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Description and translation Candice


Stear, Archie, I need to understand myself, – Candy had written to her friends before she left Audrey’s mansion.

Shocked with Anthony’s death, Candy came back to Pony’s Home to get a peace inside her soul.


Pony’s Home has always been my favorite place in the world.

But even here Candy can’t find a peace. Íî č çäĺńü Candy íĺ ěîćĺň íŕéňč ďîęîé. The memories about Anthony come back to her mind over and over again. She recollects everything to smallest details…

… whatever she did. Whether she hanged a laundry, whether she washed the dishes… Any thing can remind her about her lost love. Whether she see the image of the horse on the plate - and she recollects at once, how Anthony offered her to ride once, how they had been riding in sunset… Hold on, Candy! - and she forgot already about the dishes and did not notice, that mischievous children changed her plate… And tear begins to sparkle in the corner of her eyes.

- Ms. Pony, have you ever been noticing, how Candy cries bitterly? - Sister Ěŕđč˙ asked.

- Certainly, - Ms. Pony responded.

- Will it be better for her to be alone for some time?

- I think the same, - Ms. Pony agreed and looked in the window. - She returned here with hope to forget about her grief. I am sure; her soul will be healed soon.

At this time children were not far from Pony’s Home’s windows.

- Candy, Candy, Candy! – the little boy in cowboy hat contemptuously spoke. - What in her good?

- You’re here not so long time, therefore you do not know her at all! - John angrily looked at him. – She’s very good!

- I heard she’s cheerful, but she is simple crying-girl! - the boy retorted. – That what she is! Crying girl!

- Don’t dare to speak that way!

- Do you want to have a fight with me? - the boy jumped off from the hedge. - Listen me everyone! You shouldn’t think, something will change from Candy’s returning. I’m a principal here! Did you understand?

- And what if she will become angry with you?

- I’ll make her mad purposely, - the boy stated mockingly.

- Don’t do that!

- Shut up!

The boy has crept to Candy, who was at the window with her sadness.

- Jimmy, don’t… - children wanted to stop him, but he threw something to Candy. Candy diverted from her thoughts and saw it was a flower of rose.

- Good throw! – Jimmy teased her outside. – Do you like is, crying girl?

- What are you doing? – Candy shouted him.

- You won’t scare me so easy! - the boy shouted her back. - Do not imagine and do not pretend by Never-Smiling princess! Candy crying face!

- Crying face?.. – the memory came to Candy’s mind again. - When I met Anthony in the first time, he told me … «Hi, crying face! »… Anthony… - then Candy’s eyes became filled with tears again.

- We did not make arrangement about that!.. – Jimmy shrove his shoulders.

Candy was looking how the wind was blowing leaves away.


Leaves were twisting above Audrey’s mansion either.

- Are you going to be in your sailing for a long time?

- Probably. Thank you for your help, - the man thanked Stear and Archie. - Anthony was happy with such friends. I feel sorry for not to being able to help my son.

- We fond you very much, - Stear told him.

- We’ll be waiting you, - Archie added.

Anthony’s father said goodbye them and sat into carriage.

- Please, keep everything, that was precious for Anthony, - he asked. - Also say Candy I wished to see her very much. And I love her like my own daughter.

Brothers looked after the carriage, which moved through rose gates.

- Poor man … At first he lost his wife and now his son … It’s awful, - Stear pronounced.

- Will we meet him again?..

- He stopped to smile at all.

- I saw, he had been staying in Rose garden for the whole night.

- But what will be with Candy?.. - brothers returned to the mansion.

- We shouldn’t bother her.

- Yes, - Stear agreed. - The faster she will forget about her grief the better.


Candy looked on Prince’s medallion, not noticing Jimmy has invented something for her again.

- This time I shall annoy her really, - Jimmy promised and threw the soil-ball in Candy.

- Why you?! You bother me again!? Well, hold on everyone! I shall show you! - Candy jumped out of the window.

- Get away all! – yelled children ran away, chased by angered girl.

