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Description Guinevere

Translation Candice


Away from eyes and heart.

Anthony did not respond. Candy kept calling him, but it was in vain.


She lost her consciousness and fell near him.


- Anthony, - Candy whispered without recovering to herself.

Hearing her voice, Dorothy rushed towards the bed. The girl opened her eyes and stared at her questioningly. Seeing, Candy recovered to herself, Dorothy called Stear and Archie, which rushed into the room. They were in black. Candy asked, where is Anthony, but they kept silent only.

- Has he died? - Candy asked, not believing.

- When he fell from the horse, he hit his head with a horseshoe, - Stear told. - When we have run up, he was lifeless already.

Dorothy burst out tears; Candy cried, being unable to believe in that. Both Audreys began to cry too. Stear with tears noticed, in morning all of them together joked yet, and now one of them is not here… Archie ran out on the balcony. The shock was too hard for Candy; she lost her consciousness again. She sees memories about Anthony: their first dance, Anthony’s victory in rodeo, her first confession in rose garden, that she likes him and no matter is he her Prince or not…


The bells call.

- What a sad sound. Why the bell calls? - Candy asks, recovering.

- It calls for Anthony, - crying Dorothy responds.

Candy attempted to get up to go to funeral, but she was too weak: she was without consciousness for three days and didn’t eat at all. It seems to her, Anthony entered in the room. Actually it is a doctor, who makes her lay back in bed.

On the cemetery the priest read the last word for Anthony. All Audrey’s relatives are here: madam Elroy, Stear, Archie, Legans… Everyone is in mourning.


The cold wind blows in the rose garden, carrying off the last rose petals.

- Roses are like our tears, - Archie notices. - Not only they grieve, but all of Audreys. Grand Aunt Elroy is silent for several days; Candy does not go out from her room for all day.


The cold autumn rain drizzles; the tears stiffened on Candy’s eyes as reflection of raindrops. Archie advises Stear to invent something to amuse Candy to abstract her from her sad thoughts. Stear follows his advice. Soon, there is some hybrid of rabbit and squirrel in Candy’s room. That one reminds the girl about Anthony. Nevertheless, brothers managed to make Candy smile. Dorothy approached them and says someone’s walking in Anthony’s room. They run up there; Stear sees it is Anthony himself. But it was Neal, who put up the clothes of dead cousin. He declares impertinently, Grand Aunt Elroy allowed him to take some Anthony’s things. Looking in the window, Candy sees Elisa in the garden with a small carriage near.

It turns out she wanted to take roses away to take care of flowers of «her dear Anthony». Elisa accused Candy in Anthony’s death and told, she’s taking roses away according Grand Aunt Elroy’s will.

- Anthony put all his efforts in this garden, - the girl said madam Elroy.

Madam responds she wants to forget him. If roses will remain, every year with their blossoming the memories will be coming back with new power. But Candy anyway will not forget him; moreover she does not want to forget him at all! Stear and Archie supported her.

- We must keep this garden as memory about Anthony; as he cherished it for his mother’s sake, - Candy exclaimed.

But madam Elroy stated, it’s she, who makes a solution.

Elisa orders to the servants to hurry. When the gardener speaks, roses can perish in the other place, she yells she doesn’t care.

Running Candy approached her:

- These roses are not yours! They belong to Anthony!

- But Anthony … - Elisa began.

- No! Among these roses he will always be alive, because his heart remained here, - Candy answered convincingly.

Now all of servants recollect kind boy, who was always ready to help, who was loved by everyone. The gardener Whitman refuses to dig roses out and speaks, that Anthony always will live in their hearts. Elisa shouts in fury, that Aunt Elroy will learn everything, but the servants don’t pay attention to her. Candy offers her to dig roses out by her own hands, if she would like to take it away.

- What? Me, Legan’s daughter will dig a ground?? – Elisa is indignant sincerely.

- But Anthony did it, caring for his roses, - Candy notices.

Elisa escaped in anger; Candy has begun to cry again bitterly. Aunt Elroy was watching this from her window; it seems, she was on Candy’s leg and understood her rightness, despite of her own words.


Candy walks on Audrey’s manor, suffering with memories. Suddenly she hears someone is calling her. It’s Annie! She found out about her friend’s grief and arrived to console her. Candy says she wants to leave this place, where all reminds about Anthony. Girls walk on the autumn garden and notice a lonely rose. The snow-white rose is «Sweet Candy»!

- It just like you: even if only, but it’s strong anyway, - Annie says about flower.

- Yes, I shall be strong! - Candy responds.

She remembers Anthony wanted to visit Pony’s Home. She decides to set off there.

Leaving a note for Stear and Archie, she goes away to mother places, taking her true friends - Clin and rose, memory about Anthony. Approaching Pony’s Home, she talks with rose, as if it’s Anthony himself…

Children notice her from the window and hurry to greet her, pleased with her returning.


Candy returned home, where her soul will find a peace more fast. And Anthony’s rose was growing now on Pony’s Hill. Who knows, maybe someday a beautiful garden will blossom on this place?


The end of 25th series