you to London for studying.

- To London … It’s behind an ocean! - Candy exclaimed. - No, Grand Aunt Elroy could not agree with it.

- At first madam Elroy took exception, - George agreed, - but then …

- We should give good education to her to make her true lady, - there were words of old lady, - which Audrey’s family mustn’t have a shame for.

Candy did not want to go desperately.

- Why nothing is done without Mr. William’s order?!

- Candy, - sister Maria and Ms. Pony came in the room, - come back with Mr. George. - Candy did not trust her ears. - You should be glad having such possibility to study in London.

- I agree with the Sister Maria, - Ms. Pony said rigidly.

- Ms. Candy, Mr. William does want nothing bad for you, he wants a good for you… - George assured, but he has received impact in his cheek. Jimmy was standing in doors and his appearance was menacing.

- I won’t let you take her away! - he shouted. Children surrounded Candy. - We shall not let her off - Candy also confirmed, she will not leave.

- Candy, but what will you be doing here? - Sister Maria asked.

- I’ll take care for children.

- Candy, you do not know yet, what a big responsibility is it, - Ms. Pony told. - You need to study for a long time, before you are able to bring up children.

- It’s a lie! - Candy has cried. - You just want to banish me! I shall not go! - Candy has run out from the room, and Jimmy followed her. Ms. Pony has stopped other children.

- Wait … - she told softly, but with convince. - We love you all like our own children, and Candy too. Do you really think, mother can separate with her child so easy? It will be very hard for us either, but education can give her something that she never will take here.

There are strong rain poured and thunder rattled behind the window. The women have started shouting for Candy and Jimmy. Children supported them.


Candy and Jimmy ran under the rain.

- I thought Ms. Pony and Sister Maria do not want me to leave… - Candy spoke sadly.

- They are hard and cold, - Jimmy agreed. - But I shall always be with you.

- Thank you.

They kept walking. A mud has covered their footwear. Jimmy has frozen and offered to hide from the rain. They have hidden inside an old large tree.

- They are, probably, worrying … - Candy thought aloud.

- I don’t care, - Jimmy responded angrily, feeling cold. – Maybe they will understand you would not like to leave.


- Candy! Candy! - women and George kept to search for them.


Jimmy wasn’t able to warm himself.

- Jimmy, are you all right? – Candy began to worry.

- I’ve got shivering… It seems, I have caught a cold…

- Why were you silent?! - Candy touched his forehead. – You have a high temperature! It is better to us to come back.

- No!.. Then you will be taken away … - Jimmy has buried himself in Candy.

- Jimmy …

Ms. Pony, Sister Maria and George have noticed them and have run up fast.

- Mr. George, will you help to bring Jimmy? - Ms. Pony asked.

- Yes, - George took the boy in arms.

- Jimmy! - Candy cried. - Do not die!

Sister Maria has given Candy a slap in her face.

- Get use to keep calmness in any situations, - she said sternly to shocked girl, - Otherwise you won’t be able to communicate with children.

- Candy, - Ms. Pony said quietly, - go home.

Candy wiped tears.

- Forgive me… Jimmy …


- Jimmy, it was my fault … - Candy spoke, sitting near boy’s bed.

Ms. Pony has come in the room.

- Candy, go aside, please, - she has told. The woman wetted the towel put it on Jimmy’s forehead. Sister Maria and George have brought firewood.

- Candy, - the nun said, - go out, please

- But …

- We will take care for Jimmy.

Sister Maria threw some logs into the fire. Ms. Pony squeezed out a towel. Candy moved back, as if being give up. She arrived to the chapel.

- God, Father of ours! Save and keep Jimmy! - Candy was praying with tears.

When Sister Maria came in the chapel, she has found the weakened girl with cried freckled little face.

- Candy …


The rays of the morning sun have woken Candy.

- Gosh, how did I come to my bed?.. I do not remember …

Candy came in the room, where Jimmy were.

- Ms. Pony …

- Is more silent, - Ms. Pony put her finger on her lips. – He’s sleeping.

- Excuse me, - Candy began to whisper. - How is he?

- He is better now, - Sister Maria comforted. – His temperature isn’t high.

- You have not a wink to asleep for all night …


- I decided to care for children, - Candy spoke to herself, remaining alone in the chapel, - but I could do nothing, when Jimmy was ill… - she recollected Sister Maria’ slap in her face the and her words: Get use to keep calmness in any situations, otherwise you won’t be able to communicate with children.

- It is a shame for me, - Candy kept thinking, leaning to Father-Tree. – I’m too self-confident. What for I involved Jimmy in my problems? - she looked on little cross and recollected Ms. Pony’s words: Candy, the work with children is a large responsibility.

- Now I understood, what Ms. Pony did want to tell me. I need to learn much yet to become like they.


- Candy, have you decided to go to London? - Sister Maria was delighted.

- Yes, - the girl answered. - I will come back to you as true lady.

- So, we let you go with relief, - tear glittered in the Ms. Pony’s eye’s corner.

- Ms. Pony …

- Traitor! - Jimmy became angry, rising from his bed. - You did promise to stay forever with us! - Candy attempted to explain him, but he did not listen. - Break off! I do not love you anymore! - he jumped out from the room.

- Jimmy! - Candy threw after him into the children's bedroom. - Open the door, Jimmy!

- I do not want to see you! Leave faster from here! - Jimmy shouted her behind from the closed door. Candy stepped back. - Liar! - Jimmy has rushed on his bed.


Candy, ready to leave, was caressed the calf.

- It’s very sad to part with you all, - she said children. - Please, look after the calf.

The chorus of children promised to do.

- Candy, take care, - Ms. Pony wished.

- Jimmy will understand everything soon, - Sister Maria comforted.

- Ms. Candy… - George said her.

- Candy! – the sound reached the room, where gloomy Jimmy was laying on his bed.

- Boss… - the boy has risen.

- Good-bye! Good-bye! - Candy waved from the machine window.

- Good-bye, Candy! - children shouted her.

- Good-bye, Candy … - Ms. Pony thought.

- Study diligently … - Sister Maria thought.

The car drove Candy away.

- How long I shall not see these places… - Candy thought.

Jimmy followed the car with his eyes.

- She has left …

He has come running to Mr. Cartwright and took the fastest horse. He hoped to be in time still …

Candy kept driving. But she has heard his cries. She asked to stop the car and has came our.

- I heard someone called me. Probably, it was Jimmy.

- What’s happened? - George asked.

- Nothing…

- Boss! Boss! - Jimmy shouted desperately. - When I shall grow… Wait, while I shall grow!..


On the quay there was a ship, which Candy will be going in London by. Candy was standing on the deck. She recollected the words of Ms. Pony:

- Candy, Pony’s Home will always be a mother home for you, - tears again appeared in Candy’s eyes. George approached her.

- Ms. Candy, it is cold on the deck. Go to the cabin.

- Thank you, George, that you drove the children, - Candy said him, embracing Clin. - They never were driven earlier.

- They are good kids, - George answered.

- Very good ones, - Candy confirmed and recollected her close people. - Jimmy, try to understand me … Forgive me, Mr. Cartwright. Everything has happened so fast, so I had no time to say goodbye to you. I shall write you … Good memories, warm smiles, kind people, good-bye… We shall meet with you again…

The hooter has announced departure of the ship.


So the new Candy’s life has begun.


The end of 29th series.