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Description Guinevere

Translation Candice


Candy and Anthony have spent together the whole day. It was unforgettable and happy day in their life. However, at home madam Elroy has been waiting them with impatience. She was very angry.


O, my Anthony.

Candy and Anthony stood in front of old lady’s angry eyes.

- Well, and how did you like a roundabout, Candy? - Madam interested with angry tone.

- Very much, - Candy answered. - And did you were there, madam Elroy?

- A girl from the high society cannot behave like this! You should feel a shame!

- A shame? - Anthony asked.

- Anthony! – Grand Aunt exclaimed. - You must think either, both of you were eating bread in standing way!

- A, hot-dog! - Anthony smiled. - It was very tasty, wasn’t it, Candy? - he asked his girlfriend. Candy nodded.

- Shut up! - madam continued. - And then you climbed on the top of church!

- But where do you learn that from?.. - Candy took an interest.

- Citizens came and told, - old lady grumbled.

- Do they care so much?

- Shut up! It means, Audrey’s family is under constant attention. Everyone looks at us! Therefore you should behave the way to not disgrace us. But today you made us ridiculous. Candy!

- Yes? - the girl responded.

- Think about. You, Anthony, too.

Suddenly Anthony touched his head; his legs gave way. Grand Aunt ordered to set him off to his room and go to bed.


Dorothy and other maid helped the boy to reach his bed. However, Dorothy comforted Candy. She said, Anthony feels not so bad.

- Candy! - Anthony rose from his bed.

- Don’t get up, - Candy worried.

- But what if nothing is ache?

- Nothing? - Candy followed with her eyes Anthony has raised from his bed. – Did you pretend?

- Otherwise her preaching would be endless.

- But it is dishonest thing.

- I did not want you to get a punishment.

- I have got used to it, - Candy comforted.

Anthony looked on Candy more seriously.

- Aunt knows you not so well; therefore she treats you in hostile way.

- But I acted wrong…

- She isn’t only. Elisa and Neal do not know you well either.

- But Anthony knows me well, and that’s enough for me, - Candy smiled.

- If my mum was alive … She would support Candy, - Anthony turned away again. He was immersed in his memories. - She loved roses… If I couldn’t find my mum, I went in rose garden, and there I found her always… But once petals of roses began to fall down very much fast, and I felt my mum will leave soon somewhere very much far…

- What’s happened, Anthony?.. - his mum has asked that time.

The kid embraced her knees.

- All roses will perish… - he cried.

- Anthony, - the woman answered her son, - the flowers are so beautiful, because they fly off. They blossom and fade, blossom and fly off… But they do not die…

- And you too?..

The woman has kept silent a little.

- When I will die, I shall live in your memory…

- …Mum has died soon, - Anthony spoke, - but I always remember her. And only now I have understood, what exactly has she told before her death.

- Mum is kind. She will live always in your memory, - Candy agreed.

- Yes. And she will remain for me alive and beautiful.

- So that is why you love roses … - Candy understood.

- I grow roses, which my mum loved. Candy, - suddenly he turned to her, - and what if I die?

- Do not tell such words! - alarmed Candy rushed to him.

- I said «if»! - Anthony answered with a smile.


Going away Anthony, falling petals…

- Anthony! - Candy shouted, waking up from her dream. Clin ran up to her.

- It was a nightmare…

She looked in the window and saw: the roses were falling off. She ran out from the house. The wind carried away petals of roses.

- Why rose petals are falling off this way?.. «Sweet Candy» faded too… - Candy recollected the visit to fortune-teller. - When she arranged her cards, some bad ones were among…

The morning has come. While Dorothy was making the bed, Candy stood at the mirror.

- So you did not sleep during whole night? – the maid asked.

- I’m in a presentiment of some misfortune, - Candy told.

- The god will not allow it.

- We must rely on God’s will, - Candy agreed and kneed, preparing for praying. - I pray every day.

- You know, when my grandmother had some wish, - Dorothy told, - she refused her favorite coffee. - Candy looked at her questioningly. - she refused coffee and began to pray.

- I see, - Candy nodded, - as if she sacrificed her little joys. Since today for Anthony’s sake I shall not eat my favorite dessert and pie.

- And I will refuse an eggs and a ham.

- Will you be praying for Anthony?

- I shall be praying for Candy.

- Thank you, Dorothy, - Candy thanked and turned back to Clin. - But you can eat everything you want.


In the yard Stear was busy with his next idea.

- What are you doing, Stear? - Candy asked.

- I prepare for the fox-hunt, - Stear answered and started to explain. – It’s an annual holiday. All Audreys gather there. Probably, you’ll be introduced there.

- But what should I do?

- Behave as usually, - Stear comforted.

Candy noticed Anthony.

- Do you want to look at my newest weapon? - Stear decided to brag.

- It doesn’t look too new, - Anthony noticed skeptically.

Stear started to explain his weapon will lull a fox painlessly. In that moment “weapon” works against the inventor and blows up a cloud of gas in his side. Candy and Anthony cheered up. Candy could not tear her sight from laughing Anthony…

Archie appeared there and told Aunt Elroy waits all of them. Strange, but she is in good mood.

- It’s so tasty smells with pies, - Anthony smelled.

- It’ll be your first acquaintance with Aunt’s pies, - Stear said Candy.


- I hadn’t been cooking for ten years, - Grand Aunt smiled. Maids laid the table. Boys were eaten pies with pleasure, distracting only for praises. But madam noticed Candy did not touch her portion.

