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Description Guinevere

Translation Candice


Anthony took part in rodeo all the same. Candy worried so much; she even could not encourage him. Only thing she could do was asking the God about nothing happened with him. And Anthony had won.


Day with Anthony.

Everyone was sleeping in Audrey’s mansion. Candy’s dream was restless.

- Come on, Anthony, hold on, or you will fall down!.. - Candy muttered in the dream and soon Clin, jumping onto her bed, woke her up. - Clin, I woke you … I see the wild horses still…

Suddenly something shook the room. A terrible racket was outside. Candy looked out in the window - people extinguished a fire and took Stear out from burning building. Candy, Anthony and Archie in pajamas met him.

- What’s happened, Stear? - Anthony asked.

- The unsuccessful experiment … Salute, firework … - Stear answered.

- Firework??? - Grand Aunt made with her thunderous voice, swinging by her fists. - Why did you decide to do in it in midnight?!

- I would like to congratulate Anthony by salute for his victory in rodeo…

- You’re so kind, - Candy told Stear.

- And now you all listen closely - since this day forget about rodeo.

- But you had come yourself to support.

- Circumstances forced me. In Audrey’s family’ story it was a first time, when we sank so low.

- How can the participation damage to family? - Anthony did not understand.

- Are you arguing again with me? - madam frowned.

Someone knocked in the main entrance very persistently. All of them turned back.

- Who is there? - madam Elroy asked irritably.

- Someone is knocking. Come in, - Candy invited.

The door did not open. After Candy opened it herself, the calf rushed inside, making a true hullabaloo. Candy and Anthony began to drag it away from stunned Aunt.

- It, probably, tore the rope off and escaped, - Candy assumed.

- I have received it as a prize for victory on a rodeo, - Anthony explained.

- But why did you take it here? Did you decide to turn Audrey’s house into country farm?!

- Well … We have decided to not speak while … - children shilly-shallied.

- I shall order, somebody shall do something with it tomorrow. And now everyone to sleep!

The calf’s mooing was an answer to her.


In morning, Candy was a witness, how the servant was running away from the calf. Madam Elroy ordered to take it away from here, but the servant is afraid even to approach it. Candy undertook the mission of putting the prize in good hands.


Candy led the calf. Clin ran with them.

- Do not worry, I think, Tom will take it on his farm, - the girl thought aloud.

The car passed by their company. Elisa and Neal glanced out in the back window.

- Candy! - Neal smirked.

- What a shame, what does she wear, she’s disgracing the family! - Elisa commented and ordered to drive to Audrey’s mansion.

- Candy with the calf?! - madam Elroy exclaimed after hearing such information. - What a horror!

- Indeed, I almost burned down with a shame after seeing her, - Elisa reconfirmed.

- So do I, - Neal echoed.

- What a girl! - madam Elroy rose. - If she will be seen by the people in city…


Candy sat down in the grass.

- What should I do with you? - she asked thoughtfully. - Tom is not there…

Then she distinguished Anthony is riding towards her. Candy informed him about her problem and Anthony offered to return to the city to find someone who will take the calf.


Children went to city and began to offer their calf to everyone. Well, it’s really uneasy to find the owner. Only one man in cook cap agreed to take the calf. But he took it to place with signboard… «Meat shop»! Anthony and Candy ran away from there quickly together with their calf.

They have walked on fair towards roundabouts. But an invitator did not agreed to take their calf too. Eventually, his business is roundabout horses, not any cows. But solution of this problem came with Mr. Steve. He agreed to take the calf.

- Just a minute! - Mr. Steve said them. – I’m going to pay!

- We don’t need money, - Anthony told.

- It’s a gift, - Candy confirmed.

- For rich people like you it’s a gift, but for me it is a valuable thing, - the old cowboy objected. - But if you refuse, I shall not take the calf, - he crossed his arms obstinately.

Candy and Anthony exchanged glances.

- All right, we shall take money, - Candy agreed.

Mr. Steve handed money her and rode away with his new purchase. Children remained to guess, what them to do with «such heap of money».

- Did you waste money ever? - Anthony has asked.

- No, never, - Candy admitted.

- So do I, - Anthony said. – I could take everything I want.

- So, not only poor, but rich also cannot spend their money freely, - Candy remarked.

- Then let's spend money as we want, - Anthony offered, - How about roundabout?

For both, Candy and Anthony it happens for the first time in life. They came to roundabout man.

- How many circles do you want? – the man asked. - One circle means the world of dreams; two circles are lot of flowers of love!

