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Description and translation Candice


Candy succeeded to persuade Mr. Cartwright to not throw the children out from Pony’s Home; and now due to her gains children can live in this house as long as necessary.


The trip to Tom.

The snow melted already. Children chased the hare. Candy threw lasso not on the hare, but on Jimmy. He mustn’t offend small ones.


- Ms. Pony, I’m worrying, why Audrey’s family does not ask about Candy for such long time? - sister Maria asked.

- I guess, Mr. William decided to not bother her, - Ms. Pony assumed and looked in the window. - Candy thinks of her own future for certain now.


Candy was demonstrated to children how to throw lasso correctly, when she saw the postman. Mr. Matthew brought the letter from Tom.

- And who is that Tom? – Jimmy ran up.

- Mr. Steve’s heir. He had been living here too.

- He’s so lucky.

- Don’t envy him, - Mr. Matthew told.

- Jimmy, some good family will adopt you, - Candy comforted him.

- But I am not going to leave! - Jimmy stated. - I want to be with you always.

- Candy, - the postman asked, - aren’t you going to come back to Lakewood?

- Yes…

Mr. Matthew said goodbye and went to deliver the letters further.

- Boss, are you returning to Lakewood? - Jimmy asked.

- No, Jimmy … - Candy was not going to come back, as she left without saying goodbye to her friends.

For children’s request Candy read, that Tom invites the children to his pasture.

- I give my permission, - Ms. Pony smiled, - but only for adult ones of you.

- The pasture too far from our house, - sister Maria said. - Small children will be tired quickly.

Children began to ask to be taken to Tom. Candy invented something.

- Ms. Pony, I shall take all of them. Wait a bit, - and then she ran out from the room. Jimmy followed her. They ran to Mr. Cartwright.


- Do you need a cart? - Mr. Cartwright set his cup aside. - Certainly, take it.

- Thanks, Mr. Cartwright! - Candy thanked.

- Cool! - Jimmy was delighted.

- Candy, - the old man said, - you spoke you were grown in Pony’s Home. - Candy confirmed. – Do you want to be my adopted daughter? You’re very good girl.

- Thank you for your kindness … - Candy confused. Mr. Cartwright laughed.

- I understand, you cannot answer at once. You just think.


- Why didn’t you say him «yes»? - Jimmy asked, when they were coming home. – It is cool to be daughter of so rich mister.

- Possibly, and I would have the same life as Tom … - Candy assumed.

- You could become the cowgirl! - Jimmy continued. Candy shook her head.

- No. I could not live in Audrey’s family, and now it’s Cartwrights… No, I was born for other life.

- Which one?

- I do not know yet …


In the morning, children sat into the cart. Ms. Pony and sister Maria trusted Candy, which drove her small friends to Tom’s farm. With a song they reached Mr. Steve’s farm.

Tom came out to meet the visitors; Candy drove the cart faster towards him.

- How’re you, Tom? – she greeted her friend.

- Very well, thanks, - Tom said. – What’s happened with you? – he looked at lied down children in the cart.

- It’s terrible! Candy was driving towards you so fast, that she forgot about children, - Jimmy complained.

- You didn’t change at all, Candy, - Tom burst out laughing.

- Hi, Candy, - Mr. Steve approached them. – I miss Anthony so much…

- Dad… - Tom muttered reproachfully.

- All right, - Candy assured. – I managed with my grief.

- Let me introduce my friends, - Tom announced.

- Candy! - Stear and Archie appeared from behind the tree. They arrived here too. The tears appeared in Candy’s eyes.

- Come on, Candy, - brothers told. - We arrived there not for seeing your tears.

- Everything’s all right, - Candy brushed her tears away. – It’s for joy…

- You see, Tom asked us to arrive to cheer you up. We doubted should we do it. We were afraid to make you sad even more.

- Now I am glad, that I has arrived, - Stear told.

- So do I, - Candy answered.

Mr. Steve offered to children to have a drink of milk and they gave the mugs with pleasure.

- I felt as the stone fell down from my soul, when I have seen, that you have recovered from your grief, - Stear confessed Candy.

- But I do not know, how to live further … - the girl sighed.

- There’s no need to rush for you, - Archie comforted. - You have gone through a strong shock recently. You’ve got a whole life ahead.

It’s to you, Boss! - coming Jimmy handed Candy a mug with milk.

- Holy-molly! – Stear was surprised. – You have occupied a place of Boss?

- Yes … - Candy was confused and blushed.

Three friends burst out laughing cheerfully. Candy thought she hasn’t been laughing for a long time.

Tom led the horse out. He has shown his skill, and children were in delight. But Candy … Anthony was in front of her eyes again. On the horse…

- Anthony!!! - Candy shouted. All of them turned back. – Don’t! I beg! - she has run away.

- Forgive me, Candy … - Tom lowered his head.

Archie wanted to stop her.

- Don’t. It is better for her to stay alone, - Stear answered him.


Candy was running and repeating Anthony’s name.

- A person dies, but always lives in people’s memory…

Candy stopped at the tree.

- What does it mean to live in memory?.. I want to hear your voice!.. I want to see your eyes … I want to touch your hand!.. Anthony!!!.. - Candy burst in tears.

Someone approached her behind. Candy turned back.

- What ‘s happened with you? - Mr. Albert asked.

- Anthony has died!.. He’s not there anymore!.. - Candy rushed to her friend with tears. Mr. Albert embraced her softly.

- Did you love him?

- From our first meeting… - Candy answered, looking at him with tears. - He loved me too. He was so gentle …

- He gave his love to you, - Mr. Albert responded, - and his tenderness.

- Yes … Therefore I cannot forget him…

- But what have you been doing after his death? - Mr. Albert asked. - You have been crying about him. Are you really going to cry for him for all your life? - he looked at the sky. – You’re not only one, who keeps a grief in the heart. Gather your power. You must find your way in the life by yourself. And it is time for me.

- When can I see you again?

- When you will be smiling again.


Candy came to Steve’s farm back. The friends ran up to her. They noticed she was smiling.

- Forgive me for I reminded you about your grief, - Tom said sadly.

- No, it’s my fault, - Candy objected. - The Past deprived me of the peace, but now I have recovered.

Mr. Steve was glad to hear it. He took his violin out, and the dances have begun. Stear and Archie decided to tell the news to Candy.

- We decided to go to England, - Stear said her.

- We feel so lonely without you and Anthony, - Archie confirmed.

They wanted to find their own place in the life too. And they would love to see Candy once again.


Candy was driving the sleeping children home and thinking what can she do further.

- Everyone must build the road in the life, - Candy recollected Mr. Albert’s words. - That is why Stear and Archie go to England …

- Boss, shall we come here again? - Jimmy asked her.

- Certainly, - Candy told and woken up children shouted joyfully. Candy urged on the horses, and the cart moved faster.

- How did not I guess earlier?! - Candy thought. – They need me! They hope for me … I shall stay in Pony’s Home and I shall care of these kids…


It seems, Candy succeeded to find her own way in her life.


The end of 28th series.