- Don’t you want to test my pie? - she asked discontentedly.

- It’s not so… - Candy tried to explain.

- Are you offended for yesterday's scolding?

- No…

- Dorothy! Take Candy’s plate away, - old lady ordered. - If you do not want to test I’m not angry.

Madam Elroy rose.

- Mrs. Elroy!.. - Candy wanted to stop her. But it was in vain …


- Candy, - Anthony spoke the girl, when they were on a small balcony, - why did you refuse a pie? We just have spoken, why she decided to bake a pie. She did it for you, Candy. For you, not for us. Every day, she fonds you more.

- Anthony … - Candy looked at him with comprehension.


Old lady was alone in her room and nervously creased her handkerchief in her hands.

- That way she responded my kind feelings… - her pride was hurt much. The knock in a door has abstracted her. – Who is there?

Dorothy entered.

- If you need something you must tell the steward, - madam reminded about rules discontentedly

- Madam, it was because of me… Because of me Candy refused to eat a pie … - Dorothy made. - Because…

- Because?

- Well…


Anthony has burst out laughing at Candy’s fears.

- When did you become so superstitious? - he asked, laughing. - It is time for roses to fall off already. They blossom and fade every year. Candy, - he took her shoulders, - we must build our destiny by ourselves. So, cards make nothing.

- You are right, - Candy cheered up. - I began upset for nothing.

- That’s a good girl.

- I have felt hungry…

Candy had time to eat the quarter of the pie, when madam Elroy came in the room.

- Candy, I know everything.

- Excuse me …

- You shouldn’t speak with filled mouth. Next Sunday I shall introduce you to our whole family. You should watch yourself, for Audrey’s family wouldn’t feel shame for you.

- Yes…

- You’ve got a crumbles on your face. It is very indecent for lady.

Candy was confused and Anthony was amused.


The autumn wind carried leaves away. The hearth announced about foxhunt start. Riders continued to arrive. The conversations concerned adopted girl, which was dressed in a beautiful Scottish suit and rode towards her cousins.

- Will she be able to greet us like lady? - Elisa was full of skepticism. So Neal does.

- Ladies and gentlemen! - madam Elroy announced. – It is Candy, which was accepted in the family at Mr. William’s wish. Candy, greet them all.

Candy stepped forward timidly.

- Good day by everyone, my name is Candy White, I am glad to see you all, and I hope to become the good fiancee, and I hope, I…

Laughter followed after this speech. Grand Aunt touched her face with her palm.

- What does she tell? – Elisa was in bewilderment.

- Is it her compliment? – Neal asked puzzled.

- … Owh, I wanted to tell, I hope to become a good lady, - Candy corrected herself, - but I know nothing at all, so scold me and teach, please…

She deserved applause.

Anthony helped her to sit onto the horse.

- It was a good compliment, - Archie praised.

- I was so excited, I do not remember, what did I tell, - Candy confessed.

- I was surprised, when I heard, you are going marry Anthony, - Stear said.

- Have I told this? - Candy was surprised.

- Certainly, no! - Archie burst out laughing. – Stear’s joking.

- Stear, it is silly.

Elisa approached them, evidently intending to take Anthony to her own company.

- Excuse, Elisa, today I accompany Candy, - Anthony refused. - I must to show her a lot of things.

Elisa didn’t like the answer, but she couldn’t help. She could just say sharply.

- Look out, Candy, horse can drop you accidentally.

- Same to you, Elisa, - Candy wished in answer. – Cleopatra’s sense of humor exhausted.

It seemed, nothing could spoil their mood in this day. Anthony led Candy away from a basic group of the hunters.

- We have fallen behind them, - Candy noticed.

- We have fallen behind specially, - Anthony answered. - There is my favorite hill in that place.

They moved forward.

- Cool! - Candy exclaimed. – It looks like my favorite Pony’s Hill, - she recollected her childhood. – Pony’s Hill, Pony’s Home… My mother home…

- I want to go there, - Anthony said. - There are so many things related to you. I want to look an every place you have grown where.

- Do you promise?

- Yes, - he extended his hand to her.

- Ms. Pony and sister Maria will be surprised so… - Candy recollected her close people.

Anthony decided to show his skill. He jumped the barrier over on his horse.

- It’s dangerous, - Candy troubled.

- I keep on the horse well.

- What were you feeling during jumping?

- It was cool.

- Will I be able to jump too?

Anthony looked at her. Into her sparkling eyes.

- My mum dreamed to jump on the horse over barrier too… - he recollected. - She loved a horses very much… She was not healthy and she could not ride, - he kept recollecting. - Candy, this Prince on the Hill…

- Anthony, - Candy said, - I understood everything. I have found my Prince already. It’s you, Anthony. You are my handsome Prince.

Candy said so easily. Anthony looked at her…

- I shall tell you what I was going to tell on Pony’s Hill… - he turned his horse.

- Anthony!..

They rode together …

- Candy, that Prince looked like me?

- Yes, Anthony. Very much similar.

- It seems, I’ve found a guess. When I was small, there was a boy near my mum. The small boy with green eyes…

Suddenly Anthony noticed something. The fox with the small one have appeared on his way.

He attempted to stop his horse…

That one reared up...

When the horse touched the ground, it came with the leg in a trap for the foxes. It reared up again, neighing from pain.

Anthony fell on the ground...

- ANTHONY!!!..

As if the time has stopped for Candy. She, grasped with horror, looked on motionless Anthony…


The end of 24th series.