- Two circles, - Candy asked and blushed. - Owh, I didn’t mean it…

The roundabout began to make rounds; Candy began to dream, how would she take the whole Pony’s Home with Ms. Pony and sister Maria there. All of them would be so glad …

Candy has felt she is simply happy…

- I wonder, have I right to be happy…


In Audrey’s mansion it was not so quietly, as it seemed outside.

- What?! The people saw Candy and Anthony went with the calf?!

- Yes, madam, - the secretary reported.

- Find them and take them home immediately! - old lady ordered. The servant has left. - Since Candy appeared in our house there’s a reason to blush every time.


The servant at this time started to search for children in whole town already. He noticed Anthony horse.

- It mean, they are close somewhere. Ms. Candy! Mr. Anthony!

- Better they have not found us so fast, - Candy whispered regretfully, looking out from the corner together with Anthony. But they were noticed.

- Run there! - Candy and Anthony have run into small snack bar and have hidden under counter.

- You what, came here to play hide-and-seek? – the barman asked them severely.

- No, we came to have a snack… - Candy told with confidence. They got out and stood at the counter.

- Do not you have chairs? - Anthony was surprised, making other customers laughing.

- It’s a place, where everyone eats in standing position, - Candy explained.

They have given two portions of American dish – hot-dog.

- Give me a knife and a fork, please, - Anthony asked.

The barman decided, the boy just scoffs at him. Candy stopped probable quarrel.

- He’s never been eating hot-dog earlier, - she told to barman.

- The hot-dog’s eaten by hand, - Candy kept to educate him and shown an example. Anthony has bitten off from the hot-dog.

- Cool! I’ve never been eating something tastier! - he exclaimed.

Barman looked narrowly to Anthony closer.

- I saw you somewhere … À-à, I recollected!

- You have confused him with someone … - Candy told, but Anthony touched her arm: the servant from Audrey’s house entered the snack bar.

Anthony and Candy crawled under the country fast.

- Please, do not tell him, that we are here, - Candy asked the barman.

The barman told the servant he did see neither girl of 12 years old, nor boy of 14 y. o. When the danger passed, children crawled out from their shelter.

- Thank you, - Candy thanked.

- I have hidden you, because you are brave man, - the barman told and announced out. – It’s a winner of rodeo!

He started to put the dashes in front of children and refused payment.

When Candy and Anthony went out from there, they had got some money still.

- It is impossible to spend all money per one day, - Candy said.

- I think, it is possible, - Anthony objected.

- It’s difficult without buying anything.

Candy has noticed any strange signboard.

- It’s a house for foretelling of destiny, - Anthony told.

- We can spend some money for a foretelling of destiny, - Candy offered.

Foreteller put the cards for Candy and has looked there.

- You had passed through many difficulties in your life, hadn’t you? - she told and has opened the last card with an ace of hearts. - But happiness will be waiting you.

Candy insisted to tell the destiny for Anthony too. The old woman again put her cards. Anthony waited quietly. Foreteller did not like the shown cards; moreover, the last one was an ace of spades. Foreteller became upset and put cards once again. Seeing the result, she became upset again.

- Will any misfortune be? - Candy has asked.

- Tell me. I am not afraid of anything, - Anthony insisted.

- It is better to you to not to know your destiny, - old woman answered evasively. - It is better for you to go away from here.


The sun was ready for sunset. Candy was sitting on the bench in the park, impressed with foreteller’s words regarding Anthony. Anthony comforted her.

- Do you really believe foretellers, Candy? Am I not being able to bear?

- You are right, - Candy smiled.

- So where are we go now?

- To something high, - Candy offered. - When I felt bad, I climbed on a tree and just revived up there.

Anthony took her hand and they have run to the highest place in city - on the top of church.

Is a highest building in whole district, - Anthony said.

- Fresh breeze… - Candy stepped on the edge. – it just blows all my misfortunes off…

- Candy, - Anthony has risen beside, - we still had two coins. Let's leave them on memory of today.

The large bell let first ring out.

- It takes a breath away!.. - Candy spoke.

The bell kept ringing.

- We shall remember this day! - Anthony shouted to her.

- We shall remember it till the end of life! - Candy echoed him.

The people started gather down. Audrey’ servant has come running either…


Anthony and Candy were driving home.

- Elroy, probably, is in fury, - Candy spoke. - Maybe, it’s impudence from my leg, but I feel nothing.

- I’m afraid nothing too, - Anthony said.

They looked on their coins.

- It was a happiest day in my life, - Candy admitted. She has looked at Anthony and became sad for some reason.

Candy felt very happy. She has spent such wonderful day with Anthony, whom she liked so much. Only one thing made her sad - what have cards foretold for Anthony?..


The end of 23rd series.