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Description and translation Candice


Don’t give up, Anthony.

Obeying the strict order of angry madam Elroy, Anthony was forced to leave the mansion and to live in forest house among mountains. Candy and Anthony were separated, but the post pigeon united their ideas and hopes.

Candy finished to put herself in order in front of the mirror, expecting the pigeon with letter. Soon that one sat down at her window. Candy wanted to take the letter quickly, but madam Elroy,.. owh, sorry, Grand Aunt, Candy must call her that way, walked by Candy’s window. And else, Candy must close her window, for ladies do not look from somewhere above. Aunt growled very insistently, so, Candy had to obey, not having time to take the letter. The pigeon decided to land onto Aunt’s hair dress, making old lady yelling up; and after falling drop onto her - to fall in prolonged faint.

Stear was repairing his car and he became the next place of pigeon’s landing. Archie saw what a pigeon it is. Therefore he attempted to catch it, but the pigeon safely landed in Stear’s hands.


So, Candy could read the letter from her lovely friend. «Hi, Candy! I have used already to live in the wood. I even want to tell a thank Grand Aunt Elroy. I’ve got a surprise for you, Candy – soon I’ll take part in rodeo, which will be organized in Tom’s country». Candy told about this news to Stear and Archie. But how will they answer Anthony, if pigeon flied away? Stear has got a decision.

It was an air mini-ball. In Stear’s laboratory they discussed, as far as it is reliable to send the letter to Anthony this way. Stear assured, it is more reliable than by pigeon, because there is possible to put there not only letter, but also a pie, and roses. And even Clin, but the raccoon did not express desire to travel.


In the evening, when the stars was shining in the sky, Stear and Candy launched the air ball. Archie at the same time was diverting Grand Aunt with the chess-game. Stear and Candy also pretended diligently looking at the stars. So the air ball flied off from point «Audrey’s mansion» without problem. But it arrived not to Anthony, but to Legan’s house, scaring Elisa and Neal terribly.


So, madam Elroy, looking at the pieces of air ball and its contents, understood: Candy and Anthony are corresponding. From letter she learned about rodeo. Audrey family is not any cowboys, she stated. Moreover, Anthony can be wounded. Grand Aunt ordered Candy to go in forest house for dissuading Anthony from his idea. So offered her help Elisa failed.


Anthony was training for rodeo with Tom’s guiding, when they noticed someone is arriving to them. Candy noticed Anthony got matured. Anthony noticed Candy looks like a lady.

In conversation Candy admitted - after she has seen Anthony, the idea about rodeo doesn’t seem to her such dangerous. Anthony confessed he prefers Tom’s life to life in Audrey’s house. Candy understood him perfectly. Tom offered Candy to take part in rodeo too, as there will be competitions with throwing lasso. Candy promised to persuade Archie and Stear too, for Elroy nothing could do.

Cornwell brothers were shocked from this news - even Archie was not sure, if he’s able to hold himself on the jumping horse. Candy offered them to express their skill in cow-milking competitions, as it will also be there.

There was no limit of madam Elroy’s indignation: Candy not only didn’t dissuade Anthony, she is going to take part in rodeo herself. And Stear with Archie are going to milk the cows. The aunt sat down to think about solution how to save Audrey’s family from such shame.


Dorothy was teaching confused Stear how to milk the cow correctly, when Archie noticed entering Anthony. He was upset with one problem: neither he, nor anybody else of Audrey family can participate in rodeo because of madam Elroy’s interference. But Candy knew what to prepare for this case.


When Grand Aunt was passing the town in her carriage, she heard the little boys’ words, clearly discrediting Audrey family’s virtue. Tom approached the carriage and asked how’s “coward Anthony” doing. He explained upset Grand Aunt: as Anthony does not participate in rodeo anymore, he’s frightened; moreover there’re some rumors in the town, that all Audreys are cowards. At home the scared maid confirmed this information. Elroy called the children.

- I’ giving you my permission to participate in rodeo, - she said, - for supporting Audrey’s family’s honor. But you have to win!

Candy’s plan was successful.


The day of rodeo’s competitions has come. Before his participating Anthony thanked Candy once again for her help. Many cowboys already had shown their skill, and Tom’s turn has come. Tom showed his dexterity; he’s been keeping himself on the horse for 20 seconds. The next one was Anthony. During his riding Candy could not make a word - she worried for him so much. But she noticed, even Grand Aunt Elroy is watching and cheering up the nephew. Anthony won with result of 38 seconds. The boys rushed to congratulate the winner, and Candy wiped tears of joy.


Anthony has got a victory in rodeo and over Grand Aunt Elroy.

- Congratulations, Anthony, - Candy whispered and one more little tear rolled out from her green eyes.


The end of 22nd series.