Candy stopped so unexpectedly, that children, who were watching her, fell on the ground.

- Pony’s Hill… - Candy made for Father-tree. - I had met Prince in the first time here …

Also Anthony and she dreamed to have a walk together here …

Candy was staying; autumn breeze was blowing her. She heard sounds âîëűíęč.

- I hear the song of bagpipe…

- It’s a bagpipe, - Prince told her once. - Listen.

- It sounds like snails crawling, doesn’t it?.. - Candy asked then.

- Like snails crawling?.. - Prince laughed then. - It’s funny.

- Prince…

- Cheer up, Candy! You’re pretty when you smile. Don’t cry.

- But Anthony has died!..

- Candy!.. Candy!.. - as if someone called her.

- Anthony…

- Candy, I’m here!.. I’m always close you … Do not forget me, Candy…

- Anthony…

- When the winter comes, the roses fade. But it always remain blossoming in its’ whole beauty in our memory. Remember our roses. Remember our friendship. Do not forget me…

Children with Jimmy in the head kept waiting for her response. Jimmy kept teasing her, but the girl was as if she did not hear his insulting words.

- Anthony… You come to me only in my dreams.. Anthony mine. Anthony …

Candy returned to the house. She heard a fragment of mistress’ conversation and recollected: Christmas will be soon, so, they want to pick as much donations as it’s possible. Candy was asked to help.

- You really can help us, Candy, - Ms. Pony said.

- Try not to worry for nothing, - Sister Maria advised. - Grieves of yours will pass by itself soon. You should be happy knew such great boy like Anthony.

- Yes …

The conversation was continued about Jimmy.

- This terrible boy?

- Yes. He arrived there after his mum had died.

- He is always vigorous and cheerful. He attempts to cope with his grief.

Candy could not to think that. She recollected his words: « Do not imagine all problems of the world have fallen upon your head!.. »

- I should it bear too…

- Candy, all of us have missed your smile, - Ms. Pony smiled.

Candy understood everything. She came to bedroom to check the children. But Jimmy was not there. Candy saw him crying near Father-tree. Jimmy is always so cheerful, but he feels sad either, Candy thought and decided to not hinder him. He is lonely like me, Candy thought.


Candy woke up. John was sleeping by her side, because he pissed on his own sheet again. Candy was indignant, why he in dirty pants came to her bed and why he got his bad old habit again. But John told, it was because he worried for her.

Outside Jimmy pulled Clin with a rope, wishing raccoon’s obeying to him. Candy rushed to defend.

- He must obey to me, because I’m boss here!

- How can you be boss, you are a newcomer, - Candy stated.

The boy did not agree and offered Candy to find out, who is true boss here. They decided to run up to Father-tree. The cracker has clicked and Candy has run. She recollected, how she, being little girl, escaped onto Pony’s Hill so fast, that her breath was taken away. She reached up her competitor and was the first one, who slapped the tree.

- Well, Jimmy, who is boss here?

- My form just isn’t good too much, - the boy stated, being out of breath. - Let's compete in tree climbing.

While climbing from one branch to other, Candy recollected how Annie was worrying for her, Sister Ěŕđč˙ was coming and Ms. Pony was demanding her to get down. Jimmy kept climbing up. But Candy was faster anyway.

- Jimmy, this tree is wise, - Candy shared a secret. - It understands everything that you tell it. Did you know it?

- I did not.

- But you had come here last night.

- Did you saw me?!

- Yes. When I was coming to tree for advice. - Candy put her face to the wind. – Thank you, Jimmy. You lifted my mood up.

Candy noticed Ms. Pony and Sister Maria below. The women left their bags and hurried towards tree, where the two mischievous children were at the top. Candy and Jimmy climbed being friends. Jimmy announced Candy is boss.

Falling snow reminded Candy petals of roses. The winter was coming.


- Everything becomes white, - Candy thought, looking in the window. - Now I know, how to live further.


It seems, the snow covers all our sadness and grieves. The Christmas will be soon.


The end of 26th series.