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Description and translation Candice


Candy gradually begins to get rid of her grief, which she suffered since Anthony’s death. Jimmy, little mischievous boy from Pony’s Home, helped her in it.

The Christmas.

The Christmas was coming closer.


The cowboy brought large Christmas tree for Pony’s Home. He told it’s a gift from Mr. Cartwright, as this Christmas is last in Pony’s Home. Ms. Pony ordered cheerfully to carry the tree into the house, but she did not answer Candy’s question.

Joyful children were decorating the Christmas tree and dreaming of Santa Claus’ gifts. However, Ms. Pony did not know, where they would celebrate next Christmas. They hide something and they’ve got a problems, Candy suspected and overheard their conversation. She found out: Pony’s Home can be here only till the next spring. Mr. Cartwright, owner of that land, wants to extend his pastures. So, he even does not want to meet for discussing this problem.

Candy could not believe Pony’s Home can disappear one day. She called Jimmy and then both of them went with a firm step to Mr. Cartwright to talk. In polite way in the beginning, but if it will not help they were going to show him a power of children from Pony’s Home.

Mr. Cartwright’s house seemed to Jimmy like a palace. But the cowboy with horrible face did not allow going there. He announced Mr. Cartwright is going to buy 1000 cows in spring, and there will be pastures on a place of Pony’s orphanage. Candy and Jimmy did want to talk with Mr. Cartwright more. All present cowboys began to chase them. To abstract them, children let the horses run out. Candy called Jimmy, but the boy did not respond. Candy opened other door of the stable and saw the old man tying trees. He reminded her Mr. Whitman, Legan’s gardener, who loved Anthony much. And he is, probably, Cartwright’s gardener, Candy decided. She had a talk with him and complained of Mr. Cartwright, a miser, who wants to get the orphans out from Pony’s Home and to make a new pasture on it’s place. It is a mother home for children, he has got a lot of ground, but it is not enough for him! Candy was burning with her anger more and took the scarf of old man.

Jimmy appeared, being chased by cowboys. Candy could not linger over too.

- Mr. Cartwright! Here these children! - the principal cowboy shouted. Running Candy stopped: it can not be!..

- Yes, I’m Mr. Cartwright, miser, - the old man confirmed.

Candy, speaking with braiding tongue, began to apologize and promised to come back.


She ran through a blizzard. At home she started to scold herself for that stupidity and to think about apologizes. Sister Maria called Candy. Have they really known already?.. But Ms. Pony only asked her to help to prepare gifts. Children said Christmas tree is ready. Women praised them, and Candy kept thinking about solution of the problem. It seems she invented something. She asked Jimmy to find out, when Mr. Cartwright comes home.


In the evening Sister Maria could not find the children. Women began to worry. But Candy led the children to Mr. Cartwright. The cowboys were standing at the fire and drinking for Mr. Cartwright’s prosperity of. They spoke they will see their families soon.

The sound of bells was heard from the Christmas tree.

It was Candy in white clothes; she was carrying a candle. Other children from the asylum were like small angels.

- God bless all of you, - Candy made. - And that’s a gentle kiss for you.

The small angels kissed every cowboy.

- Mr. Cartwright, forgive me, please, - Candy asked. It’s a Christmas gift from Pony’s Home. Do you accept it?

- So these angels are from Pony’s Home? - the old man had a look at the children in front of him. – Did I offer the plan of expansion of pastures? - he asked the principal cowboy. - So here: don’t move Pony’s Home. You’ll pay a high price, if you will dare to banish these small angels! - he burst out laughing.

The tears of joy appeared in eyes Candy. She thanked him and Mr. Cartwright has thanked her: he never got such gifts.

Ms. Pony and Sister Maria came running and heard nobody will move Pony’s Home. Christmas hymns began to sound.


Everything has finished well in the eve of joyful light Christmas holiday.

- Happy Christmas! - Candy shouted.


The end of 27th series.